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Green Week

Are you interested in sustainability? Do you want to meet people who share the same interests? Would you like to network with companies with these same values?

Then, do not miss the rest of the green week activities from May 2nd to May 8th. Green week is a sustainability oriented event organised by students for students. Green week is aimed at encouraging discussion about corporate sustainability and to raise awareness of sustainable practices in different sectors among KTH students.

During this week, you will be able to:

  • network with various companies such as Cybercom, Stockholm Exergi, SSAB, wsp, sustainergies (to mention a few);
  • participate in case solving events. This year, there are two case solving events. One with Sustainergies and the other with Stockholm Exergi.
  • engage in various panel discussions, lunch lectures and start-up night

To sign up for any of the events, visit Green Week 2018 Facebook Page. Also, you can visit Green Week Official Website for more information.

See you there!

Let’s solve a challenge…

Recently, I was talking to a friend and we agreed that one of the reasons we love KTH is the closeness to the “real world”; the opportunity of interacting with companies, the vast range of startups you can collaborate with and then, the events to feed your interests in certain innovative projects.

One of such events has to be the Hackathons. During these events, great ideas have been birthed for the host companies and most people who participate, have found it challenging enough to spike some innovative ideas in their minds.

As KTH students, we are lucky enough to have some of these hackathons hosted right in campus! One of such examples is…


In this hackathon,  one is expected to unlock the key challenges to scale access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Uganda. In other words, you are  creating a solution that will affect lives positively and also, contribute to acheiving one of the seventeen sustainable development goals!

More so, the winning team will go directly to the final qualification round to travel with MAD to Uganda this summer!


I love when these events hold during the weekend. This means no classes, so everyone can participate! However, I recently just found out about this and felt it would be important to share. To this end, if you do not have plans tomorrow, come take a chance on participating in a hackathon that acheives something greater!

When: 8th of April 11am – 7pm
Where: Valhallavägen 79, 5th floor, 114 28 Stockholm

You can find out more information here


Taking baby steps as a pilot..

“As a pilot? I thought you were studying to become an energy engineer! ” As a reader of my posts, this statement might have just crossed your mind. Once upon a time, the only thing I wanted to be was an aeronautical engineer but I also planned to take some courses that would enable me fly some aircrafts but that was a really loooong time ago.

So, when I heard that SAAB was coming to KTH and then, seeing this at the entre, I certainly knew I would be there!

KTH provides a perfect platform for students to meet companies and vice-versa. Sometimes, these come as lunch seminars. Since the beginning of this semester, there has been a lunch seminar with a company almost every day at KTH. Most of them organised by THS Future and then you have this kind once a month at KTH Entré.

I was late for this lunch seminar as I had a class that ended at 12 exactly. On getting there, a presentation was ongoing on a new technology solution for control towers by SAAB. Next, another presentation by a professor and a student in the Department of Aeronautical and vehicle engineering on an on-going project to improve the material and structures of the aircraft and also, harness energy form the wings of these aircrafts.

After the presentations, it was time to try driving JAS 39 Gripen flight Stimulator. I drove the stimulator and tried landing too!

My fantasy finally became a reality, thanks to KTH 🙂



KTH Innovation Night


From the title, you might be wondering, “Innovation night” what is it really about? An exhibition for young entrepreneurs? Remember my post on “raining opportunities” at KTH? This is one of those opportunities.

Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS) has been organising various events all leading to the biggest fair at KTH – ARMADA. (You would get more details on Armada later;)).  The innovation night was one of such events. I was so glad I was able to attend this. Keep reading to know why.

Amir Sharifat – Co-founder of Shortcut Labs AB

The event started with various speeches from different company representatives. The first speaker started with INNOVATION AS A MINDSET. These are the things I learnt:

  • Be curious
  • Be passionate: Nothing comes cheap. You have to put in a lot of hard work if not, you would lose focus once the slope hits.
  • be determined: Listen to people but sometimes, you have to go with your guts.
  • Do not be afraid to fail

I like the fact that these points were not just listed but Amir Sharifat shared details from his experience as the co-founder of Flic to prove how these points would help you keep your head above the water if you choose to become an entrepreneur.

The other speakers talked about their various companies (what they do and how they started) and then Niklas Arvidsson (an associate professor at KTH), pointed out the need for innovation in the area of payments.

So, after an hour thirty minutes of listening to the speeches, we divided into groups for the case study workshop. For the case study workshop, we were divided into four groups to work together with either Sogeti, Karma, MAD or KTH Innovation. I worked with KTH Innovation.

With my group at the case workshop section. Photo credit: Nayanika Bhalla

The next session after the case workshops was a panel discussion with Andrew Hennigan, Niklas Arvidsson, Emelie Ekblad, Johan Båth and Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa.

In between this session, students presented the different cases they worked on during the workshop. It was very good to see that in a short time, students came up with awesome ideas and you could easily tell the role diversity can play in brainstorming for the best ideas.

I really loved the panel session as it was an eye-opener to the world of innovation and personally, I feel its main purpose was to juggle our minds to always think outside the box.I loved the way Gustav moderated this session – asking questions that were very relevant and making the panellists address core issues.

Then, it was time to mingle. An opportunity to network with all the speakers and share your ideas! This event surpassed my expectations and I can tell you I had a great evening.

Some keynotes as I round up the post:

  • Find your passion and do not let money get in the way of it
  • Always have an open mind
  • When building your team, find someone smarter than you; bring someone with a different knowledge and hire for attitudes also.

These are some pictures from the event;)

Students presenting their cases

Photo Credit: Nayanika Bhalla

Photo Credit: Nayanika Bhalla