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Taking baby steps as a pilot..

“As a pilot? I thought you were studying to become an energy engineer! ” As a reader of my posts, this statement might have just crossed your mind. Once upon a time, the only thing I wanted to be was an aeronautical engineer but I also planned to take some courses that would enable me fly some aircrafts but that was a really loooong time ago.

So, when I heard that SAAB was coming to KTH and then, seeing this at the entre, I certainly knew I would be there!

KTH provides a perfect platform for students to meet companies and vice-versa. Sometimes, these come as lunch seminars. Since the beginning of this semester, there has been a lunch seminar with a company almost every day at KTH. Most of them organised by THS Future and then you have this kind once a month at KTH Entré.

I was late for this lunch seminar as I had a class that ended at 12 exactly. On getting there, a presentation was ongoing on a new technology solution for control towers by SAAB. Next, another presentation by a professor and a student in the Department of Aeronautical and vehicle engineering on an on-going project to improve the material and structures of the aircraft and also, harness energy form the wings of these aircrafts.

After the presentations, it was time to try driving JAS 39 Gripen flight Stimulator. I drove the stimulator and tried landing too!

My fantasy finally became a reality, thanks to KTH 🙂



Raining opportunities..

This illustration above is actually the summary of this post. There are so many things going on at campus daily that it basically feels like a rush of opportunities and interests all over our heads but as you can see in this image, the two people are looking up. So, it’s basically only if you are looking for them or with your eyes wide open and your ears fully on the ground (lol) would you be aware.

This line of thought came up from a discussion I had with a friend earlier today and the activities that were happening at KTH today, confirms this. Keep reading:)

So, after my 8:00 class, I was heading toward the subway and we met this group of people who told us about the media branchsdag! Basically, if you’re interested in working with media companies, you could just walk up to one of them and strike a good conversation :). This video illustrates what went on inside Nymble today.

There were also goody bags for everyone who attended the fair:)

Still on the various activities at KTH, there was an exhibition by the students taking the “physical interaction design and realization” course. There were different innovative tech-designs and you could see where these could be applied in the real world already. The pictures below show some of the designs I spent more time with 🙂

You see that knob on the table? You could choose a day in Stockholm between the present day and the next three days and then by pressing one of the buttons in a place you would like to visit, you would see all the events that are taking place there..very cool for tourists right? I thought so too:)


So, when you shake that hand, it lets you know how good your handshake was and then an alarm goes off if your grip is too tight or you come too close. Haha!

So, this is light sensitive and it moves to any direction where it perceives a direct light source. You see those two leaves at the bottom? It reacts in an interesting way when you touch them also;)

Also, today was consulting day organised by KTH Finance Society. It was held at KTH Entré from 13:00 -15:00.  An opportunity to network with some of the most attractive employers in the consulting services industry. Some students had mock interviews with some of these consulting companies.

Three different activities in one day; all opening doors of opportunities to students. I am sure we have other activity-filled days coming soon. KTH opens the door for various opportunities, you never know what you might find:)

Opportunities falling like rain;

that my eyes may see;

that my ears may hear;

what such great foundation and stepping stone I was given -KTH