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Cost of living in Stockholm

“I hear Stockholm is an expensive city to live in, can you explain what a monthly budget could look like?” Is this running through your mind too? If yes, you are reading the right post. In these series of moving to Stockholm, cost of living is the next big question every student seems to be thinking about.

Let’s break down the expenses together:


This ranges from 2500SEK to 6500SEK. I know students who live in shared apartments at Fleminsberg and pay 2500SEK per month. Meanwhile, the cost of a studio apartment in the main campus cost 6500SEK. There are other apartments with their prices in between this range. For example, a single corridor apartment in the main campus costs 5000SEK and then, a single corridor apartment in Lappis costs 4300SEK.  Accommodation choice is very relative depending on personal preferences such as proximity to the main campus, desire to stay in a shared accommodation or studio apartment amongst others. Additionally, most of the student accommodation have the electricity and internet bills embedded in the accommodation prices mentioned above.

  • FOOD

For grocery shopping, there are options such as Lidl, Willy’s, Hemkop, ICA, oob and COOP. Lidl and Willy’s are the cheapest. Hence, you hear most students say they are headed to Lidl. In a month, if most of your shopping is done in Lidl (and you cook all that you eat), you can budget 800SEK to 1000SEK.

Below is a breakdown of student-priced meals that most students buy generally:

Restaurants in school: 65SEK to 89SEK

Baguette sandwich: 25SEK to 32SEK

Cinnamon bun and a cup of coffee: 15SEK

Obviously, you would want junk sometimes in the month, you can budget about 500SEK to 1000SEK to this. For example, you can buy pizza for 89SEK to 110SEK. You can get burgers from a small shop close to school starting from 50SEK to 89SEK (depends on the package you decide on)


One major way to cut your monthly transportation expense is to buy a bike. However, the student price for the SL transport for a month is 570SEK. Students who use the public transportation strictly pay the monthly capped price as opposed paying for each trip to make it cheaper. Most students do not take taxis as they are expensive. A 14-minute Uber ride from the central station to the main campus costs 160SEK averagely.


Most students pay an average of 100SEK per month for pre-paid services for their phones. There are various telecommunication providers and they all have student packages. Personally, I chose Halebop and with their amazing deals and flexible options, my phone bill per month can be as little as zero to 75SEK.


You might want to buy different things such as clothes, shoes, fixtures for your new apartment, school bag, the list can truly be endless. As these might come in randomly but would surely happen, you can budget 500SEK to 800SEK for this each month. Also, there are good thrift stores in Stockholm, you might find interesting things you might like so as to cut some costs.


As a student, you would love to take part in social activities or plan a night out with friends. Whatever it may be, this can be adjusted according to your budget for each month.

In summary:
You might wonder why I did not write anything for miscellaneous on the high end. This is because I know that the common expense range for most students is between 5000SEK to 9000SEK even with those that live in high-end apartments. This is because each individual chooses what to spend on to match their preferences.

Do you have any other questions as regards the cost of living? Feel free to ask! If not, I am glad that I could help you plan your future financial budget:)

Let’s solve a challenge…

Recently, I was talking to a friend and we agreed that one of the reasons we love KTH is the closeness to the “real world”; the opportunity of interacting with companies, the vast range of startups you can collaborate with and then, the events to feed your interests in certain innovative projects.

One of such events has to be the Hackathons. During these events, great ideas have been birthed for the host companies and most people who participate, have found it challenging enough to spike some innovative ideas in their minds.

As KTH students, we are lucky enough to have some of these hackathons hosted right in campus! One of such examples is…


In this hackathon,  one is expected to unlock the key challenges to scale access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Uganda. In other words, you are  creating a solution that will affect lives positively and also, contribute to acheiving one of the seventeen sustainable development goals!

More so, the winning team will go directly to the final qualification round to travel with MAD to Uganda this summer!


I love when these events hold during the weekend. This means no classes, so everyone can participate! However, I recently just found out about this and felt it would be important to share. To this end, if you do not have plans tomorrow, come take a chance on participating in a hackathon that acheives something greater!

When: 8th of April 11am – 7pm
Where: Valhallavägen 79, 5th floor, 114 28 Stockholm

You can find out more information here


Pro-sustainability actions

Photo credit: Chidimma Ude

I love this picture so much! Can you guess why? The tote bag! Talk about being a walking advertisement of the SDGs ;). The unconscious act of spreading the message of sustainable development aimed at ensuring that everyone understands that as individuals, organisations and the government we all have our roles to play is why I wear a smile in this picture:)

How did I get this bag?

From Women in Tech to Cybercom

Remember the Women in Tech Conference held in celebration of the International Women’s Day?  One of the companies present that day, Cybercom, decided to host a meet-up at their office to introduce everyone to their innovation zone. I wish I could give you full details from the meet-up, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had less than thirty minutes at this event. However, it was thirty minutes well spent:)

The Meetup…

So what made my short time at the meetup worth it? There were various booths concentrating on the various projects they are involved in as a company. However, guess the booth I spent all that time at? Sustainability booth!

In summary, Cybercom an IT consulting company, seeing that drastic actions have to be taken to ensure that the seventeen goals are acheived by 2030, have stepped up to ensure that other organisations are working towards these goals by providing digital sustainability services. In other words, they support companies by giving advisory services on how they can be sustainable in all stages of their businesses from ideation to service delivery. (Interesting right?)

Let’s take a sneak peak…


Everyone has a part to play in achieving the seventeen sustainable goals. What are you doing in your little world?

Let’s keep spreading the word about the sustainable development goals 🙂


For students who might be interested in all that Cybercom is involved in, let this picture juggle your mind…


Laughter is the best medicine..

Have you ever made a mistake that on all fronts can be termed  stupid and then just laugh at yourself? Do you feel better after laughing? Just in case you do not laugh at yourself, I can assure you that instead of becoming angry and criticizing yourself of how well you could have done better, laugh instead and watch your mood change:)

Share the stories…

Let’s go back to my first week in Stockholm. I decided to go grocery shopping and then just asked my flatmate for options. Thanks to his direction and google maps, I got there with no problems at all (this was my first time using Stockholm’s public transportation system)

When I was done shopping, I realised I was clueless on how to get back to the apartment- with five bus stations about 2 minutes walk from each other, I had to figure out which one would “bus61” stop. I did walk to three! Finally, gave up and asked questions.  When I finally found the right bus station to stand at, I laughed at myself for being “very blind”. Good thing is, I learnt  how to read those papers posted at the bus stands in that short period 🙂

Another one of those days, I really cannot remember where I was coming back from and then in a hurry not to miss the train, guess who got into the wrong train? Oluchi Monwe! (X_X) The worse part of this journey is I really was believing that google map was wrong and I was right!

I was not in a hurry to anywhere in particular (just heading home) so I did not stand up till the train got to the final station!  The truth is at some point in that long train ride,  I knew I was already lost but I was laughing hard at myself knowing I still have not figured how I got in the mess in the first place. When the train finally stopped at the last station, I spoke to the driver and… I was supposed to get on train 14, I did get on train 14 but I was going in the opposite direction and the right train 14 was on the other side .(X_x)

So, all these happened with the firsts, but guess what happened to me some days back? Another interesting fix. So, I was going to some new place and trusting my confidant in such unknown areas (google maps), I knew I was supposed to get on bus 4. For some unknown reason, I did not check whether the maps meant bus 4 on the left side of the street or on the right side of the street. The next sensible thing I would have done was to read the papers and know my stop or just check google and pay attention to details of the bus stations. However,  over confidence stole the show!

You know how this ends right? Wrong bus obviously! Now in this case, I should have been so pissed at myself because taking that one wrong bus made me thirty minutes late for a meeting! However, I could only do one thing- LAUGH AT MYSELF. I was happy that I figured out on time actually because I would have missed the meeting altogether. However, I ended up missing “fika”

So what is my point exactly…

Moving to a new place, expect to take some wrong turns on some streets, miss the right mode of transportation, and many others. Do not beat yourself just laugh it away and learn from the mistakes. In the meantime in your “lost but found journey”, enjoy the scenery; you never know what you might find 🙂



International Women’s Day (Part 2)

Finally! the sequel to my last post is here. Did I keep you in suspense for four days?? It really was not the plan but this week is the exam week for the period 3 and I finally said goodbye to exams for this period yesterday.  You might start asking how many exams in a semester? The Swedish educational system plan is a bit different. I would explain this fully in a different post. However, let’s get on with today’s story…


This picture is a very good summary of my day;)

Majorly, I had two events on the same day and I tried my best to participate in both the best way possible. First stop, the women in technology conference. As I said, the Women in Tech’s mission is to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology. They also want to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful people from the wonderful world of technology and media.

The conference started at 10 a.m and various topics were discussed either as presentations or in panel-like setting. This continued until lunch time. However, as the discussions were ongoing, various companies hand their stands outside and I spent part of the time talking with them. I really enjoyed this part of the conference and I look forward to working with some of them.

You can tell I had fun too 😉


Once it was lunch time, I went for the next event, this was held at KTH library. In summary, students volunteered to write articles about prominent women in technology for Wikipedia. I really liked participating in this event and I liked that we had a good mix. Both boys, girls and people that were not students all came together. For some, it was writing an entirely new article and for others, it was to edit articles with more information.  I volunteered for the editing team.


So, I participated in a competition organised by one of the companies at the conference and I won!! I had to shuffle back to the conference and I ended my day there.

My gifts! Guess what I like the most in the three?