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Laughter is the best medicine..

Have you ever made a mistake that on all fronts can be termed  stupid and then just laugh at yourself? Do you feel better after laughing? Just in case you do not laugh at yourself, I can assure you that instead of becoming angry and criticizing yourself of how well you could have done better, laugh instead and watch your mood change:)

Share the stories…

Let’s go back to my first week in Stockholm. I decided to go grocery shopping and then just asked my flatmate for options. Thanks to his direction and google maps, I got there with no problems at all (this was my first time using Stockholm’s public transportation system)

When I was done shopping, I realised I was clueless on how to get back to the apartment- with five bus stations about 2 minutes walk from each other, I had to figure out which one would “bus61” stop. I did walk to three! Finally, gave up and asked questions.  When I finally found the right bus station to stand at, I laughed at myself for being “very blind”. Good thing is, I learnt  how to read those papers posted at the bus stands in that short period 🙂

Another one of those days, I really cannot remember where I was coming back from and then in a hurry not to miss the train, guess who got into the wrong train? Oluchi Monwe! (X_X) The worse part of this journey is I really was believing that google map was wrong and I was right!

I was not in a hurry to anywhere in particular (just heading home) so I did not stand up till the train got to the final station!  The truth is at some point in that long train ride,  I knew I was already lost but I was laughing hard at myself knowing I still have not figured how I got in the mess in the first place. When the train finally stopped at the last station, I spoke to the driver and… I was supposed to get on train 14, I did get on train 14 but I was going in the opposite direction and the right train 14 was on the other side .(X_x)

So, all these happened with the firsts, but guess what happened to me some days back? Another interesting fix. So, I was going to some new place and trusting my confidant in such unknown areas (google maps), I knew I was supposed to get on bus 4. For some unknown reason, I did not check whether the maps meant bus 4 on the left side of the street or on the right side of the street. The next sensible thing I would have done was to read the papers and know my stop or just check google and pay attention to details of the bus stations. However,  over confidence stole the show!

You know how this ends right? Wrong bus obviously! Now in this case, I should have been so pissed at myself because taking that one wrong bus made me thirty minutes late for a meeting! However, I could only do one thing- LAUGH AT MYSELF. I was happy that I figured out on time actually because I would have missed the meeting altogether. However, I ended up missing “fika”

So what is my point exactly…

Moving to a new place, expect to take some wrong turns on some streets, miss the right mode of transportation, and many others. Do not beat yourself just laugh it away and learn from the mistakes. In the meantime in your “lost but found journey”, enjoy the scenery; you never know what you might find 🙂



International Women’s Day (Part 1)

March 8th is International Women’s Day and everywhere in the world, events are organised all with the aim of celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women.


There were different events held in Stockholm to commemorate this day. In this post and in its sequel, I would only focus on the ones I attended. For me, the celebration started on the 7th of March.  As a member of ” Women in Tech “, I had an invite to the conference being held on the 8th. However, thanks to the membership, I heard about an event organised by EY to give insight to what they do and plans for the coming years. Also, since the conference tickets were sold out in two minutes, it was an opportunity for those who could not get the tickets for the main conference to network and mingle with other women in the tech industry.

The event was divided into two sessions: The first one was a presentation to give insight into the organisation’s framework.This session was very insightful. Imagine a room filled with women; asking tech questions! (haha)

The second session, MINGLE!!! I met amazing people during this period, who have done amazing things and are still at it. The wrap was good too:) Also, I think I might have had a whole bowl of chocolates(haha!)

Remember, this was just a warm-up session! What did I do on the D-day? My next post will tell:)

Semla Day!

The first time I heard the word “Semla”  was my first lecture this year. Not long after that, it was everywhere! Curiosity got the better of me and then I found out about Fettisdagen. This led me to decide to stick to tradition and wait to have my first Semla on Shrove Tuesday.


Semla is a cardamom-spiced bun which you can cut off the top and then fill it with almond paste and whipped cream. The cut-off top now serves as a lid which is dusted with powdered sugar. Sounds amazing right? Semla is very delicious that it is said that King Adolf Fredrik (a Swedish King) died because he had too many!

Semla was originally eaten only on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) as the last festive food before Lent. However, the tradition is not strict anymore as Semlor(plural of Semla) is sold everywhere weeks after Christmas till Fettisdagen. However, after today you’ll have to wait until next year:)

So, this was how I celebrated my Fettisdagen with other international students as we assembled our own traditional Semla. Thanks to the S-chapter!



Embracing November…

Photo Credit: Jarturun Sukthoung

Do you love November or have you successfully proved to be tougher? If your answers fall in the black or white region, then you’re good. However, if you’re like me, with an answer somewhere in the grey region. Then, read along as I share how I am learning or better still, learnt to love this interesting month.

So what makes this particular month outstanding? It’s the “preparation month”. Changing weather conditions and darker days are the two key points. When I mean “changing”, I should really say “spontaneous”. I remember a morning this week at KTH, with the sun peeking through the grey clouds and melting the ice on the roads and on parked cars; then, in the afternoon, it decided to snow a bit and then, in the evening, the rains decided it was their turn:) Quite a day, right?

In various discussions with different groups, it is very common for the weather to be laid out as a topic of discussion. This is not surprising as people are not only interested in knowing how the next person is coasting along successfully but their perception; as most students, have just moved to Sweden for the first time.

For me, I was mentally prepared for the cold and dark days Sweden has in its nature. However, mental preparation wasn’t all that was needed. My brain clearly showed me that it has a pattern it has grown accustomed to over the years and there’s a process called adaptation. I would classify myself as a “day-person”. Someone who works better when the sun rises and slowly shuts all brain-tasking activities, as the sun sets in preparation for the next day. Some people are the opposite.

The view of the general public is that we tend to sleep early or actually get tired of studying early as the brain delivers a misconception that it has been working the whole night when the clock time says 21:00 (lol). Then, waking up to meet early morning schedules is getting harder. So, it’s a “rest well but still feel like you need more rest ” atmosphere. Guess what, the period two started this month and with deadlines lined up like it’s a queueing sequence, finding ways to love November is the right move to make as its a preparation for the future ahead:) So, here goes my list:


If you have been doing this, this is not the time to quit or get lazy. In fact, this is the time to ensure you do not skip physical exercise. You can either choose working out at the gym or simply walk or run. Do what suits you but try not to skip this very important part. I stopped working out for the longest time period in my life, but I tried it recently and can confidently tell you it had an unbelievable positive effect (the missing part of my embracing jigsaw puzzle as I like to think)


There’s an amazing vibe that comes with wearing nice clothes (or seemingly warmer clothes) and looking like you’re not wearing so much as to just manually putting on whatever would keep you warm. Waking up and thinking of different ways to wear what you love and successfully carrying out your wish through the art of layering, can surprisingly keep you excited the whole day 🙂


I had to point this out in this manner because it is simply what it is. Get up, leave your apartment and get to work. The number of times you spend outside, the faster you get used to it and dark days or not, the adaptation process is over sooner than expected.


Now, if you have one or two friends that fall into the category of those that LOVE the month, hang out more often with these guys! Their happiness can be quite infectious and that may be all you need to take the first steps in your love process:)

Here, are my four points that have helped out and presently, I  work well without feeling the extra wave of tiredness that comes with the setting of the sun at 15:00 (yay!!)

If you have other ways that you have tried and you feel works or you just want to share your November experience, would love to hear from you through the comments section:)


Little efforts make an impactful difference…

As an energy engineer, achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030 is something I look forward to ( look at goal 7 😉 ). To this end, when I saw an event tagged – Global Sustainable Goals: Connecting Columbia and Sweden. I knew I had to attend.

There were different people that brought this event to fruition and so, we were enlightened on the roles they played and are still playing generally when it comes to sustainable development. These organisations include: Impact hub, Swedish Institute and the Colombian Embassy. The guest speakers for the night were:

  • Paula Gutiérrez Gómez: Co-founder and CEO, Impact Hub Bogotá. Entrepreneur, change maker In Colombia and around the world as an expert associate of the impact hub network and a great connector whether through the Global Shaper network or building long-lasting bridges between ecosystems like the ImpactXchange program between Sweden and Colombia.
  • Gustavo Marquez Castellano: Master in Sustainability and Environmental Management (SEM), Harvard University. Entrepreneur, Impact investor and sustainability expert with a special focus on clean energy.
  • Assad Jater Plenipotentiary Minister of the Diplomatic Mission, Colombian Embassy. 

If you’re reading this post, this might cross your mind – “this event looks centred around Colombia. What is the main aim of reading this post anyway?”For me, the event was for anyone who had any interest in the “global sustainable goals” and would like to broaden their knowledge by sharing with like-minded individuals on how these goals can be achieved.

Year by year, we see how various actions taken by the different countries of the world affect everyone. Due to this, world leaders are beginning to see that the steps taken by each individual in the world has a ripple effect on our planet. To this end, we are forced to look beyond our countries and ensure we make the world not only suitable to meet our present needs but capable to meet the needs of the future generation.

Personally, I loved the flow of the event as it brought to mind that to make these goals achievable, everyone has to be on board: investors, universities, the government, financial institutions, individuals, and the list seems endless. The event started with a short introduction on Columbia and the treasure that lies within. Gustav shared his story as an entrepreneur and the various projects he is involved in; all with the aim of achieving a sustainable lifestyle in Colombia.Then, the event ended with a fishbowl panel. Personally, I loved this section of the event the most and I think it is something any conference or event channelled in getting the most out of its audience should try to fit into their programme plan.

If your mind is brewing ideas that fit with making sustainable impact in your community,  I would like to leave you with these quotes:

The value of  an idea lies in the using of it- Thomas Edison

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work – Thomas Edison

Those who have the priviledge of knowledge have the duty to act – Albert Eistein

Everyone has a part to play in achieving the seventeen sustainable goals. What are you doing in your little world?