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International Women’s Day (Part 2)

Finally! the sequel to my last post is here. Did I keep you in suspense for four days?? It really was not the plan but this week is the exam week for the period 3 and I finally said goodbye to exams for this period yesterday.  You might start asking how many exams in a semester? The Swedish educational system plan is a bit different. I would explain this fully in a different post. However, let’s get on with today’s story…


This picture is a very good summary of my day;)

Majorly, I had two events on the same day and I tried my best to participate in both the best way possible. First stop, the women in technology conference. As I said, the Women in Tech’s mission is to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology. They also want to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry, to stay within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful people from the wonderful world of technology and media.

The conference started at 10 a.m and various topics were discussed either as presentations or in panel-like setting. This continued until lunch time. However, as the discussions were ongoing, various companies hand their stands outside and I spent part of the time talking with them. I really enjoyed this part of the conference and I look forward to working with some of them.

You can tell I had fun too 😉


Once it was lunch time, I went for the next event, this was held at KTH library. In summary, students volunteered to write articles about prominent women in technology for Wikipedia. I really liked participating in this event and I liked that we had a good mix. Both boys, girls and people that were not students all came together. For some, it was writing an entirely new article and for others, it was to edit articles with more information.  I volunteered for the editing team.


So, I participated in a competition organised by one of the companies at the conference and I won!! I had to shuffle back to the conference and I ended my day there.

My gifts! Guess what I like the most in the three?


ISCN 2018!

Do you know that KTH would host the 12th Annual International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) in June? Oh well, now you know:)


The International Sustainable Campus Network provides a global forum to support leading colleges, universities and corporate campuses in the exchange of information, ideas and best practices for acheiving sustainable campus operations and integrating sustainability in research and training.

The theme of ISCN 2018 is: Sustainable Development: Acting with Purpose

There was a call for abstract which was due 15th January. Here is a list of possible topics that were available then:

  • Promoting education for sustainable development
  • Promoting research for sustainable development
  • The role of academia in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable meeting solutions: Including examples of how Higher Education Institutes reduce their own impacts using mediated reality and technology for travel-free meetings
  • Gender, Diversity and Representation: Higher Education Institutes and Sustainable Development
  • The role of investment in supporting Sustainable Development
  • Campus operations, Campus Facilities and Campus development
  • Campus as Living Lab – education, research and collaboration in campus projects
  • Projects on campus (e.g., building, apps, student engagement, etc.)
  • Challenge driven education for global sustainable development
  • Incentives for integrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutes- including major university excellence ranking and rating organizations.

Take a look at the programme planned  for the conference here

I am very excited that this is taking place at KTH this year as you know that I believe everyone should take conscious efforts towards a sustainable lifestyle in all that we do. Furthermore, I have exciting news for you, if you are a KTH student! You can volunteer for this event!!

You can volunteer as a technical support or a host. You can  find more details about this here

There are benefits to volunteering for this programme and they include:

  • Free conference registration with free access to the conference’s day sessions (worth 3300 SEK)
  • All coffee breaks and lunches are provided
  • A chance to meet and network with established members of an international network devouted to sustainability and student sustainability peers!
  • A certificate of participation signed by KTH Sustainability Office
  •  And a really cool KTH t-shirt!


No previous experience is required and there’s no preference for any discipline or background (Good news right?). All you need to do is to send:

  • Curriculum Vitae (In English)
  • Short motivation on why you want to be a student volunteer.

Send this to Erica-Dawn Egan (edegan@kth.se)

Important information: The deadline to send in your application is March 2nd.

So, if you are interested in sustainability and to make an impact, what are you waiting for?




Little efforts make an impactful difference…

As an energy engineer, achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030 is something I look forward to ( look at goal 7 😉 ). To this end, when I saw an event tagged – Global Sustainable Goals: Connecting Columbia and Sweden. I knew I had to attend.

There were different people that brought this event to fruition and so, we were enlightened on the roles they played and are still playing generally when it comes to sustainable development. These organisations include: Impact hub, Swedish Institute and the Colombian Embassy. The guest speakers for the night were:

  • Paula Gutiérrez Gómez: Co-founder and CEO, Impact Hub Bogotá. Entrepreneur, change maker In Colombia and around the world as an expert associate of the impact hub network and a great connector whether through the Global Shaper network or building long-lasting bridges between ecosystems like the ImpactXchange program between Sweden and Colombia.
  • Gustavo Marquez Castellano: Master in Sustainability and Environmental Management (SEM), Harvard University. Entrepreneur, Impact investor and sustainability expert with a special focus on clean energy.
  • Assad Jater Plenipotentiary Minister of the Diplomatic Mission, Colombian Embassy. 

If you’re reading this post, this might cross your mind – “this event looks centred around Colombia. What is the main aim of reading this post anyway?”For me, the event was for anyone who had any interest in the “global sustainable goals” and would like to broaden their knowledge by sharing with like-minded individuals on how these goals can be achieved.

Year by year, we see how various actions taken by the different countries of the world affect everyone. Due to this, world leaders are beginning to see that the steps taken by each individual in the world has a ripple effect on our planet. To this end, we are forced to look beyond our countries and ensure we make the world not only suitable to meet our present needs but capable to meet the needs of the future generation.

Personally, I loved the flow of the event as it brought to mind that to make these goals achievable, everyone has to be on board: investors, universities, the government, financial institutions, individuals, and the list seems endless. The event started with a short introduction on Columbia and the treasure that lies within. Gustav shared his story as an entrepreneur and the various projects he is involved in; all with the aim of achieving a sustainable lifestyle in Colombia.Then, the event ended with a fishbowl panel. Personally, I loved this section of the event the most and I think it is something any conference or event channelled in getting the most out of its audience should try to fit into their programme plan.

If your mind is brewing ideas that fit with making sustainable impact in your community,  I would like to leave you with these quotes:

The value of  an idea lies in the using of it- Thomas Edison

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work – Thomas Edison

Those who have the priviledge of knowledge have the duty to act – Albert Eistein

Everyone has a part to play in achieving the seventeen sustainable goals. What are you doing in your little world?