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Everything is new, and just as usual

Man in googles.
Erik Edstam, Head of Adminstration at School of Engineering Sciences

When we came back after the Easter holidays, everything was new: we were split into several departments, many had new managers and posts had changed names. What would everyday life look like now, and how would we meet the needs and wishes of the institutions? The answer to both questions turned out to be the same: just as we have always done.

A University Administration and support that makes it easier for teachers and researchers to fulfil their missions is not a new feature of school operational support, but the very core of the mission. It is through co-operation with and understanding of institutions and school management that we can best contribute; this is true now and has been true for all the years I have worked on school issues at various levels. Being part of a cutting-edge research and education environment is of course a real bonus!

The work in the University Administration is characterized by close and unpretentious cooperation between functions and people, regardless of which department they happen to belong to, and evolves together with new requirements and needs. A new organisation creates new challenges but also new opportunities, and it is my absolute conviction that in time and over time we will evolve to become even better – together.

Erik Edstam, Head of Administration (acting) at the School of Engineering Sciences