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New blog about our University Administration

Potrait of Åsa Ankarcrona
Åsa Ankarcrona, Head of Communications. (Photo: Theresia Köhlin)

What’s a good, clear way we can keep you updated about developments at the University Administration? By creating this new blog – Happening within the University Administration.  The blog is aimed at those of you who want to find out more about our administration and how it is being developed.

The managers who are part of the University Director’s management council will create new blog posts every fortnight. The blog can be found here on the intranet start page  and you can also subscribe to receive an e-mail notification when a new post is published.

Communication is essential to successful change and development. This is why internal communication and management communication in particular are two areas we will prioritize within communication. This will also enable us to focus on what makes life easier for teachers and researchers in their assignments, such as:

  • the right event support when requested
  • the development of news and press efforts, primarily linked to the dissemination of research to KTH’s target groups
  • the streamlining of work on newsletters

By ensuring that all communication staff at KTH are involved and participate in the development work, we have the right conditions in place to take KTH’s communication to the next level. We are meeting at the Kista campus in September to work on this further.

We would also like to join forces with HR and IT, for example, so that together we can lay the foundation to ensure everything is clear and it is easy to do the right thing.

If you have any thoughts, views or other input – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Åsa Ankarcrona, Head of Communications,