Alumni – inspiring role models

KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s former students are spread far and wide, nationally and internationally. Over the years, many students have obtained their undergraduate or research degree at KTH. There are students now working in the public and private sectors all over the world.

KTH has come to agreements with 13 alumni chapters  located in countries such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States and China. These associations reflect the international nature of KTH. An alumni association is formed and an agreement is signed between KTH and the association concerning a certain amount of activity per year, e.g. seminars, study visits or other social activities.

The aim of alumni activities at KTH is to develop and foster relationships with our former students. Alumni mean a lot to our organisation; they act as role models and provide inspiration to current students but they are also our friends who give us new perspectives on education, research and collaboration. Alumni also contribute to the global image of KTH, which benefits both incoming and outgoing students and also provides opportunities for new, interesting research collaborations. When former KTH students are active in the world, this raises our profile and can thus affect aspects such as KTH’s ranking in the list of higher educational institutions.

A new alumni association was formed on Thursday 9 March–the KTH UK Alumni Chapter is now up and running. I was privileged enough to be there for the launch. More than 500 former KTH students work in the London area, and the idea is to be able to offer seminars at least twice a year at which researchers from KTH talk about current research. Otherwise, the association envisages a further two meetings, which may be study visits to interesting companies or organisations.

There is huge diversity in what people do after their studies at KTH. I met some former students who had just started their PhD, along with risk capitalists, and even someone who is now an artist.

Alumni spread out around the world represent a major opportunity for current students who, via the alumni, can come into contact with rewarding international projects and degree projects. But the alumni network is also an opportunity for KTH researchers.

I noticed that there was a great desire to know more about what’s going on at KTH at the moment and, in particular, to find out about all the exciting research. So get in touch with KTH Alumni or those in charge of the alumni chapter when you travel to countries where they have been set up.