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Time to sum up?

As President of one of Europe’s top institutes of technology, I’m very satisfied with the past year. Many initiatives have been taken, gone to plan and been highlighted at and through KTH Institute of Technology.

There have been many reasons for me to be proud – after just over a year in this post – of all the good work carried out in research, education and administration.

As the Christmas holidays approach, it’s often the case that we start summing up what has been achieved over the past year. At KTH, in the world and on a personal level.

To make sure that I don’t omit anyone or anything from the list of success stories, I’m choosing to once again be fascinated by how multifaceted yet solid our organisation is.

Almost on a daily basis in my professional life, I’ve been surprised and impressed by smart and innovative solutions, ideas and suggestions that go hand in hand with positive development.

At the same time, things are happening in the world around us that make demands of us as an institute of knowledge and that urgently require research, refinement and the polishing of results. This applies to everything from medtech and sustainable transport to artificial intelligence, to name just a few areas in which KTH is a prominent player.

Educating engineers and architects able to tackle contemporary and future challenges with a high degree of relevance is a pressing task.

Being bold enough and willing to renew yourself is crucial in a world that is both complex and ever-changing.

But just to name a couple of decisive issues that will also make a mark on our work in the coming years, KTH has been reorganised to benefit development in our educational environment, and a new development plan has staked out the path. I’m convinced that both these initiatives will take KTH to a new level in the global arena, where our education and research is to be characterised by excellence and – like today – a great deal of commitment.

Thanks for a great year!