Five campuses that reflect our mission

Visiting our five campuses is always a pleasurable experience. They reflect the breadth and depth of our research and education – and of our collaboration for that matter.

They are all located in different surroundings, providing different opportunities for collaboration with the surrounding community, business sector and academia.

I recently visited KTH Södertälje, where we have our new educational programmes and where our new research which focuses on sustainable production is carried out. The programmes have been carefully moulded in close collaboration with our neighbours – that is, the global giants AstraZeneca and Scania.

As I wrote previously, KTH Royal Institute of Technology has always been a clear component in the growth and success of Swedish industry in the world. And this is why it seems natural that KTH’s expertise goes hand in hand with the ability of Swedish companies to foster innovation and novel approaches. KTH is both a catalyst and a technology development partner in this area.

If you take the commuter train, it’s easy to get to KTH Flemingsberg, a hub for medtech education and research, with Södertörn University, Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Red Cross University College close by.

KTH Kista, based in the north of Stockholm, with ICT focusing on contemporary and future information technology, is in the midst of various international companies and entrepreneurs.

KTH Solna, is not so far away has SciLifeLab serving as a hub for various life sciences. At SciLifeLab, being an international infrastructure itself with four components: Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Stockholm University and Uppsala University, the basic concept is collaboration.

It is in these encounters between disciplines, seats of learning, companies and society that KTH can justify its existence and make a difference! The physical environment has great significance, not just for well-being and efficiency but also in terms of providing inspiration and the desire to learn.

KTH also has a number of new educational environments on campus that are conceived to inspire people to engage in new ways of thinking and enable discussions and encounters between students in which they swap ideas and learn from each other. Study environments that reflect KTH’s ambition to collaborate on all levels and the goal of providing our students with education that is relevant and up to date and also encourages critical thinking.

To mention but a few of these, at KTH Södertälje, there are for example lab environments and classrooms that have been furnished in a different way.

At KTH Campus on Valhallavägen there is a recently built teaching building and KTH Live-In-Lab, with the buildings themselves being and being capable of functioning as objects of study.