What else can you measure in rankings?

A few weeks ago, the ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities published its latest report , which revealed that KTH has climbed in the subject rankings. This is good news and an advancing step for an excellent university within the global education arena.

In light of this, I played around with the thought of what else you could measure other values that do not come across as clearly in figures and bibliometrics that show how research is reflected in scientific publications. Values that are also crucial in the attractiveness of a university, in addition to factors such as production, performance and reputation.

Areas that provide important pointers for researchers, teachers and students who are considering whether to apply here or, for those members of the public and private sectors that are looking for partners.

Could work environment be an indicator worth measuring when comparing different universities? Or equality? Obviously, equality is part of a healthy working culture and environment. The concept of quality also includes this as an absolutely crucial aspect that the knowledge of both women and men is leveraged to create technical solutions and innovations that deliver sustainable societal benefits.

What you should measure is one thing to do KTH’s strengths justice, as well as other so-called improvement areas.

Another discussion that has emerged in recent times is how measuring should be done. An alternative method that measures research falls under the concept of altmetrics. This is about capturing the online attention surrounding scholarly content and influence by measuring articles, downloads, sharing, likes etc., in different social channels. Visibility and reach are becoming increasingly important parameters.

New methods that can complement and reflect a university’s qualities from different angles are both exciting and instructive.

Gaining a high comparison score in equality and a good work environment is probably a major competitive advantage for a university. However, these are qualities you must be able to measure in a reasonable way.