A result of systematic and solid work

At the risk of repeating myself, sustainable development, equality, internationalisation and digitalisation are the pillars KTH rests on. The idea is that these values should be an integral part of our everyday thinking and the work we do within research, education and cooperation.

Being an internationally competitive university requires constant work to maintain and further improve the high quality of education, research and cooperation. Added to which, a long-term systematic is required if we are to continuously develop in line with the times and have the ability to be innovative.

We recently received confirmation that our four pillars are working very well and systematic and solid work is being pursued in support of these values. This was noted in the THE University Impact Rankings.

In the survey, 500 universities around the world were measured against a number of the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals. These goals, that also map and summarise the challenges humanity is facing, concern the continued survival of our planet.

Here KTH as a university, has a big responsibility to research and develop solutions, sift out the relevant issues, create innovations, cooperate and educate tomorrow’s engineers, teachers and architects to build and facilitate a stable society with a long-term future.

Having a social responsibility as a university is of the utmost importance. Not only as a public body within the research and education sector, whose activities are financed by taxpayers, but also that these are closely linked with our values where the following is firmly established:

“KTH’s activities are based on the conviction that education and research can and should contribute to better living conditions and to ecologically, socially and economically sustainable social development. As a university of technology, KTH has a specific responsibility to develop and teach the knowledge needed to promote such a sustainable development.”

The THE Impact Rankings are an evident sign that KTH is taking clear steps in this direction. That only two Swedish universities participated in the rankings can be interpreted in different ways. I hope many more universities choose to participate next year.