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The plan is to open our campuses this autumn

What will it be like in the autumn? For KTH, the plan is to open as normal, and conduct our courses on campus.  Having said that, we are naturally going to heed the lessons we have learned over these intensive spring months, when everything has been disrupted for most of us.

Learning, knowledge and the exchange of ideas and experiences – all in close proximity – are at the very heart of KTH courses. This is true whether in a laboratory or classroom, where teachers and students engage in a dialogue, bounce ideas back and forward and ask questions, in the here and now. Personal interaction is important when we talk about KTH as a high quality university. It benefits and stimulates learning and the ability to think along new lines together.

For all the numerous advantages of digitalisation, learning is best done on campus, in physical proximity, with face-to-face exchanges.

Even though autumn is not so many months away, it is almost impossible to make any predictions. However, at KTH we have very definitely decided to plan and aim for campus education.  At the same time, we naturally have plans in place, if the virus situation,  government directions, public health agency general advice and recommendations say otherwise.

Our focus is on ensuring our students receive their education.  We have learned a great deal by being forced, like many others, to switch to become a digital university with distance learning and digital exams on a full time basis. This is something we are going to manage, strengthen and further develop.

KTH has, as I have previously written, two solid legs to stand on when it comes to education –one digital and one physical. These are what will carry KTH forward as one of the best universities in Europe.