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Students are a reflection of their time

At the conference Current Priorities and Future Challenges: Higher Education in the Nordic Region, organised by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, the discussion covered subjects such as digitisation, quality and gender equality linked to higher education. Student representatives from the Nordic countries gave their views on what higher education needs and what it is lacking. … Continue reading “Students are a reflection of their time”

Lifelong learning requires resources and commitment

Now, during the last few intense days of the semester, it seems like a good time to think for a while about the concept of learning. Learning takes place every day throughout life, on a major and minor scale. Being a university, we have learning at the centre of our activities: learning through research and … Continue reading “Lifelong learning requires resources and commitment”

Foundation year programme paves the way to KTH

A motion has finally been presented regarding higher education access programmes  ( in Swedish. Where KTH Royal Institute of Technology is concerned, it is primarily courses known as foundation year programmes that are of interest and that we are working hard to retain. For many years we have offered such preparatory programmes aimed at students … Continue reading “Foundation year programme paves the way to KTH”