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About setting limits

How do doctoral students feel, actually? This important question is asked with frightening frequency in both reports and articles. Maybe it’s time for a revival of a word that has fallen out of fashion, namely lagom in Swedish  or “just enough” in English, even here in academia. Stress, a lack of a mandate and long-term … Continue reading “About setting limits”

An input that dares to make a difference

For the sake of Sweden’s development as a knowledge nation, it is imperative to strengthen those universities in Sweden that have leading positions internationally. Please read the above sentence one more time. This is namely exactly what is needed not only to further develop our most successful universities but also to raise the level in … Continue reading “An input that dares to make a difference”

Bold reforms on the wish list

Swedish universities have tended to slide in the international rankings in recent years. This is due to various reasons, of which the most significant is the lack of clear national strategies and prioritising within higher education. There is no correlation between education and research of high quality and how the two are integrated when it … Continue reading “Bold reforms on the wish list”

Proper solutions call for proper research

Following one of the major highlights of the scientific community’s annual calendar in Stockholm City Hall, it is traditionally time for the Public & Science Survey. This shows that confidence in research is once again on the rise. It is extremely pleasing to note that 75 percent of survey respondents have very high or pretty … Continue reading “Proper solutions call for proper research”

What else can you measure in rankings?

A few weeks ago, the ShanghaiRanking Academic Ranking of World Universities published its latest report , which revealed that KTH has climbed in the subject rankings. This is good news and an advancing step for an excellent university within the global education arena. In light of this, I played around with the thought of what else … Continue reading “What else can you measure in rankings?”