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Redovisning av projekt i speldesignkursen

Puzzle Tower VR

Det kom ett elektronisk brev från Björn Thuresson, föreståndare för KTH:s visualiseringslabb VIC. Det brukar göra det ibland, veckorna före jul. En härlig julklapp för alla oss som är spelintresserade.


Nu på torsdag är det slutpresentation av årets projekt i speldesignkursen. I år har vi haft besök av Dice, Fatshark, Resolution Games, Logtown Studios, Fast Travel Games och Paradox. Spelprojekten ser grymma ut!


Idag, mellan 8:30 och 12:00, så presenterar alltså KTH-studenterna sina spelprojekt. Här är hålltiderna.

  • 08:30 – Kamiclones: If you kill your clone, is it murder or suicide? The 2D platformer game where your past mistakes leads the way to your future success.
  • 08:50 – B.A.M.: Beskrivning saknas.
  • 09:10 – Arrrr: Battle friends, family and foes in an augmented reality over your table! Command your fleet of airborne pirates to wipe the opposition and collect the booty! Buy the ships and use them in battle! The only question is, Arrrrr ye ready?
  • 09:30 – 2DBeat: Beskrivning saknas.
  • 09:50 – Bensträckare/paus.
  • 10:00 – Puzzle Tower VR: This game is called Puzzle Tower VR. It’s a VR game for children where the player has been imprisoned at the top of a magical tower by the evil wizard Puzzlonius. In order to escape, the player needs to solve puzzles on each level to be able to advance to the next. The aim of the puzzles is to either press or unpress all the buttons in the room simultaneously, using your hands as well as several objects available to you.
  • 10:20 – DOS – Defence of Saturn: Defence of Saturn is a competitive tower defence game. In order to beat your opponent you have
    to master your strategy as well as your mechanical skills. Build towers at strategical positions, control the minions attacking
    your opponent and much more.
  • 10:40 – Quest: beskrivning saknas.
  • 11:00 – Once upon a time: A 2D vertical scroller game that takes a new twist on traditional storytelling by combining it with exciting combat elements and compelling graphics.
  • 11:20 – Knock-off: Knock-off is a first-person shooter with some unique game mechanics! Sit down with your friends and prepare yourself for an epic battle. Play as your favourite world leader and blast your enemies off the last piece of rock that is left
    after the nuclear war! Easy to pick up, easy to love!
  • 11:40 – Timelapse: Timelapse is a rhythm based shooter game in which you as the player must survive waves of enemies while also keeping the beat going!

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