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The Robot Project

The Robot Project is all about tributing the Swedish pop star Robyn. The project began in spring 2013 and ended in March 2014.

Each year a selected group of students studying mechatronics at KTH – Sweden’s largest technical university – build a robot together. This year was a little different though, since the students decided to dedicate the robot to indie-superstar Robyn. The reason for this is Robyn’s obvious love for robots. She has written several songs about them, such as “Fembot”, “Robot Boy” and “The Girl And The Robot” – which is a collaboration with norwegian Royksopp. But there is another reason; Robyn has something any engineer can be inspired by – the urge to find new expressions and break new ground.

The main goal for this project was for Robyn to embrace and interact with the robot, both physically and digitally. But there is a secondary goal – to honor everyone who chooses to go their own way and has a desire to push our development forward. Because without them, we would be stuck in a much less pleasant time.

Scroll down to read more about the project, from the early beginning all the way to the final version of Robyt. You could also visit the gallery to see a collection of moments captured throughout the project.


TÄVLING! Bygg din egen robot i Sveriges mäktigaste lokal!


Den 13 mars kommer vi att anordna en “robotkväll” på KTH som vi tävlar ut två öppna platser till. Vi har även bjudit in åtta, på ett eller annat sätt, framstående personer (Lina Thomsgård, Hanna Pee, Flora Wiström m.fl.) till ett event i en lokal som kallas Reaktorhallen (se bilder nedan). Alla kommer att få bygga en egen liten robot under handledning av KTH-studenten och robotexperten Bruno Bosco. Nu har du och en person till chansen att få delta under robotkvällen. Inga förkunskaper krävs!

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Berätta varför just du ska få delta och länka till ditt konto på Instagram. Den 11 mars meddelar vi vilka två personer som vunnit.


Under 50-talet bedrevs forskning i Reaktorhallen, med syfte att framställa en svensk atombomb. Lyckligtvis avbröts försöket. Idag används lokalen för olika aktiviteter, exempelvis vid presentationer, dansuppvisningar och kuliss i musikvideor.


I “hålet” mitt i lokalen stod kärnreaktorn placerad.

Robyt-interview #3: Howdy ho Erik Lundquist!


(no answer – Erik’s a guy that goes directly to the task)

What’s been most fun during the project?
The challenge of building something this complex from scratch! To get to see the functioning prototype, knowing what kind of work that lies behind; The initial sketches and ideas, ordering the components, programming, building etc.

What are your greatest lessons?
The importance of communication when working in a group facing projects as sprawling as this one.

How do you think your life will look like in 3-5 years (in terms of work/studies)? 
In some way contributing to the wellbeing of people less fortunate, working my ass off developing cutting edge Med tech products.

Thank you!

Robyt interview #2: Oh hi there, Kim Öberg!


Hi there Kim! 

What’s been most fun during the project?
Getting to work with such great and talented people who are so good at what they do in their respective field. And also to push the limits of what you think you’re capable of.

What are your greatest lessons?
To plan ahead!

How do you think your life will look like in 3-5 years (in terms of work/studies)?
Hopefully I’ll be working at some really neat embedded software development-company doing what I love the most: programming.

Thank you and good luck!

Robyt-interview #1: Wassup, Elias Flening?

During spring will all members of The Robot Project make their final thesis. In other words, they have ended their mechatronic, higher course. But Robyt will continue its life anyway. Don’t worry – there’s more thing to come in the near future.

Meanwhile, all project members will answer three short questions, about how they feel about the project. We start with illumination– and DIY-enthusiast, Elias Flening.

Elias Flening

Hi Elias, what’s been most fun during the project?
The creative process of design and the joy of seeing everyone’s contributions come together as a whole!

What are your greatest lessons?
That the complexities increases in ways you can’t imagine beforehand when it comes to integration, and you have to be prepared for that. Clear communication being the answer.

How do you think your life will look like in 3-5 years (in terms of work/studies)?
Researcher/PhD in gender studies would be awesome, my interest in this being a big part if why I loved this project!

Ok, thanks!
You’re welcome 🙂

Like Etta James said: “At last”

No we’re not planning to celebrate Etta James with a new robot. Even though it would’ve been a cool thing to do 🙂 “At last” refers to; at last we can publish a film with the finished robot – Robyt. We had to keep it internally for a while.

The short film was shot during our presentation the 16th of December. What started with an idea to honor Robyn, almost a year ago, ended up with this dancing robot. And Robyn has been a vital part of the project – it was nothing we expected. On the contrary. In distance it feels amazing. She’s a true example of awesome inspiration, no matter which field you’re from. A real artist that deserves every molecule of attention.

The robot were built during three months of time and our next goal is to bring together Robyn and Robyt. Hopefully, we can publish a film in a short period of time. Robyt will also be used in other events during the spring. Stay tuned and you’ll see how. Below you can se the “famous” clip where Robyn meets up with the semi-finished Robyt.

See ya and take care!

ROBYT it is!

Robot 6_redigerad

As you might already have seen, “Robyt” will be the name of the robot. That’s the result of the poll we set up before Christmas. Thank you for voting! What we also did before Christmas was to present the robot in front of our tutors, friends and family. They seemed to like it! Now we’re thinking of how we can use the robot in the future. We will of course ask Robyn if she has any ideas, but feel free to bring us input! We will put up a film in next week that demonstrates the different features. If you have an idea how we can use the robot, please email us or write on our wall. Or comment this post.

Take care!


The sum of all knowledge

After Christmas and New Year we begin our last semester at KTH. Six months later we leave what’s been our second home for the last five years. During that time we’ve learned more than we even can imagine. Things you never reflect over, until you start discussing with someone outside KTH. You realize that not every one can build a dancing robot 🙂

On Monday we’re going to present our project to our tutor. Hopefully, we fulfill the academic standards. But we’re not gonna show the finished robot to the world until January. So like we use to say, stay tuned!