Disturbance as an art? What we view as a technical challenge, Robyn view as art.

A general opinion about what defines a great modern artist is the ability to make art that changes the observer’s perspective – regardless art form or craftsmanship. In other words, art of today should create new thoughts, opinions or behaviors, otherwise the artist have failed. To be able to create that kind of emotions, you need artists that view things from different (other) angels. We find it hard to think that a great artist can be of conservative views. Because if you don’t question things in life, how will you then be able to find new perspectives?

Robyn is obviously an artist with the ability to make us change our views. Last Friday we met with again and discussed the four concepts. She recommended us to focus on a “Randomized Dancing Robot”. And here comes the interesting part. A mechatronic product should always aim for its operation point. And let’s say its operation point is to move to the rhythm of the music. Then, that’ll be our objective – to minimize all “disturbance”, and get robot to act as planned.

But Robyn made us change perspective. “Disturbance” can be an art form. For example, if you push the robot, it’ll use all its power to find the way back to operation point. Until the robot finds that, there will be a spectrum where it strives to find balance – the robot is sort of “on its own” in the time in between. If you view that spectrum as part of a dance or choreography, then you find art. Isn’t it beautiful? That “disturbance” can be art?!

For us, this is an eye-opener. Let’s say that “disturbance” has a color. Then we can add LED-diodes that reflect the emotions of the robot. When it gets pushed, it’ll use all its internal power to find operation point and convert that into, for example, red light.



Elias and Elias try to view “disturbance” as an art, during the presentation with Robyn.


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