The geniuses behind this project are nine students on their fourth year at KTH’s mechatronics institution. What brings them together is their shared passion for robots and their ambition to celebrate greatness. You can contact the students at



Mathilde Simon

Mathilde is from France and came to Sweden eight months ago to follow the mechatronics Master at KTH. She chose this field because in the future she would like to work with designing robots for production lines. She has practiced contemporary dance for 8 years in France and is glad to have found some time to keep on dancing here in Stockholm.



Kim Öberg

Kim is born and raised in Stockholm and a true linguistic nerd. When not traveling and learning languages (she lived 8 months in Sydney and 7 in Berlin before KTH) she prefers hanging out with friends, working out, playing videogames (best game right now: the Last of Us) engaging in extra curricular activities (at “Maskinsektionen”, the Chapter of Mechanical Engineering) or fiddling with her Mac Air or Raspberry Pi. Oh, she likes to dance too!



André Berglund

André is an industrial management student with an interest in electronical devices. On his spare time he likes outdoor activites and is particulary good at skiing or whitewater/kayak slalom. When not battling slope mountains or strong currents and high waves, he relieves stress by working out at the gym. André is also an aviation nerd and wouldn’t mind being at the controls in an aircraft.



Johan Landerholm

Johan’s a big collector of Ibanez guitars and right now he’s learning how to dance salsa. He’s from the small town of Kungsör and he likes to play retro video games on hiss SNES. When he’s finished at KTH he wants to work with developing new and innovative mechatronic products that will revolutionize the world.



Erik Lundqvist 

With a dream to develop groundbreaking medical support robots, this Stockholmer never hesitated when choosing mechatronics as master. When not making awesome robots for superstars, he also likes spending time with his girlfriend, playing football (soccer), and absolutely loves getting on stage with his band Skaru? playing the saxophone.



Martin Skande

Martin came to KTH in 2008 and loves everything that has to do with electronics and mechanics. Mechatronics fits him perfectly since he loves to toy around with his electronic gadgets at home when not making robots for KTH. Martin also likes to keep fit and work out at the gym, being healthy helps him keep a good mood and concentration throughout his long days.



Eysteinn Hjálmarsson

Eysteinn is a nature lover from Iceland. He’s part of a volunteer rescue team and likes hiking, water diving and skiing. Back home he loves climbing the islandic glaciers and enjoys nature’s riches. His next objective is to climb mount Kebnekajse, Sweden’s highest mountain. Eysteinn also likes vintage clothing and getting dressed up in 30′s style fashion. He’s a big fan of video games and has clocked over 200 hours in Skyrim.



Elias Josefsson

Elias is originally from a small town in Småland and moved to Stockholm in 2007 to work with graphic production and web design. He joined KTH in 2009, his goal is to develop products with advanced technology together with great design and usability. Elias spends a lot of time with friends and his wife, and he’s just discovered the greatness of nordic skate.


Elias Flening

Elias Flening

Elias is a proud nerd and Industrial management student, He likes LEGO and all types of games, be it theater, board games,  live action-roleplaying, paper/pen-roleplaying or computer/video games. Elias is very fond of the opera, theater and cinema and he also likes messing around with electronics on his spare time – currently building a cute little spider-robot at home.



Johan Tideman

Johan is an industrial management student with a passion for old maps and a will to understand the world. He enjoys listening to new music and reading about everything and nothing on Wikipedia.


Aina Johansson

Aina is 22 years old, she enjoys programming and control theory the most out of all her courses. She plays the violin in a jazzband and likes to dance classical ballet and baroque dance whenever she gets a chance.

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