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Chasing Deadlines!

Hey folks!

Lately, I have been so held up with deadlines. There is something or the other to complete every week. And, this week has been very criminal with a submission tonight, one tomorrow, another on Monday and an exam on Tuesday.  I know you feel me, thank you! I am trying hard to hold it all together.

If I could define my life right now in two words, then “Chasing deadlines” will be it. LOL! I was telling about this to my friend and he asked me to think it as “Timeliness” rather than “deadlines”. Well, am trying to. I will be in a really peaceful state if I successfully sail through this week and the coming one. Haha!

But, let me stop complaining and try reflecting the positive side of all this. Having deadlines every week actually keeps you focussed and in constant touch with the subject. You are forced to learn and keep up with the pace of the lectures to solve the assignments and projects. And, these assignments and projects are not easy. Trust me! They demand a very deep understanding of your topic. One needs to imbibe the concepts in a very insightful way to get a good grade; forget the good grade, just to pass, you need to know it very deeply. And, that’s what we expect out of our master’s studies. And, that’s exactly why we are at KTH and that’s typically what you gain at the end of these deadlines.

Although, after completing one deadline, I know that I am gonna be flooded with a pile of other deadlines, I learn and I grow, and I feel very satisfied. It is a very fulfilling experience to successfully complete a project and the realization that you have learned so much and also implemented all that you have learned is everything you need in life at this point. It is a pure ecstasy so to say.

So if you’re in a state just like me, chasing deadlines :P, then please don’t be stressed. Take a break every now and then, hang out with friends. A good friend of mine told me,” Excessive work demands excessive fun”. So true!

So, cheer up! have fun! charge up and work hard! Don’t forget your vitamin D pills. I think it solves most of the problems. We’ll talk more about it soon 🙂


~Sindhu <3

My Armada Experience – A Mega Job Hunt!

This week we had the most talked about event at KTH, The Armada! THS Armada is Scandinavia’s largest career fair organized by the student union of KTH, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår. This 2-day career festival brings together 171 companies at one place and attracts about 12000 students every year from across Sweden.

PC : Team Armada

A unique opportunity for students to interact with the companies regarding their summer jobs, internships, master thesis, part-time jobs and even full-time jobs after graduation. I wanted to write about Armada earlier but I decided to experience it in the first place. So, today, I’m going to be sharing my experience with you.

Know Your Companies

Coming from a different country, most of us do not know the companies that operate here in Sweden. I personally felt that Armada was an extremely good opportunity to get a list of all those companies that were of my interest.

PC : Nayanika Bhalla

For example, I study Electric Power Engineering, while my interests lie in electric vehicles. A simple google search would list out so many companies that belong to the power industry, but at Armada, I was able to meet those companies that were exclusively dealing with making something or the other for Electric vehicles in particular. I was able to know the details about their projects which helped me understand the company and also the opportunity for me in that company.

Apart from knowing the list, I also got to know how to apply to them, the deadlines and the entire process. Most of the companies had internship and summer job opportunities, while many had student training programmes where you can do your summer job, get guidance from a dedicated mentor, master thesis opportunity and also a possibility of ending up in a job. Such student programmes give you a long affiliation with the company, an opportunity to learn about them, their projects and work culture while still at school, makes things so much easier at the end.

The Networking Opportunity

As an Indian, I am used to the concept of the placement process, where the companies visit the university to hire people directly. But, things are way different in Sweden. It didn’t take me long to realize that Job hunts here mostly work on your networking skills. Of course, you can apply directly to the company’s career page but networking make things easy I would say because you get to understand how things roll in the company and can prepare yourself accordingly.

PC: Nayanika Bhalla

Such networking opportunities are not an everyday thing. It is only at career fairs like this you get to meet the representatives of the companies that present you with the opportunity to expand your contact list. With 171 companies in one place, Armada definitely gave me a good list of contacts.

I do feel that one must build on the contacts we get at Armada. In a student’s perspective, it was 171 companies in 2 days but for them, it was 12000 students in 2 days. So it is important as to how we take things forward.

The Freebies

While networking and job hunt is on one side, freebie hunt is definitely another good reason to be at Armada. There was an eternal supply of candies throughout the time! 😄 😋 Not to mention pens. I collected pens that would go for the entire year! Did I tell you about the pen drives and power banks? Yes, they also gave away such tech goodies! Notebooks, notepads, reflectors, t-shirts, highlighters, water bottles and even toothbrushes!

PC: Nayanika Bhalla

I was at Armada only for 3 hours because of my clashing schedule and those three hours were truly significant. I would recommend everyone to visit each company’s stall to at least know what they are doing and to find if there would be anything relevant to your area of interest. You never know until you talk to them! But, if you know that it is not your place, don’t be there just for the goodies, instead use the time to network with relevant companies and give the space to some other student who would benefit. This was something I saw across Armada that students would flock around the stall just to play games and win goodies which meant one opportunity less for someone else. Such small acts can make a big difference.

Armada wasn’t only about the career fair. There were many more events that were immensely useful to students searching for summer jobs or full-time jobs, like Armada talks, lunch lectures, where representatives gave an hour presentation about their company, internship pitches, a banquet night, Armada innovation night and even Armada run. Such events undoubtedly open doors to a great beginning.

Together ahead indeed! PC : Team Armada

Sweden is a land of opportunities. And, KTH will make sure you have all the opportunity right on the campus premises. It will be wise to make use of them the best. I met students at Armada who had come all the way from Gothenburg and Uppsala, and that is how much Armada is being valued. I hope you made the best out of Armada. If you didn’t, don’t worry, there is another one coming up next year! Now, I’m feeling very positive about the job prospects in Sweden, I hope you do too.

Wish you the best!


KTH Formula Student – Design Presentation ’17-18

The big day is here and its tomorrow!

A new year, many new faces in the team and of course a new car too!

After a few months of many brainstorming sessions and an elaborate design process, finally, we, The KTH Formula Student team, are ready with the design of our upcoming car eV14! And, we will be presenting the design of our car to the world, tomorrow. So come meet us and be mind blown!


22 November 2017- 6 PM to 8 PM


Brinellvägen 28A, Undervisningshuset, våningsplan 2, KTH Campus

What to expect?

  • Learn about our car
  • You can also meet our car 🙂
  • Meet our partners
  • Meet our team
  • Meet our alumni
  • Enjoy some food!

Here is the link to our event page on facebook.

Making a new car every year is not an easy job to do and at the same time is the most fun thing a student can be involved in, definitely! We learn from our alumni, we learn from our mistakes and practical learning is the most valuable outcome of being a part of such an amazing student project. So, now that we have completed our design phase, it’s time to start our manufacturing process. It’s time to get our hands dirty to build the beast of a car that it will be, The eV14! The fastest, safest, most robust, rule-compliant and the smartest formula student car ever made!

Making the “Awesome Car” is our goal! And, no compromising on the awesome part. You’ll know when you see it 🙂

So, at the event, you can meet all of our subgroups within the team, like powertrain, electronics, machine design, vehicle dynamics and more. Talk to us, ask us questions and give us ideas. We learn from each other and we grow together!

Btw, We have a big announcement to make at the event. A huge step in the history of KTH Formula Student. An embarkment that will lead to a great achievement! Know more about it at the event, let me not break the surprise now.

So wear your snow boots and walk to Brinellvägen tomorrow, see you all at the presentation.


~Sindhu 🙂

PS: Have you read my old post about the team? click now!

It’s Magic in the Sky!

A magical fairy prince lives up in the heavens and he fell in love with the kindest and the sweetest girl on earth. Watching her from the sky was not enough and one day he decides to fly down to meet her. Every time the prince flew in the sky, his green fairy dust would light up the sky. Gleaming and magical!

Little did the girl know that the sky was lit for her. She watched the lights in awe, “what is this magic in the sky?!”, she thought to herself. Now the fairy prince spots this girl with wonder eyes and his fairy dust turns red, lighting up the dark yonder. With sparkling green and red fairy dust, the prince danced all over the sky. So beautiful, so romantic and so enchanting….

Hey Folks, I’m talking about the northern lights here! A story I completely made up! The lights are so magical that  I had a million fantasy stories in my mind while seeing the charm. Perhaps, “At the end of the northern lights, there is a chest full of treasures :D”, Ah! that’s the rainbow, right? Anyway, I’m stunned!

Last week there was an amazing show of Northern Lights in the sky. It was around 11.30ish when my friends called me up and asked me to go to the Lappis beach. I had my Lab the next day and I was super lazy to go. But, when I opened my room door to see if there was anyone else going. I saw the doors of my entire corridor banging open! So much so that one guy already caught the lights in his mobile camera from his room! yes, his room! Am not even kidding! And, I knew that I cannot be missing this night. So I put my jacket on and headed straight to the beach.

Oh, My! Oh, My! What a show that was. The green lights took over the sky. There is nothing more magical than this! Right when I was wishing for a red version, the sky turned green and red, a magical celestial dance!

A dance you would wanna watch all your life!

A thousand births wouldn’t suffice!

A dance that will make you question everything

about the universe and our existence!

A dance that’s pure magic and brilliance!

A dance that will blow your mind and soul!

A dance that will make you respect the nature even more!

A dance that will make you realize how blessed you’re

to be standing there and watching it,

how blessed you’re to have this beautiful world,

and will give you the realization that

It’s your duty to preserve the nature that we have.

It’s everything and the only thing you wanna see in this life!

Oh man! Just come here to Sweden to watch the Northern Lights!

It was truly MAGICAL! I’m so grateful for living this life and being here in Sweden. A true blessing! 🙂

I was even able to click some pictures from my mobile phone. LOL. For once my phone proved its worth! Haha! Sometimes, I do feel the need to own a DSLR camera, to click those special moments. I hope I’ll be able to buy one soon 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures, I hope they’ll make you feel the magic in the sky!

These are from my phone’s camera…

I know right, it just kept getting better! Now, this is one thing ticked off from the bucket list. But hey, I am traveling north to feel more of the magic!

And here is a DSLR picture captured by Dhruv Bhatt…

So, Keep an eye on the Kp index and you can drop by at Lappis beach for a spectacular aurora treat!

Have fun! Enjoy Life! Don’t forget to appreciate it!

Sindhu 🙂 <3

A Day in Oslo – Part 2!

Hey Folks!

Did you read about my trip to Oslo part 1? If not click here 🙂

Although it was just a one day trip, we did visit a good number of places. I think it would be nice to stay in the place for two or three days to soak in the spirit of the city. Anyway, one day trip isn’t a bad idea either. I am looking forward to the most talked-about road trip to Norway 😀

One thing that fascinated me in Oslo was that I found a Tesla car in every direction! There were a greater number of Tesla cars in Oslo than in Stockholm I guess, hmmm. It is so nice to see the people being able to accept electric cars. Well, it’s a Tesla, what can I say!

Oslo has a very rich Viking history. In fact, Oslo is one of those cities that are claimed to be founded by Vikings. A walk into the Viking ship museum of Oslo will blow anyone’s mind. The museum is one of the world’s best-preserved Viking ships and findings that were excavated from the Viking tombs at Gokstad and Oseberg. The museum also has other discoveries from the tomb like sleds, small boats, household utensils and textiles. Here are some pictures…


This Viking ship was so enormous. can’t believe that the people who lived so many years before could actually engineer such a humongous marvel. The museum also plays an awesome movie that takes the viewer back in time and gives an immersive Viking experience. Check it out in 360 mode below 🙂 My favourite part comes at 3.57 in the video. Don’t forget to drag around the video if you’re viewing from your laptop.

Oh wait, this wasn’t all! we went to the Norwegian maritime museum, The Polar Ship Museum, Akershus castle, Nobel Peace Centre. We even walked past the City Hall and the parliament. The Holocaust Centre was the most depressing one. Pictures and information about the Auschwitz concentration camps made us feel so sad. So much so that we had to sit down somewhere to get back to the mood. Here are more pictures!

And now its time to see things in 360 again! Also, its time you meet my bestie, Nishita. The girl who inspires me!

I hope you enjoyed Oslo with me. It’s very funny that I have visited so many museums in Oslo but not in Stockholm yet. I am saving all that indoor stuff for the winter. What do you think?

See you soon!

Sindhu 🙂