Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance

Hej Hej!

Today, am quite in the mood to write about something more than I usually do. Let’s talk relationships!

There are a ton of internationals studying here in Sweden and most of them come here for their master’s which is definitely when they are 20 years or older, which also means that they mostly like have/had a girlfriend or boyfriend in their home country. So what happens next?! Life can kinda become difficult at a point.

Relationships are an intense topic to discuss. Not just your love relationship, but also the relationship with your parents and family too. If there is one thing I screwed up big time then I guess it is this aspect of my life. It could be the haunting darkness or the December depression that can worsen things, or just the academic pressure and yes blame the time zone too!

Long Distance Relationship

Challenging! If there is one word to describe long distance then I would choose this. It is quite a tough decision to study abroad, isn’t it? Leaving behind your friends, family and your love. But whats ahead is your dream, career, a new life, and experiences to make many things better. Well, you have chosen this, and you have justified yourself for doing so. So let’s face it like grown-ups. Long distance is very hard for various reasons as I pointed out earlier. But, it is not impossible. I know people who are doing very well and people who have completely ruined it. It’s all about how you handle things, how you manage time, not just you but your partner as well. Only with mutual effort can someone work this out, else it’s very hard. Mutual Effort!

Things can become much harder if you’re someone like me, who has lived with parents all their life and have been heavily pampered every moment. The initial excitement can fade away after a couple of months, and it is so easier to miss that pampering from parents or your lover when December approaches. The key is to have lots of friends around you or at least a few besties to spend your time with. Keeping one busy, productive and doing fun things can help tackle it. But sometimes one cannot help it. For example, I couldn’t, and I realize that my parents have pampered me with way too much love.  😅😅

We know its tough, how to manage it?

  • Communicate!
  • Healthy calls every now and then
  • Being expressive. Expressing over a phone call or text is very different from expressing in person. Not something everyone can do, but practice gets you there.
  • Getting your partner to come here for MS. People do it! I have seen!
  • Visiting each other a couple of times in a year. It demands time and more importantly money. International trips are expensive. Tickets, Visa, tell me about it!
  • Sharing pictures, some text updates, just about making the other person feel that he/she is living with you, your life, in spite of the distance and time zone. It is so easy to overdo it and make the other one feel awful. So take care.

Alright, I screwed it! help me!

I know it is so difficult to be alone or to go through such mental trauma when you’re living in a new place. Especially in a place like Europe, where you see people being very expressive in public. it is so easy that it reminds you of your good old days and pushes you into a big hole called depression. And, very often we tend to ignore the existence of depression. It is important to realize what you need to help yourself. Because, you are here to study, for a brighter future and you are not gonna let anything come in the way of it. So, you need to help yourself.

  • Be with people, or your best buds
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Do fun things. It’s Stockholm, there is too much to see and do!
  • Go travel! It is so easy to travel in Europe and not expensive too
  • Be productive. A good friend reminded me- Nothing feeds like success.
  • Hit the gym! The gym can help your body release the good hormones, and working on the way you look will make you feel way better. Trust me!
  • Talk about it. Just vent it out. Locking your feelings will damage you internally. Get professional emotional support if needed. As KTH students, you have that for free. Use it!
  • Or just use meet new people and go tinder, c’mon loosen it up! Take care of course!

I’m Single

Ah! you single birds! how free are you?! Enjoy the freedom. It’s Europe! Have good fun and focus on being productive at school. Did you read what’s above? Do you want it?  😛 Well, I know that my single friends are having amazing fun traveling around, meeting new people, going on many casual dates and rocking their academics. Pure Awesomeness! Of course, my friends in a relationship are rocking it too. Such talents!

Btw are you one those who are married? In a relationship here? Wow! Congrats! Have fun!

As for me, perhaps I might just write about the European dating style soon. Just kidding, or maybe not! 😉


See ya See ya!

PS: Did you like reading this? I don’t usually write personal stuff. Just gave it a try though. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on the topic 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance

  1. DB

    Very nicely written!
    It’s something that everyone faces in darkest of the dark hour especially when you are away from your home country on a study mission. It takes courage to express such things. It might be helpful to many upcoming students.

    Regarding dark Winters, it is very important to have some hobbies to make your winter plesent 😀

    Keep it up!

  2. Samuel

    Nice post Sindhuja. It’s good to be reminded as students that these aspects of our lives are also important and shouldn’t be neglected.

  3. Aditya

    Good read Sindhuja.
    Very very relatable . Thanks for suggestions as well. I will try them and see how it works.

  4. Matthew

    Well documented and well reflected one! I have been through almost all of them that you have mentioned in the post! Good to read.

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