About Me


Hej Hej! I am Sindhuja Balaji, I come from the land of diversity, the land of cultures, the land of languages, the land of festivals, the land of spices, the land of believers, ah! you guessed it right, I am from India – Incredible India!

I am studying the master’s programme in Electric Power Engineering, Electric Vehicle technology is my area of interest. I am a powertrain engineer at the KTH Formula Student team. Academics apart, I adore nature and I deeply love rain, you can call me a pluviophile! Cycling and hiking are my favorite pastimes in Stockholm. I have a great penchant for writing. Poetry has always been my dearest pastime. Oh yeah! I pencil sketch too.

Winning KTH Master’s Challenge has redefined my life. I have fallen in love with Electrical Engineering, yet again, and with this city, even more! Stockholm has always amazed me, from its scrumptious Meatballs and Fika to the many tranquilizing lakes and forests. Every season will bring along with it, its own colors and will mesmerize you over and over! Indeed, Stockholm is truly a heaven on the planet!

With a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow, along with the freedom to travel and explore the many places and your own self, KTH is undeniably the best thing that happened to me in my life. I can’t wait to experience more of KTH and Sweden in the days to come! Follow my blog to walk with me as I take you along to experience KTH and the spectacular Scandinavia!