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Ewww Sushi to Yummm Sushi…

Hello Hello!

Yup, you read it right! This post is about my journey from hating Sushi to loving them. Haha! Yes, another food post! The next one won’t be food, I promise! Sweden has its cuisine from all across the world, so it’s quite hard to not taste different food all the time and they have seasonal dishes too. Well, Well, okay! I am a foodie, no denying that. 😉

Sushi is kinda one of the favorite food of most of the Swedes I guess, at least of those I have met so far. All my Swedish friends seem to love Sushi, except one though. He is an anti-Swedish 😛 (No offense, you! 😉 )

I was first introduced to Sushi by my friend, Nishita. She took me out for a Sushi dinner the first time I met her here in Sweden. She gave me a super hyped description of Sushi (Well, now I am in total agreeance with her). By the way, if you’re wondering what Sushi is all about, here is a little bit about Sushi before we get into the story…

Sushi is a Japanese specialty dish. It is basically vinegared sushi rice (sumeshi) rolled over a sheet a seaweed stuffed with avocados, raw or smoked fish, or any other seafood. The roll is then topped with a layer of Salmon or anything else depending on your choice. There are different types of Sushis and they are customized according to modern taste. The most interesting part of a Sushi meal is the Wasabi, the super strong extreme pungent taste of wasabi hits your head and leaks your nose and eyes almost immediately. One only needs a little dot of Wasabi with your Sushi. Sushi is usually dipped in Soy sauce while eating, kinda gives it a nice flavour, you can also not dip it. I like the pickled ginger, it clears the taste of the Sushi in your mouth. Makes it easy to taste the next Sushi basically.

So initially Sushi did seem interesting to me, but the moment I had a roll, the texture of the raw salmon or Lax as they call in Swedish, totally disgusted me. I hated the avocado in it. I hated everything about it. We ordered a platter of Sushi for me and I ended up wasting 80% of it! My friend loves Sushi, she wiped the plate clean! It was definitely quite an interesting experience for sure, especially to learn to use chopsticks. I cannot sound super negative basically 😛

My first Sushi with Nish

My Platter of Pure Disaster 😛

Something in me kinda wanted to try Sushi again. I read about it and I realized that the rawness of the fish is what is bothering me, so I decided to go with prawn or crab this time since they are always poached and not raw. Guess what? I so loved it this time! I couldn’t really believe but yes I loved it.

Prawn Sushi <3

I wiped my plate clean this time 😉

Sushi is not something one might like on the first try. It is something that you need to let grow on you. You might not even like it the second time but the third time you would love the freshness of the food. You would love all the flavors. You have to give it some time to captivate you, there is no love at first sight when it comes to Sushi 😛

So after this, I went again to have Sushi, and again, and again. With each time I kept improvising and started tasting the other Sushi types. I have definitely made great progress but the ultimate is Sashimi. I don’t think I will get there 😛 By the way, you also get vegetarian Sushi, so there is something for everyone.


Scrumptious Semlas will not make you fat!

Hey there!

It’s so nice to get back with another post about food. I am truly wondering if I am slowly turning into a food connoisseur. Might as well get me a part-time job to taste different food, who wouldn’t like that! Oh yeah, I don’t eat beef and pork by the way. Haha!

So today, am gonna write about my new found love- Semla! I spend 25 SEK on these almost every day now. These delicious little bundle of goodness is all you need in life! trust me! If you’re someone who likes flavored buns or almonds or cream or all of these, you are gonna be madly and deeply in love with Semla.

Traditionally, Semla is eaten on “Fettisdagen” which literally means the fat Tuesday, which is the last day before the Christian fasting period, Lent. Semla is basically a cardamom flavored wheat bun filled with almond paste and topped with fresh whipped cream. In the beginning, Semla was just a boring bun but then a little more of almond and cream goodness was added to make things interesting and tasty.

I found this really nice article which is so much worth a read if you want to know more about Semla.

The semla – more than just a bun

Since I am a regular visitor at 7-Eleven and Semla is what I always buy these days, I asked the customer service person at 7-Eleven to show me how they make it. She so gladly agreed to teach me how. It is super simple and here are some pictures 🙂

The dough goes into the oven for the magic to happen

A little portion of the top is cut off and is filled with almond paste

Fresh cream topping on the little babies

Finally, the cut portion is placed back and is dusted with some fairy sugar dust

 So that’s how Semlas are made,  pretty simple yet so very delicious. There is also mini semla that cost much lesser and it is definitely worth a try. I usually have it at 7-Eleven, you can try there as well because it is freshly made in the store every day. Special thanks to Atosa Didari from 7-Eleven 😀

Do let me know in the comment section about your Semla experience. 🙂

See ya!

~ Sindhu <3

PS : Yes, of course, they won’t make you fat, if you do some workout 😉

Idly! Dosa! Vada! – The Taste of South India in Stockholm

Hej Hej!

You read it right. Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan opened in Stockholm a couple of weeks back and it was only last week I got the chance to try it out myself. Man! oh Man! It was very emotional for me to feel the softness of idly after so many days! Idly -the food that I survived on all my life, Idly- which was usually my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Idly- the now forgotten routine, and I finally got to have the taste of it! Heavenly!

The smell of home invited me the moment I stepped in. The sounds of steel tumblers and plates, the amusing chatter and laughter vividly reminded me of the amazingly noisy crowded restaurants back home. Bubbling with so many people and life, Saravanaa Bhavan here is a mini India in Stockholm. It was quite interesting to see a lot of non-Indians in the restaurant trying out Indian cuisine.

The customer assistants in the place were very warm and friendly. In fact, most of them were students working part-time. Few familiar faces from KTH, too. So, I must say, the environment was super cheerful. I started my dinner by ordering a plate of “Mini Idlies” that arrived so quickly at my table, two minutes perhaps. The lovely Idlies floating in a pool of Sambar with a dash of coriander leaves and a lavish splash of ghee on it, is something to die for! One spoon into my mouth and it filled me with such a joy that I have been deprived of for quite some time. The aroma of Sambar and the softness of the Idly totally took over my soul! I don’t think I have enjoyed Idly so much in my life. What is that they say? you know the value of something only when you don’t have it. certainly!

Mini Idly Sambar

It is such a sin to have Idlies without having the “Medu Vada“. So, I ordered them! The vada was golden and crispy on its outside, while soft and tender on the inside. One can almost see the steam while biting it, so hot and so fresh! The feel of biting the peppercorn in the vada is what is the definition of ecstasy! A dip into the white chutney, and then into the Sambar, and off it goes into your mouth! Beauty!

Medu Vada

If you thought that I was gonna finish my dinner here, then you’re so very wrong. We just got started! There was no stopping me from this feast! My next order was “Mysore Masala Dosa“, a dear dish from Karnataka. Another crispy golden beauty, well, a bit crispy, a bit juicy with that spicy red chutney on the inside, stuffed with yummy semi mash potato stir fry, served with a range of chutneys, just the way it is served back home, hot, amazing and divine!

Mysore Masala Dosa

On to my next order on the menu, hmmm, very difficult, everything seemed inviting, my tummy wasn’t so ok with that apparently. Haha! I went on to order “Rava Kichadi“. The comfort food of every south Indian. No this is not the Kichadi that the north Indians make with rice and lentils. This is RAVA KICHADI! The Kichadi was amazing, it wasn’t soggy, it wasn’t dry, it was perfect, just how my mom makes it 😇

Rava Kichadi

My tummy was now almost full and I had no space in it for anything more, sadly. Although I did wanted to try a lot many. You know, it wasn’t just enough for the mind and the soul :D. But then, one cannot finish this scrumptious meal without a proper south Indian filter coffee, or can I? No! I always believed that I make the best coffee and the best tea in the world, I still do stick to that belief. I don’t even like my mom’s coffee. I can call myself a connoisseur of coffee and tea. Saravanaa Bhavan actually lived up to my expectations. The coffee definitely didn’t disappoint me. The perfect blend of decoction, milk, and sugar. Impeccable!

Filter coffee

My amazing dinner time, finally, finally came to an end. I couldn’t leave the place without meeting the man who ran the show, Mr. Arun Mohan. I truly appreciate the way they are doing such an amazing job by giving us Indians in Stockholm the taste of home. The best part is that every dish preserves its authentic taste. Very interesting and very commendable indeed! Can’t appreciate the whole team enough!

Happy Me!


Now to end the blog post, let’s talk about the expense. It definitely wasn’t cheap and at the same time, I wouldn’t call it expensive. Considering the fact that Sweden is an expensive city to live, and a meal anywhere would cost around 100 SEK, this was pretty decent. Besides, getting to have a meal that felt like home, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay that price. It might not be an everyday place. But, once in a while, every now and then, if you want to feel home and taste home, then you must head to Saravanaa Bhavan. And to all those who are considering moving to Stockholm for your studies, don’t think much about home food. We have it all here! Be it the raw ingredients or the yummy restaurants, Stockholm has it all!

I hope you loved reading this one, because I really loved writing this 🙂

See you soon!

Sindhu <3