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Is life a constant pursuit?

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of my life. Looking back over the past 24 years, or well, let’s just ignore the childhood and perhaps keep it 10 years; that makes more sense to talk about. So, reflecting on the path I have traveled, it kinda feels like a constant chase- a chase for knowledge, better grades, a good high school, a better college, a good job, later scholarship for Masters. But now, I am beginning to think beyond.

I quite remember the day I won the scholarship, of course, how could I forget! It was indeed the happiest day of my life. I had worked hard for it and I have lived the moment I was waiting to live. But, when that moment had passed, I felt empty. There was a sense of voidness. A lack of pursuit. Sure, I was excited about Sweden, KTH, Masters, and all the opportunities. But ever since, there is something missing- a higher purpose.

This is quite bothering me recently- what is true happiness? Is it a satisfying job, the place you live, a loving partner, a nice cozy apartment, traveling the world,  kids or pets? or all of the above? So, once someone has it all, is it all about living through everyday errands and enjoying the life and the beauty while it lasts? I mean, does one feel really happy and satisfied at this point? Well, probably I am digressing. I need to strike a harmony here. So is it the purpose of life that is bothering me or is it about being happy? Why do I tend to think that a genuine and determined pursuit is what happiness and life itself are about?

Is it maturity that comes with age that has seeded in my head this awe, well I wonder. The renowned psychologist Martin Seligman said, “Meaning comes from belonging to and serving something beyond yourself and from developing the best within you”. This indeed calls for some profound thinking and reflection on a very deeper level, doesn’t it? One would say that a sense of belonging would be to belong to a family, a relationship but I think it is when you let yourself, your life and your happiness belong to you. In a world so abstruse, the transience of things and its oddity perhaps necessitates the pivot of one’s life to be at the core of oneself as it rotates about its people, relations, and whatever the quest be.

What is very interesting here and something that makes much more sense to me is – “Serving something beyond yourself”. Maybe the meaning of life and true happiness is not about a satisfying job, loving family or all of that, perhaps its something beyond yourself – A higher purpose.  Perhaps, the purpose of your life is about something that is so much more than just you; it could be anything from being able to give back to the society, a contribution to your field, something that helps humankind, perhaps the planet. I think the purpose of one’s life is to make a difference in someone else’s life, probably a million people’s lives, or maybe ten or one, it doesn’t matter- it’s about something that is beyond yourself.

At this moment, I am so reminded of one of my favorite songs – “I Was Here by Beyonce

I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, meant something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I wanna say I lived each day, until I die
And know that I meant something in somebody’s life
The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave
That I made a difference, and this world will see

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here









Probably this is the purpose of life- The pursuit! The pursuit to make a difference and to do that, one, of course, has to keep making himself/herself better, thereby bringing out the best within oneself in the process. So, this is perhaps is true happiness when you know the purpose of your life and you’re in its pursuit.

So to end this post,

I hope you liked this post. This one is a true reflection of someone who is growing in her head or probably is a random flood of thoughts on one fine day as some might dismiss- well, perhaps! Different people will have a different purpose in life, I think life would be far more streamlined if one only figured it out while still being alive.

Have a lovely evening!

Be kind to people, animals, plants and the planet!

See ya!

Say hello to my new roommates

Hi There!

With flowers blooming everywhere, Sweet floral scents have filled up the air, the birds are singing and bees are dancing; spring in Sweden is just getting beautiful every day and I decided to make my apartment feel the season as well.

I bought a couple of flowering plants and also planted some seeds myself. So In today’s blog, I thought I would share with you about my lovely plants. I have named each one of them and I will tell you all about it in detail! 😀











I named this lovely, beautiful red flowering plant after the goddess Freya. Freya is the Goddess of love in Norse mythology, but she is also associated with beauty and magic. She is believed to be breathtakingly beautiful and she also regarded as the goddess of fire. I think my red flowering plant represents all that Freya represent and there cannot be a more suitable name for her than Freya. She is stunningly beautiful herself!










Aurora is the Latin word for dawn and Aurora is also the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. It is said that Aurora renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. My darling flowers also do something similar, they curl up and close their petals when the sun goes down and open up in the morning, announcing the arrival of the day just like the goddess Aurora! Also, Aurora, the name has Indo-European roots. And, the northern lights are referred to as Aurora as well. Isn’t Aurora the perfect name now?

Aurora all curled up during an evening










These pink beauties so remind me of the cherry blossoms. They are so closely the same color. The cherry blossoms are called Sakura in Japanese. Cherry blossoms are believed to symbolize the clouds, representing the ephemeral nature of life. The transience of the blossoms, the exquisite beauty, and volatility, has often been associated with mortality and gracefulness. Sakura has another significance to me as well, The ritual of Sakura by Rituals is my ultimate favorite body mist recently, it smells and feels simply amazing! Just the perfect name for my plant!



Elena is the name of my baby plant, these are Dahlia baby plants. The name Elena comes from Eleanor, which has a Greek origin and it means Bright light. I named this one after the Disney Princess Elena. Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader. She has a powerful magical Scepter of Light. Elena is a very strong, young, beautiful and magical girl with a great heart. I think it is the best name I can give to my Dahlia flowers.


Ægir is the name I have given to my Aloe vera pot. Ægir is the Lord of Oceans in the Norse mythology. He has great magical powers and his daughters are the spirits of the waves. I might have mentioned this a lot many times on the blog than I have a special connection with water, rain, ocean, and anything to do with water. My name Sindhuja, in fact, means, “one who is born out of the ocean”. So this name Ægir really represents a lot to me. And, also, the name is pre-Norse and is derived from an ancient Indo-European root. See some connection there? Also, Ægir is portrayed as a man with long beard. I mean look at the picture, I can see my aloe vera in there. This is the name. Ægir!










I have named my spiral bamboo plant as Watatsumi. He was given to me by a very dear friend. Watatsumi is actually the name of the Japanese Dragon and is also believed to be the great deity of the sea by the Japanese. He has extraordinary magical powers. My spiral bamboo is hydrophilic, he lives in a vase of water. He just looks like Watatsumi, doesn’t he? He cannot have any other name than Watatsumi. I am sure he loves it.

So, yeah, Ægir, Freya, Elena, Sakura, Aurora, and Watatsumi are my new roommates. They sit by the window sill giving me great company and making my home more beautiful. These plants feel very close to me and they have very fitting names. And every one of them represents something really special. I have given a lot of thinking before naming them and I really hope that my plants like their name and what I attribute them with. I hope even you like them. Let me know what you think in the comment section 😀

See ya See ya!

PS: I am sorry if I bored you with too much Mythology  🙂

Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance

Hej Hej!

Today, am quite in the mood to write about something more than I usually do. Let’s talk relationships!

There are a ton of internationals studying here in Sweden and most of them come here for their master’s which is definitely when they are 20 years or older, which also means that they mostly like have/had a girlfriend or boyfriend in their home country. So what happens next?! Life can kinda become difficult at a point.

Relationships are an intense topic to discuss. Not just your love relationship, but also the relationship with your parents and family too. If there is one thing I screwed up big time then I guess it is this aspect of my life. It could be the haunting darkness or the December depression that can worsen things, or just the academic pressure and yes blame the time zone too!

Long Distance Relationship

Challenging! If there is one word to describe long distance then I would choose this. It is quite a tough decision to study abroad, isn’t it? Leaving behind your friends, family and your love. But whats ahead is your dream, career, a new life, and experiences to make many things better. Well, you have chosen this, and you have justified yourself for doing so. So let’s face it like grown-ups. Long distance is very hard for various reasons as I pointed out earlier. But, it is not impossible. I know people who are doing very well and people who have completely ruined it. It’s all about how you handle things, how you manage time, not just you but your partner as well. Only with mutual effort can someone work this out, else it’s very hard. Mutual Effort!

Things can become much harder if you’re someone like me, who has lived with parents all their life and have been heavily pampered every moment. The initial excitement can fade away after a couple of months, and it is so easier to miss that pampering from parents or your lover when December approaches. The key is to have lots of friends around you or at least a few besties to spend your time with. Keeping one busy, productive and doing fun things can help tackle it. But sometimes one cannot help it. For example, I couldn’t, and I realize that my parents have pampered me with way too much love.  😅😅

We know its tough, how to manage it?

  • Communicate!
  • Healthy calls every now and then
  • Being expressive. Expressing over a phone call or text is very different from expressing in person. Not something everyone can do, but practice gets you there.
  • Getting your partner to come here for MS. People do it! I have seen!
  • Visiting each other a couple of times in a year. It demands time and more importantly money. International trips are expensive. Tickets, Visa, tell me about it!
  • Sharing pictures, some text updates, just about making the other person feel that he/she is living with you, your life, in spite of the distance and time zone. It is so easy to overdo it and make the other one feel awful. So take care.

Alright, I screwed it! help me!

I know it is so difficult to be alone or to go through such mental trauma when you’re living in a new place. Especially in a place like Europe, where you see people being very expressive in public. it is so easy that it reminds you of your good old days and pushes you into a big hole called depression. And, very often we tend to ignore the existence of depression. It is important to realize what you need to help yourself. Because, you are here to study, for a brighter future and you are not gonna let anything come in the way of it. So, you need to help yourself.

  • Be with people, or your best buds
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Do fun things. It’s Stockholm, there is too much to see and do!
  • Go travel! It is so easy to travel in Europe and not expensive too
  • Be productive. A good friend reminded me- Nothing feeds like success.
  • Hit the gym! The gym can help your body release the good hormones, and working on the way you look will make you feel way better. Trust me!
  • Talk about it. Just vent it out. Locking your feelings will damage you internally. Get professional emotional support if needed. As KTH students, you have that for free. Use it!
  • Or just use meet new people and go tinder, c’mon loosen it up! Take care of course!

I’m Single

Ah! you single birds! how free are you?! Enjoy the freedom. It’s Europe! Have good fun and focus on being productive at school. Did you read what’s above? Do you want it?  😛 Well, I know that my single friends are having amazing fun traveling around, meeting new people, going on many casual dates and rocking their academics. Pure Awesomeness! Of course, my friends in a relationship are rocking it too. Such talents!

Btw are you one those who are married? In a relationship here? Wow! Congrats! Have fun!

As for me, perhaps I might just write about the European dating style soon. Just kidding, or maybe not! 😉


See ya See ya!

PS: Did you like reading this? I don’t usually write personal stuff. Just gave it a try though. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on the topic 🙂

Ewww Sushi to Yummm Sushi…

Hello Hello!

Yup, you read it right! This post is about my journey from hating Sushi to loving them. Haha! Yes, another food post! The next one won’t be food, I promise! Sweden has its cuisine from all across the world, so it’s quite hard to not taste different food all the time and they have seasonal dishes too. Well, Well, okay! I am a foodie, no denying that. 😉

Sushi is kinda one of the favorite food of most of the Swedes I guess, at least of those I have met so far. All my Swedish friends seem to love Sushi, except one though. He is an anti-Swedish 😛 (No offense, you! 😉 )

I was first introduced to Sushi by my friend, Nishita. She took me out for a Sushi dinner the first time I met her here in Sweden. She gave me a super hyped description of Sushi (Well, now I am in total agreeance with her). By the way, if you’re wondering what Sushi is all about, here is a little bit about Sushi before we get into the story…

Sushi is a Japanese specialty dish. It is basically vinegared sushi rice (sumeshi) rolled over a sheet a seaweed stuffed with avocados, raw or smoked fish, or any other seafood. The roll is then topped with a layer of Salmon or anything else depending on your choice. There are different types of Sushis and they are customized according to modern taste. The most interesting part of a Sushi meal is the Wasabi, the super strong extreme pungent taste of wasabi hits your head and leaks your nose and eyes almost immediately. One only needs a little dot of Wasabi with your Sushi. Sushi is usually dipped in Soy sauce while eating, kinda gives it a nice flavour, you can also not dip it. I like the pickled ginger, it clears the taste of the Sushi in your mouth. Makes it easy to taste the next Sushi basically.

So initially Sushi did seem interesting to me, but the moment I had a roll, the texture of the raw salmon or Lax as they call in Swedish, totally disgusted me. I hated the avocado in it. I hated everything about it. We ordered a platter of Sushi for me and I ended up wasting 80% of it! My friend loves Sushi, she wiped the plate clean! It was definitely quite an interesting experience for sure, especially to learn to use chopsticks. I cannot sound super negative basically 😛

My first Sushi with Nish

My Platter of Pure Disaster 😛

Something in me kinda wanted to try Sushi again. I read about it and I realized that the rawness of the fish is what is bothering me, so I decided to go with prawn or crab this time since they are always poached and not raw. Guess what? I so loved it this time! I couldn’t really believe but yes I loved it.

Prawn Sushi <3

I wiped my plate clean this time 😉

Sushi is not something one might like on the first try. It is something that you need to let grow on you. You might not even like it the second time but the third time you would love the freshness of the food. You would love all the flavors. You have to give it some time to captivate you, there is no love at first sight when it comes to Sushi 😛

So after this, I went again to have Sushi, and again, and again. With each time I kept improvising and started tasting the other Sushi types. I have definitely made great progress but the ultimate is Sashimi. I don’t think I will get there 😛 By the way, you also get vegetarian Sushi, so there is something for everyone.


Scrumptious Semlas will not make you fat!

Hey there!

It’s so nice to get back with another post about food. I am truly wondering if I am slowly turning into a food connoisseur. Might as well get me a part-time job to taste different food, who wouldn’t like that! Oh yeah, I don’t eat beef and pork by the way. Haha!

So today, am gonna write about my new found love- Semla! I spend 25 SEK on these almost every day now. These delicious little bundle of goodness is all you need in life! trust me! If you’re someone who likes flavored buns or almonds or cream or all of these, you are gonna be madly and deeply in love with Semla.

Traditionally, Semla is eaten on “Fettisdagen” which literally means the fat Tuesday, which is the last day before the Christian fasting period, Lent. Semla is basically a cardamom flavored wheat bun filled with almond paste and topped with fresh whipped cream. In the beginning, Semla was just a boring bun but then a little more of almond and cream goodness was added to make things interesting and tasty.

I found this really nice article which is so much worth a read if you want to know more about Semla.

The semla – more than just a bun

Since I am a regular visitor at 7-Eleven and Semla is what I always buy these days, I asked the customer service person at 7-Eleven to show me how they make it. She so gladly agreed to teach me how. It is super simple and here are some pictures 🙂

The dough goes into the oven for the magic to happen

A little portion of the top is cut off and is filled with almond paste

Fresh cream topping on the little babies

Finally, the cut portion is placed back and is dusted with some fairy sugar dust

 So that’s how Semlas are made,  pretty simple yet so very delicious. There is also mini semla that cost much lesser and it is definitely worth a try. I usually have it at 7-Eleven, you can try there as well because it is freshly made in the store every day. Special thanks to Atosa Didari from 7-Eleven 😀

Do let me know in the comment section about your Semla experience. 🙂

See ya!

~ Sindhu <3

PS : Yes, of course, they won’t make you fat, if you do some workout 😉