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A Walk to Remember….

Hi there! Good morning!

This is such an early morning post. I don’t remember if I have written one this early in the day. Well well, this is not about the movie “A walk to remember”, this is indeed a walk to remember. And, yes, I love that movie, do you?

Today, I kinda woke up with a desire to take a stroll around. The weather is pretty good, negative 7 degrees so to say. Lots of snow, shining sun, and a negative temperature means a really nice weather to me. Swedes hate the cold and the darkness, well, I do agree with the darkness part now. But, that’s something to discuss in another post. I love the cold, it’s beautifully cold. The impeccable tranquility in this pristine coldness is something only Sweden can offer. So, I just started my day with a little walk down to the Lappis beach and man o’ man!

The fresh snow greeted me right when I stepped out from my apartment. It’s just so much fun to experience winter here. Snow makes it just too wonderful. Snow is a must-feel experience to every human I guess. 

I walked passing the woods that are behind Lappis and then down to the beach… And, this is the view that was waiting for me. A spectacular morning sun, a tiny little snowman that was created by a random stranger to make my morning so amazing. The entire beach was frozen, still solidly frozen! Nature always amazes me, Nature makes me feel so complete, so peaceful, I feel so alive when am with nature. I am sure everyone feels that.

It’s sometimes so hard for me to believe that this is my life and am indeed living it. It feels like a dream or a dream inside a dream. Like living an eternal wish. I would be so happy and content in life if I lived all my life doing the thing I love, living in a countryside, being one with nature, a tiny garage, and some circuits to meddle with would totally make my life complete. I don’t wish for wealth or luxury; some love, family and loads of nature is just enough 🙂
  Below is the picture of the beach a week before, when it was almost frozen. 

And, finally, the happy morning me! 😀

Ah! How would it be if life was just so beautifully frozen in time just like this beach? Ironically, it was only my phone that froze to death! 😂🤦

Does anyone else face this issue with iPhones? My little thing of a phone freezes all the time when the temperature goes below zero.🤷🤳 I am glad I took those pictures and video called my mom to show around 🙂

It is so nice to wake up early and to begin the day like this. A cold start to a day is not all that bad after all 😉 if you know what I mean 😛

Have fun! Love nature, Love our planet, keep it clean and go green! It’s our responsibility to preserve this beautiful and lovely earth 🙂 Wish you an awesome day ahead 😀

See ya!


Winter Break Fun! – Ice Skating Experience!

Hey all Fellows!

Wish you all an amazing, fun-filled, ultra-productive and mega healthy 2018! This winter break has been so much fun with a lot of nice activities that I have been doing.

When the winter is here one thing every person residing in Sweden must try is the Ice Skating. Frozen ice skating rinks are there all around the city and one can rent the ice skates at an hourly price for the must to do fun sport. Today, am gonna share my ice skating experience with you all. 🙂

The most famous ice skating rink in the city, I think, is the one at Kungsträdgården, primarily for the reason that it has the fence. I will tell you why this is so so very important. When I stepped in the rink the first time, I was only falling. Yes! I did nothing except slipping down, over and over and OVER! Please don’t expect anything else. It is wise to mentally prepare yourself to fall. Perhaps layer up so that you have a bit of a cushion when you kiss the ice every now and then! And, the fence is the only hope. Your only lifesaver that you can hold on to, tight. Yet, you might still fall! Cause I did! ROFL.

I was perhaps the ultimate comedy of the rink that day. I had some random people helping me out and yet I was very determined to go head over heels, in the literal sense! 😆 Do you know how kids hold their parent’s hand on either side and go for a swing? I had people holding me exactly the same way and I swung too, hit the ice right away and laid flat! It was an eternal love I had for ice that day! OH MAN!😂

Now imagine ice and a terrified face!

My first time was an utter failure and I learned that ice skating wasn’t an easy thing to do. But I had so much fun and much more body aches the following days! 😛 So, when I got home, the grad school student in me asked me to watch some Youtube videos. Strangely and Gladly they helped me! I saw some tutorials and when I went the second time (Oh yes, I dared to do that! 😉 ) I started off by practicing the techniques mentioned in the videos and voila! I did manage to pull it off! 😀 I started with penguin walks and then made good progress.

TIP : Tighten your ice skates! It can be super difficult and your almost frozen fingers might hurt so badly while you try to tighten your skates’ lace in the rink. But, you must do it. If the skates are not tight enough on your feet then you’d fall!

Don’t you dare underestimate ice skating by seeing the little Swedish kids skating like a pro. These kids have been doing this for a while. The skill is probably in their blood…well. The key is to practice and to love the activity, which is the case with any new skill if you want to acquire. Trust me, Ice skating is so much fun!

After, managing to skate a bit, although I did fall down twice in my second time I decided to buy my own ice skates. It costs 70 SEK to rent the skates, and I managed to find a good deal for a pair of new ice skates at the Decathlon store for 250 SEK. And, this one is so much comfortable and easy to put on than the rented ones. So, if you think you might like ice skating then buying a new pair of skates is not a bad investment. Also, you can get good deals at Blocket for the second-hand ones. And, Most of the rinks are free if you have your own ice skates, which is awesome!

I had so much fun and am gonna go ice skating at least thrice a week till they close the rinks at the end of the winter. Apart from ice skating, skiing is something am eyeing next. I will write about it if I happen to try; which I think I would, mostly. If you haven’t tried ice skating yet, just go find a rink near you and yes, don’t forget to make sure it has the fence, it saves the life. 😀


Take care and happy skating!


PS : It helps if you have some experience roller skating! 😉



Celebrating Lucia with lussebullar

Hey Folks!

Well, it is that time of the year when it is all celebrations around. Time to celebrate light and warmth while forgetting the cold and darkness of the time. Last week, on December 13, Sweden celebrated St. Lucia’s Day on the winter solstice. Although not an official holiday in Sweden, it is still an occasion that is celebrated across the country.

Legends say that this day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Lucia, a Sicilian saint believed to have been killed for her Christian faith. The name Lucia means “light”. It is said that when the Romans tried to kill her by lighting her up, the fire didn’t kill her. Another story says that Lucia would secretly bring food to prosecuted Christians who were living in hidings. To use her hands to carry more supplies instead of holding the candle, Lucia would wear a wreath on her head with candles attached to it.

In Sweden, and across the Nordics, ceremonies are held everywhere to celebrate Lucia. A girl is chosen to portray Lucia. She wears a red sash and a wreath of candles on her head. She leads a procession of boys and girls dressed in white, holding candles. They sing the famous “Sankta Lucia” song throughout the procession, a melodious and visual treat! Did you know that Swedes even elect their national Lucia? The video above gives a quick intro to the Lucia tradition and the video below is the Lucia procession held at KTH library.

This season is generally celebrated with Lussebullar or Lussekatter (Saffron buns) ,Pepparkakor (ginger biscuits) and Glögg (mulled wine, there is a non-alcohol version too). The oldest daughter in the home is often the Lucia. She brings lussebullar and pepparkakor to her parents, dressed in white, wearing the candle wreath, singing the Lucia song while her siblings might line up in the procession. A beautiful tradition indeed!

Being the eldest daughter in my family, I guess I have all the reason to bake some Lussebullar this season 😉 Although my parents live in India, they were so happy with me trying to have fun on Lucia day.

So, here is how I baked my Lussebullar, it wasn’t an expensive thing to do and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I followed the recipe online but tweaked it a bit to my taste. I added raisins to the dough and doubled the butter to make it softer.

Saffron butter mix

Raisins! ’cause I love them

The man behind the process – Yeast mix!

It’s all coming together! The dough!

Rolled up and ready to bake!

Beauties in the making!

The feast is served! – Lussebullar and Glögg!

It is an amazing feeling to be able to accept and appreciate the cultures across the globe. My saffron buns turned out to be very tasty and the time was well spent while this is something I’ll cherish forever. Being in an international environment really does open our minds to think and act broader. I am planning to bake ginger biscuits for Christmas. I’ll definitely keep you all posted about that!


See you soon!


Stockholm’s Holiday Season

Hey Folks!

We are into December, the holiday mood has already kicked in. The snow is here, decorated Christmas trees and fairy lights around the city make the atmosphere so cozy. It is such a beautiful experience to walk around the city to experience the Christmas spirit.

An Instagram boomerang is perhaps something that shouldn’t be missed 😉

Every house in the neighborhood is lit with beautifully decorated trees. So cozy to look at!

Last week was both so deadly, so successful and extremely fascinating. The most terrible deadlines were met and I have certainly emerged as a better person. Too many reflections, realizations, and not to forget the learning I have got out of the past week. Immense! I think its only during such times, we learn about ourselves. And, now having dealt with crazy things, I feel super liberated. 🙂

Well, it has already started to snow in Stockholm. It was my first snow experience and trust me, it was magical! I truly felt like living in the world of Narnia! The white snow can instantly lift up the spirits and the cheerfulness has no bounds. Everyone becomes a kid when it snows. White snow in the dark winters with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm cinnamon bun is what is called ecstasy!

Here is my first snow experience!

Few of my snowman versions 😝 ☃️

Snowfall and KTH ♥️

View from my room  😇

But, there is more to this Holiday season than the white snow and the fairy lights…yup! Shopping! There is a sale in almost every shop. Brands like H&M have offers that force you to shop. It’s inevitable! Haha! There are Christmas bazaars cropping up here and there. No matter if you’re looking around to buy a Christmas present or to renovate your wardrobe, the season has a sale in every shop.  I started my holiday shopping with a mission to make my room cozy and ended up spending a little over the budget. 😀

Shopping spirit at city central

Sale! Sale! Sale!

This lovely setup to welcome the winter 🙂

 My Kinda shop! 

Christmas Godis! 🙂

Finally, that’s how cozy I made my room. a little Christmas tree, a beautiful star and some warm lights for the cozy winter 🙂

Wish you a cozy winter! God Jul !   ☃️ ❄️ 🎄

Did you see the Nobel prize ceremony? Stay tuned to hear about my experience at the Student’s Nobel NightCap party 🙂

Chasing Deadlines!

Hey folks!

Lately, I have been so held up with deadlines. There is something or the other to complete every week. And, this week has been very criminal with a submission tonight, one tomorrow, another on Monday and an exam on Tuesday.  I know you feel me, thank you! I am trying hard to hold it all together.

If I could define my life right now in two words, then “Chasing deadlines” will be it. LOL! I was telling about this to my friend and he asked me to think it as “Timeliness” rather than “deadlines”. Well, am trying to. I will be in a really peaceful state if I successfully sail through this week and the coming one. Haha!

But, let me stop complaining and try reflecting the positive side of all this. Having deadlines every week actually keeps you focussed and in constant touch with the subject. You are forced to learn and keep up with the pace of the lectures to solve the assignments and projects. And, these assignments and projects are not easy. Trust me! They demand a very deep understanding of your topic. One needs to imbibe the concepts in a very insightful way to get a good grade; forget the good grade, just to pass, you need to know it very deeply. And, that’s what we expect out of our master’s studies. And, that’s exactly why we are at KTH and that’s typically what you gain at the end of these deadlines.

Although, after completing one deadline, I know that I am gonna be flooded with a pile of other deadlines, I learn and I grow, and I feel very satisfied. It is a very fulfilling experience to successfully complete a project and the realization that you have learned so much and also implemented all that you have learned is everything you need in life at this point. It is a pure ecstasy so to say.

So if you’re in a state just like me, chasing deadlines :P, then please don’t be stressed. Take a break every now and then, hang out with friends. A good friend of mine told me,” Excessive work demands excessive fun”. So true!

So, cheer up! have fun! charge up and work hard! Don’t forget your vitamin D pills. I think it solves most of the problems. We’ll talk more about it soon 🙂


~Sindhu <3