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Sweden, Love Life and Long Distance

Hej Hej!

Today, am quite in the mood to write about something more than I usually do. Let’s talk relationships!

There are a ton of internationals studying here in Sweden and most of them come here for their master’s which is definitely when they are 20 years or older, which also means that they mostly like have/had a girlfriend or boyfriend in their home country. So what happens next?! Life can kinda become difficult at a point.

Relationships are an intense topic to discuss. Not just your love relationship, but also the relationship with your parents and family too. If there is one thing I screwed up big time then I guess it is this aspect of my life. It could be the haunting darkness or the December depression that can worsen things, or just the academic pressure and yes blame the time zone too!

Long Distance Relationship

Challenging! If there is one word to describe long distance then I would choose this. It is quite a tough decision to study abroad, isn’t it? Leaving behind your friends, family and your love. But whats ahead is your dream, career, a new life, and experiences to make many things better. Well, you have chosen this, and you have justified yourself for doing so. So let’s face it like grown-ups. Long distance is very hard for various reasons as I pointed out earlier. But, it is not impossible. I know people who are doing very well and people who have completely ruined it. It’s all about how you handle things, how you manage time, not just you but your partner as well. Only with mutual effort can someone work this out, else it’s very hard. Mutual Effort!

Things can become much harder if you’re someone like me, who has lived with parents all their life and have been heavily pampered every moment. The initial excitement can fade away after a couple of months, and it is so easier to miss that pampering from parents or your lover when December approaches. The key is to have lots of friends around you or at least a few besties to spend your time with. Keeping one busy, productive and doing fun things can help tackle it. But sometimes one cannot help it. For example, I couldn’t, and I realize that my parents have pampered me with way too much love.  😅😅

We know its tough, how to manage it?

  • Communicate!
  • Healthy calls every now and then
  • Being expressive. Expressing over a phone call or text is very different from expressing in person. Not something everyone can do, but practice gets you there.
  • Getting your partner to come here for MS. People do it! I have seen!
  • Visiting each other a couple of times in a year. It demands time and more importantly money. International trips are expensive. Tickets, Visa, tell me about it!
  • Sharing pictures, some text updates, just about making the other person feel that he/she is living with you, your life, in spite of the distance and time zone. It is so easy to overdo it and make the other one feel awful. So take care.

Alright, I screwed it! help me!

I know it is so difficult to be alone or to go through such mental trauma when you’re living in a new place. Especially in a place like Europe, where you see people being very expressive in public. it is so easy that it reminds you of your good old days and pushes you into a big hole called depression. And, very often we tend to ignore the existence of depression. It is important to realize what you need to help yourself. Because, you are here to study, for a brighter future and you are not gonna let anything come in the way of it. So, you need to help yourself.

  • Be with people, or your best buds
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Do fun things. It’s Stockholm, there is too much to see and do!
  • Go travel! It is so easy to travel in Europe and not expensive too
  • Be productive. A good friend reminded me- Nothing feeds like success.
  • Hit the gym! The gym can help your body release the good hormones, and working on the way you look will make you feel way better. Trust me!
  • Talk about it. Just vent it out. Locking your feelings will damage you internally. Get professional emotional support if needed. As KTH students, you have that for free. Use it!
  • Or just use meet new people and go tinder, c’mon loosen it up! Take care of course!

I’m Single

Ah! you single birds! how free are you?! Enjoy the freedom. It’s Europe! Have good fun and focus on being productive at school. Did you read what’s above? Do you want it?  😛 Well, I know that my single friends are having amazing fun traveling around, meeting new people, going on many casual dates and rocking their academics. Pure Awesomeness! Of course, my friends in a relationship are rocking it too. Such talents!

Btw are you one those who are married? In a relationship here? Wow! Congrats! Have fun!

As for me, perhaps I might just write about the European dating style soon. Just kidding, or maybe not! 😉


See ya See ya!

PS: Did you like reading this? I don’t usually write personal stuff. Just gave it a try though. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on the topic 🙂

The Spring is here!


The spring is here in Sweden and everything is just so beautiful around. The cold and the snow are finally gone and its often raining these days. The Swedes seem to hate the rain. Ah! who would like it when it gets colder, cloudy and rainy, well, I do! I love rain, I always have loved rain. Anway, the spring is sure precious. There are flowers blooming all around and the ground is getting greener and greener with every passing day. I have sowed some flowering seeds at home, can’t wait for them to start blooming. So, I have been spending some time with myself while socking in the beauty of Stockholm in springtime. Here are few pictures.

This is my favorite spot in “Albano”, there is a running track here but I often go sit there for an hour or two starring at the blue canopy, listening to the lullabies of the birds as I drift to a state of stance enjoying the scenery around me. These places are best enjoyed alone, or maybe your date, but make sure to stay calm and to breathe in the peace.

The best part of this time of the year is perhaps the cherry blossoms. Oh my god! they are so beautiful. Last weekend, I went to the Japanese International Festival. The music and the flowers with so many people around was simply an amazing vibe. This is truly a piece of heaven on earth, such a lovely place!


Isn’t it just amazing to see elderly people dancing and having fun? I loved this! Sweden is definitely a must-visit place during every season!

Happy Spring!


An evening with the Nobel Laureates – Student’s Nobel NightCap!

Hej all!

I have been waiting to write this blog past couple of months and today is the day. It is quite a wide known fact that the Nobel prize is awarded in Stockholm every year on the 10th December which is the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. The award ceremony is held in the Stockholm Concert Hall and it is immediately followed by the Nobel Banquet at the Stockholm City Hall. But that’s not it, there is also an after party that follows the Nobel Banquet – The Student’s Nobel NightCap. This party is organized by one of the four student unions of the four main universities in Stockholm every year. Everyone who attends the Nobel Banquet is invited to this after party in addition to few invited guests including the sponsors. This time the Student’s Nobel NightCap was organized by the Medicinska Föreningen at Karolinska institutet and guess what I had a chance to go!

This indeed a special kind of an event because it starts really late in the night and goes on till the morning! A night filled with complete awesomeness to celebrate the Nobel Laureates. The fascinating thing about the event is that every year it is designed to be based on a theme and the theme is secret every time!

So, I was extremely excited about the party because I haven’t attended a mega-interesting, super huge and super high profile party as this one ever! The dress code for the evening was White-tie. Do you wanna know how serious this event was? Here is a copy paste of the dress code description of the event.

Dress code

Dress code is white tie, the most formal attire. Guest can come either in white tie and tails (explained in detail below), evening gown (explained in detail below) formal military attire, or formal attire from any other culture.

White tie and tails

  • Black tailcoat with silk facings, sharply cut away at the front
  • Black trousers with two rows of braid down each leg
  • White stiff-fronted shirt with white stiff wing collar attached to the shirt with collar studs
  • White bowtie
  • White, low-cut waistcoat
  • Black dress socks and black formal shoes
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks should be silver or white. A white handkerchief is usually worn

Evening gown

  • Floor-length, formal evening dresses of any style or design
  • Evening bags should be small and elegant
  • Long gloves and shawls can be worn, but are optional

Yes! Now you get what am talking about! Here are some pictures from the event along with my experience…

 The theme of the event was kinda like the different areas of the Brain Tree. I don’t know if that’s what you call it. Every room had a different set-up aligned with the main theme, like “Creativity”,”Logic”,”Memory”,”Dreams”,”Subconscious”,Imagination”,”Pleasure”,”Illusions”, “Brain Freeze”, etc. It was well thought out and meticulously planned and executed event.

There were a ton of entertainment performances like music, dance and a lot more. Everything was very professional and I was totally mind-blown. Actually, I couldn’t believe it was my life, I was there and was indeed living it. It was too good to be real.

So, That’s how I was dressed for the event. An Indian gown. It is quite rare to see bright colored outfits here. People usually prefer darker shades in Sweden. But you do find bright reds and Blues. Now go back to the above picture, and see if you can spot me in the ball room. 😛

There were fun stuff to do like glowing face painting, yeah one could get their face painted like that.

This was a very interesting room, the Brain Freeze themed one. We were served special coffee that was brewed for 10 hours and was served in a glass made of ice. Yes, a glass carved out of ice! This place kinda felt like a frozen Narnia throne room. I am sure you would agree with that one. 

And, of course great musical performances, magic shows, ball dances; the fun element was just endless!

Evenings like these are just not about fun, food, and frolic. Not in Sweden! These are opportunities to network, make friends and build contacts. And, I am not missing out on those aspects, definitely! I met a lot of amazing people and made really good friends. It was very interesting to meet so many international folks and indeed very fascinating to hear the story of their journey to Sweden. The best part of such events is that you get to meet and make conversations with people in a very relaxed environment. And, such conversations are always incredible!

The Lovely Ladies!

SNNC made this night even more amazing by giving us a lot of intellectual experiences.  We had the opportunity to use this interactive 3-dimensional brain anatomy teaching tool. I hope I am describing it right, of course, medicine is not my domain, but it was definitely fascinating.

WOW! Interactive 3D Brain Anatomy!

Another super-interesting experience was tasting the raspberry flavored bacterium in a petri dish! Yes, it was one particular kind of bacteria that tastes like raspberry and it was served in a real petri dish! I tasted it. It was real. Legitimate. I am alive! I was initially very hesitant to try it, its definitely scary when someone offers you a bacterium to eat! Anyway, the event is by Karolinska, for Nobel prize winners, so it must be 100% safe. So, I went ahead and tried it. Man!  I was taken by complete surprise and was totally amazed! Oh dear heavens! It did taste like raspberry!

That is how it looked. This is no joke!

While I was spending my time enjoying the evening with great food and drinks, I was perpetually waiting to get a glimpse of the Nobel prize winners. It was a long wait until the Nobel Laureates arrived. But, good things don’t happen easily and it was so much worth the wait because we finally got the opportunity to meet the Nobel prize winners. And, something more amazing happened- Kip Stephen Thorne was so happy to take a picture with us! I’m not even kidding! He is one of the winners of the Nobel prize for physics, 2017. He was awarded the Nobel for his decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves.

It was such a privilege to be able to meet these amazing people who have contributed so much to their fields.  Each and every cell in my body was filled with inspiration. In fact, I could feel the chills in my bones and blood during our conversations. This is definitely the opportunity of my lifetime. I’m so very glad for everything that’s happening since the day I moved to Sweden to study at KTH.  Blessings come in different forms, the opportunity to study at KTH is definitely the form of my blessing.

The Best Picture Ever! – with The Nobel Laureate Kip S. Thorne

This evening and my conversations with such amazing people made me realize one thing that the great scientists don’t do their research to win a Nobel Prize,  or fame, or money or anything materialistic. They do it because they love what they do and they want to bring a breakthrough in what they do. It is their quest for excellence in their field. It is their groundbreaking journey to uncover the mysteries or to solve the conundrums for the benefit of their field and humankind. When one puts their heart and soul in what they love, success, recognition, and appreciation just follow.

It was a lovely evening with lots of food, fun, and learning. Definitely, one of the best memories KTH and Stockholm has given me. So, If you’re gonna be in Stockholm on december 10th, try to get a ticket to attend the event. It’s mind-blowing!

See ya!

Oh My Dear Exams!

Hej! Hej!

It’s that time of the year again! It feels like the new year celebrations were just over yesterday and its like 3 months already and the exam week is here! Time simply flies. Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with Mega, my neighbor in the corridor. Both of us felt that times were so happy and slow paced when we were kids. One year felt like proper ONE YEAR, unlike now! Is it because of the fact that am growing older? more responsibilities? or, just the grad life? or, is the world changing? are everyone’s life so fast paced that you feel like time flies and its so much about finishing you tasks, deadlines, paying your monthly rent, doing those daily chores and is it just about successfully completing every day than actually living every day? I mean what is it… I would really love to hear your perspective.

Anyway, let’s get to the topic! Exams! Exams are just so annoying, don’t you think? But, if it had not been for these exams, I wonder if I would do all this serious studying ever!

This time, my exams are a big joke I guess. I mean, seriously! I have two exams on the same day! I have taken two courses during this period apart from TaMoS, Modulation of Power Electronics Converters and hybrid and Embedded Control Systems. First of all, I have greatly underestimated these two courses. They are difficult as heck! Secondly, my India trip messed with this entire period since I happened to miss the first few early lectures and I fell sick in India, which means I missed a couple of more lectures when I returned. Thanks to the extreme pristine living conditions in Sweden that my body got used to! So, when I started attending the lectures, I felt so out of place since I lacked the continuity from the earlier lectures. So, to sum it up, I am in a huge puddle of a mess right now.  🙁

And, yeah of course both the exams on the same day! What were my teachers thinking?

So, this is how am gonna tackle. If I give both my exams, I am pretty sure I would flunk in both of them. So, I am thinking of preparing for one and clearing that. At least, it looks feasible to me than giving two exams on the same day. I can actually simply give the other exam a try by not preparing much for it. But, to ruin it all, the other exam is in the morning and the one I want to give is in the evening. So, I really don’t wanna depress myself by a bad exam and spoil the one I want to clear. Anyway, I think I might change my mind. Or maybe not. Well, I am on two thoughts right now. Do you have any suggestions for me?

I came across these funny memes when I was looking for the above memes. I hope they will cheer you up a bit during these tougher times 😛

Least I have some Idea! 😛

I can’t get enough of Game of Thrones!

No! Don’t do this after your exams! Haha!

I know right! I know! I heard the same line today, I bet he was laughing in his head!

And Finally! Wish you the best for the upcoming Exams!


~Sindhu 🙂

Weird Stockholm Weather!

What just happened now?!

Just a couple of minutes ago, it was so bright sunny, I was soaking in all the shine and warmth but within few seconds, the sky turned dark and the snow was falling down like as if a snow dam broke open!

The weather in Stockholm is always a great topic to start a conversation with. If you wanna break the ice with someone, just talk about the weather. Everyone talks about the weather all the time here. That seems to be a favourite Fika topic to most of my friends. It’s so amazing how it can go from clear and sunny to blindingly snowy in a matter of seconds! So weird! So Interesting! So Stockholmy!

It’s not just the case during winters that the weather is simply unpredictable, even during the summer it would go from the clear sunny sky to dark rainy clouds in absolutely no time. One must always be prepared to be amazed by Stockholm weather all around the year!

And now, as I type, the snow is fading away and the sun is peeping out. LOL. I am all in for a hide and seek game, Mr. Sun! 🔆🌇🌥🌨🌥🌨❄☃ Have fun! Enjoy the Snow and the Sun!