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We hit a century, and counting!

This year marks the 100th anniversary of KTH campus and yes, it’s celebrations time at the university! You would have probably read and heard a lot about the events in many other social forums, here is a little more!!

Do you know that the roots of KTH date back to the times as early as 1697? You’re right, its almost 320 years!

Anyway, Long story short…a timeline makes it easy you see. And, also, we have a pretty long history, it’s important that we know it and take pride in it 🙂 So here we go….

1697 –  Christopher Polhem, who is considered to be the father of mechanics in Sweden had a collection of mechanical models for teaching mechanics which was then called – Laboratorium mechanicum.

1798 – The School of Mechanics (Mekaniska skolan) was founded, which marks the beginning of teaching technology in Sweden. This later became a part of KTH.

1827 – “Teknologiska Institutet” was founded. The focus was set on offering education in applied technology to meet the growing demand for engineers during the period of industrial revolution.

1840‘s – The institute trained students in Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical engineering and Chemical engineering. During this period, an entrance test and a minimum age of 16 for students were also introduced.

1851 – Courses were extended from 2 years to 3 years!

1869 – The School of mining was merged with the institute.

1871 –  Civil Engineering course was added.

1877 РThe name was changed from Institute (institut) to University (h̦gskola), Kungliga Tekniska H̦gskolan. Some courses were extended from 3 years to 4. Building architecture was also added to the curriculum.

1901 – Electrical Engineering was added to the subject areas

1912 –  Naval Architecture was added to the subject areas

1917 – The first buildings of KTH’s new campus were erected on Valhallavägen which constitute the core of our main campus. 

1927– The final academic recognition of KTH as an establishment of higher education arrived when its right to confer the degree of Doctor of Technology was promulgated.

Today, KTH has about 20,000 active students with campuses spread across Stockholm comprising a land area of about 250,000 square meters in all!



The events are broadly grouped into three categories- Exhibitions, Hikes, and Lectures. Find the link below to all the events 🙂




Seminar Marathon – 100 speakers for 50 hours

Open lecture – KTH Campus – 100 years of development

Library anniversary lectures




I am personally looking forward to the guided tours, Light show at the courtyard and of course the seminar marathon!

Guided tours are the best way to know about the campus and our history. Besides, I also read that over the 100 years, one or more buildings were built every decade and they stand today to represent the architecture of that time period.

Also, there are a ton of sculptures and statues on the campus. To go on an art quest on campus does sound like an interesting idea isn’t it?

Where you at the fireworks show on campus a month ago? Did all that dazzle enchant you as well? I definitely stood spellbound. I can’t wait to see the lighting installation at the campus courtyard by our master’s students. It is going to be magical!

Now coming to the best part!!! THE SEMINAR MARATHON!!!! 100 speakers are gonna flood us with knowledge and fill us with awe for 50 continuous hours, yes round the clock at the Dome of Visions! The night session about space with astrophysicist Mark Pearce is going to be epic! The night sky and space talks from such amazing speakers at the Dome of Visions is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. So pack some food, do good planning and make sure to attend the seminars that would interest you. Go open the event calendar right now!!!!!! 😀

Other interesting reads…

Guys, don’t miss any of this from 16th to 20th of October. The whole of next week is gonna be fun-filled and let’s celebrate our university! Hope to see you all at the campus, next week. Stay tuned for more updates.

Happy Centenary anniversary!