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KTH Master’s Challenge Grand Winners

KTH Master’s Challenge 2018 has finally come to a conclusion with the announcement of the prize winners for the four programmes listed on the competition. Three finalists were chosen in each programme and the winner was announced at the grand award ceremony held at Bangalore, India on the 25th of January. The winners get a complete tuition fee waiver to study at KTH. Also, an opportunity to intern at Formulate IP. The winner of the Engineering Design programme also gets a Scania sponsored stipend to cover the living expenses, worth approximately 1.5 million INR, as well as an internship at Scania.

Oscar Quevedo Teruel, KTH

The programme began with a short presentation by  Jairam Vijayakumar Sujaya, an official from the KTH International Relations Office. He briefly introduced the finalists to Sweden, KTH and the education system in general. Following which, I presented my experiences in this amazing city as a KTH student. This was followed by a very informative and inspiring presentation by Oscar Quevedo Teruel, director of the Master Programme in Electrophysics at KTH.

Stefan Palskog, Scania

The President at Scania Commercial Vehicles India Pvt Ltd, Stefan Palskog, a KTH alumnus, gave the finalists an exciting glimpse into the world of Scania. He spoke about KTH’s industry collaboration with Scania and about the industry in general. His presentation was truly motivating for me personally ’cause of the fact that Scania is a dream company for me, and for anybody who is into automotive. Neeraj Gupta, a KTH alumnus, the founder & CEO at Formulate IP, founder at Lawcubator, co-founder and angel investor at Excubator,  spoke to us about his journey through his KTH days to his vision to work as a professor at KTH. Neeraj is also the chairman of the KTH alumni chapter in India. It was very inspiring for me to meet him again this year and definitely mind-blowing to see his love for KTH. Following Neeraj, Arun Subramanian, a KTH alumnus who is also a consulting manager at Formulate IP shared with us his journey as a KTH student to a successful person in the Industry. It was indeed mega inspiring to listen to KTH alumnus being so very successful in their career and to know the difference KTH has made to them.

Neeraj Gupta, Formulate IP

Arun Subramanian, Formulate IP

Just like last year, the array of speeches by the invited guests and lunch prolonged the winner announcement moment making the finalists ever so nervous most of the time. It was, of course, a super emotional moment for the winners and the parents. I could exactly relive my moment from the last year’s ceremony, ever so special and ever so emotional indeed.

Well, now is the time to meet the winners,

  • Saransh Chhawchharia, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Electric Power Engineering programme
  • Satabdee Dash, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Engineering Design programme
  • Shipra Jain, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Information & Network Engineering programme
  • Sivanand Devarakonda, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for THRUST programme

The Winners – Shipra, Saransh, Satabdee, Sivanand

It was a great experience for me to be a part of the event and be able to witness the award ceremony yet again this year, except for the fact that I was a nervous participant last year, while this year I represented KTH students at the ceremony. It was very nostalgic for me to see the nervous participants awaiting the results, the ultimate nerve-wracking winner announcement moment, the emotional joy of the winners, everything brought back the memories of the previous year. It was indeed very special for me to relive my moment again through this year’s winner and thank you KTH for giving me this opportunity 🙂

Some girl power going ! 😀

Let’s get into Selfie mode!

The finalists with the guests. Congratulations!

Stay tuned to know more about our winners 😀

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Are You Considering KTH For Your Masters Degree?

If you are someone who is thinking about applying to KTH and haven’t yet applied then this post is for you and you need to immediately apply because the deadline is on January 15th, which is in two days from now.

Well, I have exactly been in this situation last year, wondering if I must apply to a particular university, wondering whether I stand a chance, wondering if I must invest in paying the application fee, wondering if this was indeed the place I wanted to study in. You know all those questions that bombard your head, yes I have been there and gone through it. Today, I thought I would share with you my experiences studying at KTH in Stockholm, basically, trying to convince you to apply. And trust me am very genuine here and I will not be exaggerating anything a bit!

Last year around this time, or perhaps earlier, I was super involved in trying to list out the universities I should be applying to. Once I decided to do my master’s abroad, I had a list of countries, USA, Germany, Sweden etc and a list of universities in these countries. It took me a lot of time to research about each country and each university, trying to analyze their pros and cons to prioritize the ones I should be applying to. I applied to about 7 Universities I believe and I did get a couple of admits in few others but I chose to go to KTH for the obvious scholarship reason. Now I can tell you that I am so very glad to have made that decision. Even if it wasn’t for the scholarship, KTH is the best choice one could make. One of the major factors we all start by looking at are the rankings. But, there is so much more to your master’s degree abroad than the rankings,  and I will tell you why…


This is perhaps the first criteria one must consider. The education here is of top-notch quality! Very practical, very much industry oriented and up to date as per current industry requirements. KTH teaches you engineering and the skills, that you will need, to work in a company or start your own business or whatever that is. You will learn the art of the subject and not just pages of the textbook. If you have read my previous blogs, then you might already know that many courses here don’t even have an exam and you can even carry your textbook or a summary sheet to your exam if you have one. They don’t test your ability to mug things up. They teach you to do it and test you through your projects and assignments.

The courses at KTH so close knit with the industry. Some courses are designed in collaboration with the companies, that you might find half of your lectures be given by people from the industries. Sometimes, you get to visit the company to see your theory in action. All that simply ignites your interest in the subject. The professors at KTH are often so involved in creating a conducive learning environment for you, they are very considerate so much that they can even extend a deadline if you have a valid reason. They want you to become a quality engineer and they will give their full support in the process. I truly feel that KTH loves me and that sense of belonging and a sense of being cared, that warm feeling like home, is not something you will get everywhere.


I think one of my major reason behind my decision to study abroad is to gain the international experience. Every country has the best grad school that one can study in, but some of us want to explore beyond. True education is certainly knowing about things that are beyond the books, it is about exploring the world, places, people, culture and eventually, in the process you will find your true self. It is a way of self-exploration I would say.

KTH in that way will give the true international experience. Unlike my friends who live in other countries where 40% of the class are Indians, 40 % being Chinese with the rest being the natives and often they end up hanging out with their own tribe, kinda ending up losing a significant point behind the abroad studies. There is a very healthy mix of people here at KTH. Name a country in the world and I bet you would find a student from that country in every class at KTH. Since the Europeans are so fond of exchange programs, one can spot a lot of Europeans at KTH, a handful of Indians, few from the USA, China, Australia, Africa, a handful from the south-east Asian countries. The point is, the mix is very healthy. You will end up making a lot of International friends just like I have now.

Especially if you happen to be a part of any student project team, like the KTH Formula Student team that I am in, then there is no one that can stop you from your international experience. It is quite interesting to know people, their culture and value systems. It is a very mind-blowing and eye-opening experience when you get over your stereotypes and begin to feel that togetherness. it is sometimes funny to pick up accents and more fun when you have this one friend in the gang who switches between accents when a storm like french girl walks by. ROFL!


Sweden is a cold country indeed but the people here are super warm and welcoming. It is true that Swedes are very difficult to gel with because of their shy nature, but once you have successfully broken the ice you would have made a friend for your life. I have some amazing Swedish friends here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found your true love of your life here. That would be interesting! 😀

Sweden is a country that focuses on its people. It is a social welfare model here that believes in a healthy and happy living standard. Sweden has strict rules against firearms and weapons. I have walked from the garage to my apartment at 3 AM when it was dark as a dungeon and it was super safe! You will feel very safe in Sweden!

There is so much nature around. The forests, pristine lakes, beaches, the lovely winter snow and shimmery summer sun,  Sweden is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries one can be in. Every season is a work of art by nature and will make you feel like you’re living in heaven. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, running! OMG! There is so much to do in Sweden!


So, now we’are talking. Let me be fair and Honest. Stockholm is a costly city and it is quite expensive to study here if you don’t have a scholarship. So it is very natural that we want to stay here a bit longer to gain some work experience and finish off that heck of a student loan that each of us has. The good news is, it’s very easy!  Of course with a bit of an effort.

Sweden has abundant job opportunities. There are start-ups sprouting everywhere and they want to hire talented people. If you are talented then it is not at all difficult to find your dream job in Sweden. No, Swedish language is not mandatory to know, but it helps. Why not learn a new language when you’re going to stay in this country for that many years? Finding a job in Sweden is all about networking. If you’re someone who can initiate a conversation at those job fairs and expos. Then,  fear not you’ll have a Job before you even start your Thesis.  Also, as a KTH student you will always have that edge over others. You don’t need to have A grades on all your paper to find a job btw. Companies will be willing to hire you even if you have few papers remaining and will also let you take a week or two off at work to give your exams. They are super chilled out and relaxed. Btw, there aren’t any strict VISA procedures to stay here, it’s quite easy if you’re a genuine student staying here for a valid reason. Also, no queue or lottery-like mess too 😉 It is pretty straightforward.

There are a couple of part-time jobs as well. As a Research assistant or teaching assistant at KTH, or as a food delivery person, or a customer assistant at Saravanaa Bhavan, there are many part-time jobs that you can do. All these jobs will pay you quite well actually. I know a lot of people who cover their total living expense and also travel around Europe by only using their part-time job salary. Also, traveling around Europe is so easy and less expensive. Therefore, A degree at KTH is an investment and not an expenditure. It will open the windows to a new and better world. So, don’t over think. You have got it in you to handle this 🙂

The above are the four big buckets I can think of to categorize my experience here at KTH. If I have missed something, do let me know in the comment section and we can discuss a bit about it for sure 🙂

Here are few more reasons why you should apply to KTH

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Some of the programmes might have an extended deadline to submit your documents. Please check that. So do apply within the two days now if you haven’t yet. I assure you that you will appreciate yourself for this decision you make today. 🙂

Good luck! Cheers!

Hoping to see you all at KTH this autumn! 🙂


Sindhu 🙂 <3

Winter Break Fun! – Ice Skating Experience!

Hey all Fellows!

Wish you all an amazing, fun-filled, ultra-productive and mega healthy 2018! This winter break has been so much fun with a lot of nice activities that I have been doing.

When the winter is here one thing every person residing in Sweden must try is the Ice Skating. Frozen ice skating rinks are there all around the city and one can rent the ice skates at an hourly price for the must to do fun sport. Today, am gonna share my ice skating experience with you all. 🙂

The most famous ice skating rink in the city, I think, is the one at Kungsträdgården, primarily for the reason that it has the fence. I will tell you why this is so so very important. When I stepped in the rink the first time, I was only falling. Yes! I did nothing except slipping down, over and over and OVER! Please don’t expect anything else. It is wise to mentally prepare yourself to fall. Perhaps layer up so that you have a bit of a cushion when you kiss the ice every now and then! And, the fence is the only hope. Your only lifesaver that you can hold on to, tight. Yet, you might still fall! Cause I did! ROFL.

I was perhaps the ultimate comedy of the rink that day. I had some random people helping me out and yet I was very determined to go head over heels, in the literal sense! 😆 Do you know how kids hold their parent’s hand on either side and go for a swing? I had people holding me exactly the same way and I swung too, hit the ice right away and laid flat! It was an eternal love I had for ice that day! OH MAN!😂

Now imagine ice and a terrified face!

My first time was an utter failure and I learned that ice skating wasn’t an easy thing to do. But I had so much fun and much more body aches the following days! 😛 So, when I got home, the grad school student in me asked me to watch some Youtube videos. Strangely and Gladly they helped me! I saw some tutorials and when I went the second time (Oh yes, I dared to do that! 😉 ) I started off by practicing the techniques mentioned in the videos and voila! I did manage to pull it off! 😀 I started with penguin walks and then made good progress.

TIP : Tighten your ice skates! It can be super difficult and your almost frozen fingers might hurt so badly while you try to tighten your skates’ lace in the rink. But, you must do it. If the skates are not tight enough on your feet then you’d fall!

Don’t you dare underestimate ice skating by seeing the little Swedish kids skating like a pro. These kids have been doing this for a while. The skill is probably in their blood…well. The key is to practice and to love the activity, which is the case with any new skill if you want to acquire. Trust me, Ice skating is so much fun!

After, managing to skate a bit, although I did fall down twice in my second time I decided to buy my own ice skates. It costs 70 SEK to rent the skates, and I managed to find a good deal for a pair of new ice skates at the Decathlon store for 250 SEK. And, this one is so much comfortable and easy to put on than the rented ones. So, if you think you might like ice skating then buying a new pair of skates is not a bad investment. Also, you can get good deals at Blocket for the second-hand ones. And, Most of the rinks are free if you have your own ice skates, which is awesome!

I had so much fun and am gonna go ice skating at least thrice a week till they close the rinks at the end of the winter. Apart from ice skating, skiing is something am eyeing next. I will write about it if I happen to try; which I think I would, mostly. If you haven’t tried ice skating yet, just go find a rink near you and yes, don’t forget to make sure it has the fence, it saves the life. 😀


Take care and happy skating!


PS : It helps if you have some experience roller skating! 😉



Stockholm’s Holiday Season

Hey Folks!

We are into December, the holiday mood has already kicked in. The snow is here, decorated Christmas trees and fairy lights around the city make the atmosphere so cozy. It is such a beautiful experience to walk around the city to experience the Christmas spirit.

An Instagram boomerang is perhaps something that shouldn’t be missed 😉

Every house in the neighborhood is lit with beautifully decorated trees. So cozy to look at!

Last week was both so deadly, so successful and extremely fascinating. The most terrible deadlines were met and I have certainly emerged as a better person. Too many reflections, realizations, and not to forget the learning I have got out of the past week. Immense! I think its only during such times, we learn about ourselves. And, now having dealt with crazy things, I feel super liberated. 🙂

Well, it has already started to snow in Stockholm. It was my first snow experience and trust me, it was magical! I truly felt like living in the world of Narnia! The white snow can instantly lift up the spirits and the cheerfulness has no bounds. Everyone becomes a kid when it snows. White snow in the dark winters with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm cinnamon bun is what is called ecstasy!

Here is my first snow experience!

Few of my snowman versions 😝 ☃️

Snowfall and KTH ♥️

View from my room  😇

But, there is more to this Holiday season than the white snow and the fairy lights…yup! Shopping! There is a sale in almost every shop. Brands like H&M have offers that force you to shop. It’s inevitable! Haha! There are Christmas bazaars cropping up here and there. No matter if you’re looking around to buy a Christmas present or to renovate your wardrobe, the season has a sale in every shop.  I started my holiday shopping with a mission to make my room cozy and ended up spending a little over the budget. 😀

Shopping spirit at city central

Sale! Sale! Sale!

This lovely setup to welcome the winter 🙂

 My Kinda shop! 

Christmas Godis! 🙂

Finally, that’s how cozy I made my room. a little Christmas tree, a beautiful star and some warm lights for the cozy winter 🙂

Wish you a cozy winter! God Jul !   ☃️ ❄️ 🎄

Did you see the Nobel prize ceremony? Stay tuned to hear about my experience at the Student’s Nobel NightCap party 🙂

KTH Formula Student – Design Presentation ’17-18

The big day is here and its tomorrow!

A new year, many new faces in the team and of course a new car too!

After a few months of many brainstorming sessions and an elaborate design process, finally, we, The KTH Formula Student team, are ready with the design of our upcoming car eV14! And, we will be presenting the design of our car to the world, tomorrow. So come meet us and be mind blown!


22 November 2017- 6 PM to 8 PM


Brinellvägen 28A, Undervisningshuset, våningsplan 2, KTH Campus

What to expect?

  • Learn about our car
  • You can also meet our car 🙂
  • Meet our partners
  • Meet our team
  • Meet our alumni
  • Enjoy some food!

Here is the link to our event page on facebook.

Making a new car every year is not an easy job to do and at the same time is the most fun thing a student can be involved in, definitely! We learn from our alumni, we learn from our mistakes and practical learning is the most valuable outcome of being a part of such an amazing student project. So, now that we have completed our design phase, it’s time to start our manufacturing process. It’s time to get our hands dirty to build the beast of a car that it will be, The eV14! The fastest, safest, most robust, rule-compliant and the smartest formula student car ever made!

Making the “Awesome Car” is our goal! And, no compromising on the awesome part. You’ll know when you see it 🙂

So, at the event, you can meet all of our subgroups within the team, like powertrain, electronics, machine design, vehicle dynamics and more. Talk to us, ask us questions and give us ideas. We learn from each other and we grow together!

Btw, We have a big announcement to make at the event. A huge step in the history of KTH Formula Student. An embarkment that will lead to a great achievement! Know more about it at the event, let me not break the surprise now.

So wear your snow boots and walk to Brinellvägen tomorrow, see you all at the presentation.


~Sindhu 🙂

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