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My Road to Sweden!!!

My exhilarating journey to KTH started six years back! Unbelievable, right? Yup, I feel that way myself! Six years ago, I met a friend at a one-month crash-course that I attended for my Bachelor’s entrance exam. Little did I know that meeting her would impact my life 6 years later. I added her on Facebook and that was all about it. I had absolutely no idea of doing a Master’s degree when I was in my bachelor’s. Four years later, I saw her status on my Facebook newsfeed about her KTH Master’s Challenge award, that’s when I got to know about KTH, about this scholarship and even about Sweden as a destination to do Master’s. That day onwards, I started googling about Sweden, about the city and KTH. Slowly along two years, I acquired a lot of knowledge about this wonderful place that seeded in me, the love for Scandinavia.

After working for two years, I decided to pursue Master’s degree. Studying abroad was a little too expensive dream for me. So, I was eyeing various scholarships and started preparing for them. KTH was my obvious choice, particularly for the reason that the Electric Power Engineering programme here is unique and flexible. It gives the freedom to explore different courses and the latitude to specialize in our area of interest. My experience as an employee in an industry taught me that any project is a conglomeration of ideas from multidisciplinary streams and the person with the knowledge beyond his specific domain can think and contribute broadly to the practicality of the project. This exact opportunity to widen your spectrum is the specialty of this programme. So, KTH Master’s Challenge seemed like that magical door to the heavens!

A series of quizzes, case study, motivational statement and an Interview to crack, I finally bagged the prize that gave me a complete tuition fee waiver to study the Master’s programme in Electric Power Engineering at KTH. Hard work finally paid off and an exciting journey began on that day that brought me here to Stockholm!

The friend I told you about in the beginning, well, we became great friends now. She was surprised to know where it all started. Indeed, life never fails to amaze us. I realize, how much important it is to talk to people and to make friends.

“Nothing happens in a vacuum in life: every action has a series of consequences, and sometimes it takes a long time to fully understand the consequences of our actions — Khaled Hosseini”

That’s my story behind the journey. Do you have one? You can share with me in the comment section 🙂

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