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KTH Master’s Challenge Grand Winners

KTH Master’s Challenge 2018 has finally come to a conclusion with the announcement of the prize winners for the four programmes listed on the competition. Three finalists were chosen in each programme and the winner was announced at the grand award ceremony held at Bangalore, India on the 25th of January. The winners get a complete tuition fee waiver to study at KTH. Also, an opportunity to intern at Formulate IP. The winner of the Engineering Design programme also gets a Scania sponsored stipend to cover the living expenses, worth approximately 1.5 million INR, as well as an internship at Scania.

Oscar Quevedo Teruel, KTH

The programme began with a short presentation by  Jairam Vijayakumar Sujaya, an official from the KTH International Relations Office. He briefly introduced the finalists to Sweden, KTH and the education system in general. Following which, I presented my experiences in this amazing city as a KTH student. This was followed by a very informative and inspiring presentation by Oscar Quevedo Teruel, director of the Master Programme in Electrophysics at KTH.

Stefan Palskog, Scania

The President at Scania Commercial Vehicles India Pvt Ltd, Stefan Palskog, a KTH alumnus, gave the finalists an exciting glimpse into the world of Scania. He spoke about KTH’s industry collaboration with Scania and about the industry in general. His presentation was truly motivating for me personally ’cause of the fact that Scania is a dream company for me, and for anybody who is into automotive. Neeraj Gupta, a KTH alumnus, the founder & CEO at Formulate IP, founder at Lawcubator, co-founder and angel investor at Excubator,  spoke to us about his journey through his KTH days to his vision to work as a professor at KTH. Neeraj is also the chairman of the KTH alumni chapter in India. It was very inspiring for me to meet him again this year and definitely mind-blowing to see his love for KTH. Following Neeraj, Arun Subramanian, a KTH alumnus who is also a consulting manager at Formulate IP shared with us his journey as a KTH student to a successful person in the Industry. It was indeed mega inspiring to listen to KTH alumnus being so very successful in their career and to know the difference KTH has made to them.

Neeraj Gupta, Formulate IP

Arun Subramanian, Formulate IP

Just like last year, the array of speeches by the invited guests and lunch prolonged the winner announcement moment making the finalists ever so nervous most of the time. It was, of course, a super emotional moment for the winners and the parents. I could exactly relive my moment from the last year’s ceremony, ever so special and ever so emotional indeed.

Well, now is the time to meet the winners,

  • Saransh Chhawchharia, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Electric Power Engineering programme
  • Satabdee Dash, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Engineering Design programme
  • Shipra Jain, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for Information & Network Engineering programme
  • Sivanand Devarakonda, Winner of KTH Master’s Challenge for THRUST programme

The Winners – Shipra, Saransh, Satabdee, Sivanand

It was a great experience for me to be a part of the event and be able to witness the award ceremony yet again this year, except for the fact that I was a nervous participant last year, while this year I represented KTH students at the ceremony. It was very nostalgic for me to see the nervous participants awaiting the results, the ultimate nerve-wracking winner announcement moment, the emotional joy of the winners, everything brought back the memories of the previous year. It was indeed very special for me to relive my moment again through this year’s winner and thank you KTH for giving me this opportunity 🙂

Some girl power going ! 😀

Let’s get into Selfie mode!

The finalists with the guests. Congratulations!

Stay tuned to know more about our winners 😀

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KTH Master’s Challenge 2018

The Big Challenge is back!!!!

This time not just in India but in Indonesia too!

Hello !!!!I

I sound excited? well, I am! KTH Master’s Challenge is back again this year and is every reason to be excited about! Powered by Sqore again and backed up by Industry partners like Scania, SAAB and Formulate IP. And yes, the competition invites participants from India and Indonesia!

So my fellow friends, if you’re planning to do master’s or if you know someone who is, HIT THE LINK or spread the word!

The wait is sure longer, the work is harder, but the fruit is definitely the sweetest!  All the other KTH applicants start their process by early January and fly to Sweden during August, almost  8 months! But, Master’s challenge contestants start their journey in early October, that’s like 3 extra months of the wait than the others! The awesome part is that you will receive your results in Jan, so you will have soooooooo much time to prepare to head north!

Anyway, Let’s talk about the competition…..

Competition details – India

Do you know that KMC is running for the FIFTH time in India? We have quite a history together 🙂

THE GRAND PRIZE: A Full Tuition Fee Waiver! 2,300,000 INR!*

The competition offers the opportunity to study a two-years Master’s degree in one of the four programmes below, on a complete tuition fee waiver!

Competition details – Indonesia

THE GRAND PRIZE: A Full Tuition Fee Waiver! 475 million IDR!*

And, Below are the two programmes that are in the contest.

Do you know that I am also a part of the KTH Formula Student Team? well, now you do! 😛 When I see these two programmes, I can feel a glowing bulb inside my head because

Machine Learning + Vehicle Engineering  = Super Cool Cars 😛

Of course, you need to add more engineering fields to the equation. But, this kinda sums up, don’t you think? I’ll tell you more about Formula Student in my coming posts, We are planning something AWESOME this year! so stay tuned for further really interesting updates 🙂

The competition process

Dates to remember

So, Why KTH?

I know as an engineer that nothing talks to us better than numbers. So here are the figures!

QS Ranking – 2018

  • #23 – Subject Ranking – Architecture
  • #26 – Engineering – Electrical and Electronics
  • #29 – Engineering and Technology
  • #39 – Engineering – Mechanical
  • #94 – Graduate Employability Ranking
  • #98 – World University ranking

Times Higher Education World University Rankings-2017

  • #36 – Engineering and Technology

US News Best Global University subject Rankings – 2017

  • #31 – Engineering

Don’t see your programme listed on the KTH Master’s Challenge? Worry not, we have a ton of other Scholarships for the deserving 🙂

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  5. Visby Programme Scholarships for students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine
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Also, visit this page for more scholarship details 🙂 Do hunt the web for organizations that give scholarships for students from developing countries or to those studying a particular academic stream. There are many women’s organizations that help fund your master’s degree. The web has it all 🙂

For more information, please visit the contest page – https://www.kthchallenge.com/

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You think you can handle some publicity in the campus? Read my previous post and comment the answer to feature on my blog!

Good Luck!!!


I will see ya soon, Bye 🙂

*approximate value, Cannot be exchanged for cash and non- transferable! The THRUST programme scholarship covers one year of tuition.