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Do Not Underestimate Stockholm’s Weather!


Sweden is known for its winter, snow and the cold, but know what, Sweden can be hot as well. Sweden, of course, is a country that has long coastlines since the geography extends quite a much latitude wise, which is why the country has a different climate in different parts- the southern cities are warmer and humid than the northern ones. But, this year, Sweden has broken several records. When Gothenburg hit 31.1C, it was the hottest May since 1911! Many cities like Vinga(26.7C) and Karlshamn(27C) saw the hottest days in 150 years! And, the temperatures across Sweden has been 10C hotter than it would normally be! Matter of serious concern!

Extreme Risk Of Forest Fires!

Several forest fires have already broken out in some parts of Sweden like Västmanland and Uppsala due to the dry weather. They have been controlled now. Many places like Stockholm, Gotland, and  Gothenburg have bans on lighting fires even for barbecues unless done at specially designated spots. It has to rain now! I am so badly looking forward to some showers from the sky. I don’t understand why some people hate rain! We need rain now…

Temperature in Stockholm

Here is a Screenshot from the Weather app on my phone. Yes, it’s 28C!

As someone coming from the Southern part of India, we might assume that this is not hot. This is perhaps like our winter days. No! It’s not! It is quite embarrassing to even exclaim-” OMG it’s burning today”. We are sometimes expected to feel this is pretty normal. But, that not the case. The sun here is kinda different. It is brighter, drier, and that makes it like an oven! You don’t sweat and so your body cannot cool itself. It is just HOT!


One of the silliest things I did was choosing to pack thicker clothes while packing my luggage for Sweden during last August – “Sweden is pretty cold, I need to pack warmer clothes”. How so wrong!

It was all quite fast. Once, the snow melted away, the spring was here and before I could even anticipate more heat, it was 25+ already and I was constantly baking in my warm clothes that I had to shell out some bucks at H&M to buy some summer wear. So, if you’re someone who is gonna be arriving at Stockholm this August, make sure to pack a few summer clothes or be ready to head to some summer shopping when the mercury peaks. I wonder what I would have done without this guy up there. This pretty fan was my lucky find at a free store in Lappis, last August. I am so glad I adopted him and he is keeping me so comfortable during these hot summer days. Trust me, I have awesome sleep these days! You should perhaps invest in a fan if you haven’t already and is not enjoying the heat like me. I never liked the Sun. This would sound so weird to the Swedes, they love it! Coming from a sun-blessed country, I haven’t hated anything more than the sun!

Maintaining My Cool

I am so glad to have a pace at Lappis. There is an awesome beach at a stone’s throw and the woods are right behind. A stroll in the woods or a dip in the cold waters is all you need to enjoy the summer. Of course, let’s not forget the barbecues and the never-ending summer parties. Btw, the sun will set at 10PM today and will be up by 4AM already. The 6 hours in between will not be pitch dark, btw! The sky will be kinda bit bright till  00.15AM and already bright by 2.30AM! How so contrasting from the winter days! Wow!

This picture was taken around 10.30PM last week. I was sitting by the beach and was trying to study. Beautiful, isn’t it? The golden sunset hour usually lasts for 1 or 2 hours in Stockholm during the summer. Perfect for photography!

So, keep yourself hydrated this summer. Enjoy the holidays and take care of the planet!

See ya!


Weird Stockholm Weather!

What just happened now?!

Just a couple of minutes ago, it was so bright sunny, I was soaking in all the shine and warmth but within few seconds, the sky turned dark and the snow was falling down like as if a snow dam broke open!

The weather in Stockholm is always a great topic to start a conversation with. If you wanna break the ice with someone, just talk about the weather. Everyone talks about the weather all the time here. That seems to be a favourite Fika topic to most of my friends. It’s so amazing how it can go from clear and sunny to blindingly snowy in a matter of seconds! So weird! So Interesting! So Stockholmy!

It’s not just the case during winters that the weather is simply unpredictable, even during the summer it would go from the clear sunny sky to dark rainy clouds in absolutely no time. One must always be prepared to be amazed by Stockholm weather all around the year!

And now, as I type, the snow is fading away and the sun is peeping out. LOL. I am all in for a hide and seek game, Mr. Sun! 🔆🌇🌥🌨🌥🌨❄☃ Have fun! Enjoy the Snow and the Sun!