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Wood you believe? Forests will produce more than lumber and paper

Your car, home and even your clothes could one day soon be outfitted with soft, squishy and shock-proof batteries that are made from — wait for it — trees. Researchers at KTH’s Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC) used wood-based nanocellulose for this latest breakthrough, which dramatically expands the storage capacity of batteries. “It is possible … Continue reading “Wood you believe? Forests will produce more than lumber and paper”

More deep tech startups needed

Is startup entrepreneurship in danger of losing technology depth? Maybe not, but some of the experts here at the World Founder Forum agree that there is a trending lack of research-connected business ideas. Or at least, they’re not getting the attention that the more low-tech ideas do. “More people are chasing the fast track … Continue reading “More deep tech startups needed”

If you love startups, join us on Monday

What if you put 100,000 dollars in start-up funds on the table and asked students to come up with a business case for it? Better yet, what if those students were picked from the top talent at the world’s leading universities, and got to develop their ideas through a year-long mentorship program under the guidance of some of the world’s most successful … Continue reading “If you love startups, join us on Monday”

Brain scientist studies herself after stroke

When she suffered a massive brain hemorrhage in 1996, Harvard-trained neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor became her own experimental subject. The mystical experience she describes as her brain’s language center “went offline” has become the subject of a best-selling book and one of the most watched TED Talks ever. On the Thursday webcast of Crosstalks, she … Continue reading “Brain scientist studies herself after stroke”

Sun, playlots and professor’s privilege

There are a lot of great reasons for working in Sweden, and the international researchers whom KTH is now recruiting globally will likely find even more. But here are some of my favorites. There are 13 assistant professorships open at KTH for international researchers. Moving to Stockholm to do research at KTH offers a lot of specific … Continue reading “Sun, playlots and professor’s privilege”