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A Chat With Flavourz!

Hey Folks!!

Whenever I see an Indian walking past me, we exchange smiles. Before I even realize, My mind goes zingy, it just happens, especially in the Metros or at the supermarkets. I am from southern India and the other person might be from far north, might speak a different language, but still, when I see an Indian, I’d feel like I have met my family. It’s very strange. I never felt that way in India. but now it all feels so different. You really start to feel the unity in diversity and realize the love for your people. Well, its such a pleasure anyway. Do you feel that way too? or is it just me?

Last month, we had this awesome opportunity to meet the Indian community at KTH, not just the present students but also the Alumni. An evening filled with fun and food was organized by Flavourz, the Indian International Student Group of KTH. It was an open BBQ and mingling session, a welcome party by the Indians for the Indians. Well, not just Indians, I came across many students from other nationalities who were perhaps drawn by the Indian Josh 😀


It was a wonderful opportunity to meet all these amazing people who were so willing to guide us and talk to us during our initial days here. And, that’s when I got to know more about the Flavourz group at KTH. They had been organizing so many events to connect us with the Indian community. Be it celebrating an Indian festival or a national day or just some Bollywood music with dinner, these guys are making us feel at home here 🙂

So today, Let’s have a chat with the Flavours team

Who are you guys?

We are an International student organization at KTH, that promotes and celebrates Indian culture at an international level. We organize cultural shows and festival celebrations all around the academic year. We aim to connect students with the Indian community at KTH and we work towards global cultural integration.

When did this all start and how has it been since then?

It was started in January 2016. The first event was Holi. And since then, the organization and the celebrations have just been growing! It was started with the aim of spreading culture across borders. It’s always fun to learn new cultures and traditions, and share it with students from all over the world! Since then we’ve been actively organizing events, like India Day, barbecues, lunch lectures and so on. So it’s been an amazing journey so far!

Tell us about the organizing team? 

We are six of us in the main core team who are mostly in the second year of Masters and this year we have an amazing set of new recruits from the first years. So now we are over 20 students in the team!

What are your future plans?

We plan to have a membership system, where anyone can become an official member of Flavourz, be updated with events, and can be as involved in the events as they like. We also plan to expand into other events as well! We have exciting plans for the upcoming year and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

Do you have anything coming up shortly?

Indeed! Right now, we are in the middle of planning one of our biggest events- ‘India Day’. All the participants are in for an evening filled with a cultural bonanza! There is dance, music, food and more! Be ready to be flooded by everything Indian!

Do you invite participants from other nationalities as well?

Of course! we’ll be so glad to have people from other nationalities 🙂

So, how do we participate in these events?

Easy! just sign up here! 😀

And, here are some pictures from the past events…


Well, that was all about our chat with them. They are all Interesting bunch of people and the pictures sure look exciting. Besides, there is free food too 😛 Can’t wait for all that fun!

I have signed up for the India day and Diwali celebrations. Have you? Hurry up before they get booked! Click here!

Do you wanna know more about Flavourz?

Do visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thinking of joining the team?  email them at

See you again soon!


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  1. Very good initiative to spread Indian culture and connect us together on special occasions.

    Thanks for being here 🙂

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