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Birthday with the DKV Crew…

So, the exam week is over and period two begins on Monday. As we all take the weekend to relax and get ourselves ready for the next period, I would like to share one of my first memorable events in Stockholm yet- MY BIRTHDAY!!

If you know me, you would know I love birthdays because, for one day in a year, everyone gets the chance to be celebrated and look back on the milestones they have reached while looking forward to the new experiences that the new year would bring. For me, it’s always a day for reflection and basking in the love of family and friends.

Such a memorable day for me fell into the third week of my Stockholm adventure (lol). It’s amazing how in a short time, I have met wonderful people who went all out to ensure I had a first Stockholm birthday to remember;)

My birthday felt like a three-day event! Started off with the fireworks event the night before; then the D-day was spent pretty well and then the day after had a barbecue night to wrap up the birthday spirit;)

So, I live with the nicest, most friendly, wonderful, amazing, (looking for more adjectives to qualify them). You would not believe we all did not know each other before KTH and they proved all the qualities listed above and more on this special day.

For me, the highlight of that night was how Swedish we became in one night. We had a plan for a barbecue but it started raining and I was considering cancelling it. No, these amazing people were ready for a barbecue regardless of the weather conditions and so, we waited for an hour and people started preparing what they could in the house instead; when it was clear that the rain wasn’t going to stop, we had our barbecue night under the rain!

You might be wondering why I said becoming Swedish in one night. We all know that the Swedish weather is mostly cold but it’s nice to watch that instead of people deciding to sit at home and keep warm, they go out and make the environment warm enough or wear clothes that can do just that and enjoy the moment regardless!

This is exactly what we did and the barbecue turned out to be like a buffet dinner for 15 and we were just 8 (lol). Below are some highlights from the night;)

Richard preparing a dish with chicken and green beans – came out really nice

Trying to get things settled and moving things from the house to the venue;)

So, the idea was the fire from the barbecue would keep us warm and as you can see, we were covered up to suit the cold rainy night! Did we enjoy it? Yes!! Good food, good music and nice conversation can never go wrong you know:)

So, I thought the dinner was the end and then we all go in and sleep but that was not the case.

This last video illustrates the last piece of the puzzle. With just one light on to set the mood right (my fascination with lights and their influence on scenery is seen here again), my amazing corridor mates got a semblance of cake and ended the birthday with me making a wish – I could not have asked for a better ending to a perfect night:)

Thank you, Andres, Lola, Alex, Yifru, Chandra, Sixuan, Richard and Albina! It was obvious to me the effort everyone put to make the day work which indeed turned out beautiful and I could not have asked for a better crew. (We actually forgot it was raining at some point) . Thank you, KTH for bringing this set of amazing people my way:) (Haha!)

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