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Did it actually SNOW today?

Hey Folks!!!!!

It’s been quite a busy week with exams. Now that exams are done, I feel super awesome!! Yesterday I had an amazing time at the Tentapub at Nymble, the student union house. An open dance floor is all you need to prep yourself for the new period. Haha!!

So, coming back to the topic. Did it actually snow today?!!! The white dust that was falling down was SNOW?

When I arrived in Stockholm, it was bright and sunny at 10 PM! yes 10 PM! It was a very strange experience for me, coming from southern India where the sun sets sharp by 6  all around the year. And, today the sun was almost down by 4.15 PM! The weather is changing every day and it’s getting colder..well like they say,…Winter is coming!!! But is winter arriving too early? LOL!

It was around 12.00 in the noon, I received a message in the Whatsapp Lappis group. Someone posted asking if it was actually snowing outside. And, when I looked out of my window, I did see really tiny flakes of white dust flying around. The cold October winds were gusting through the trees carrying the red and golden autumn leaves, and along with it, floated the white dust! ❄️

Not believing my eyes, I turned to my phone. The weather app cannot be wrong you see… and this is what I saw…

See the tiny snowflake? Looks like it was indeed snowing 🙂

I wouldn’t count this as my first snow. That’s when I can make a snowman and play with snowballs! You need to wait for that post! This is just October! Mild snowfall in October! It’s still crazy anyway

Quite contrasting to the afternoon, I saw an amazing sunset today. Well, I see every day, but today Dhruv had come to my place to click pictures. The perks of living on the fifth floor! My place has an amazing view of the city and my room is attracting visitors ’cause of that. LOL! Here are few pictures shot by Dhruv today 🙂

Yes! This was taken from my window!

The colours!!! God! I totally love my room and the view from here <3 🙂

The red Lappis buildings are gleaming brighter!

And did I tell you that it was also raining today? Rain, mild snow and a spectacular sunset! What more can I ask from this beautiful city?

Alright guys, its almost 5.30 now and I am going to catch some evening Fika, I have fallen for the coffee here!

From being lost in the smell of Indian curry to

falling for the aroma of cinnamon buns,

From relishing South Indian filter coffees to

enjoying Fikas every two hours,

Fom sunshine to snowfall,

From cheers to skål,

I have come a long way, indeed..

But the journey has only just begun…. 😛 🙂












Take care,

Sindhu 🙂 ❤️