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Let there be light!

As I mentioned in my last post, this week is the celebration of 100 years at the Stockholm Campus at KTH! There are different activities taking place this week at KTH and this post is focused on one of them. Keep reading to find out

So, on Tuesday evening, was the light show at the courtyard and I am beginning to think I have a fascination with how different types of light bring out the unseen beauty in seemingly mundane things. So, with this growing love for lights, going for this exhibition was one of the things I looked forward to this week.

The lighting installation was done by the international students from the master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design and the event started off with a presentation by these students at the KTH Entré and then we were guided by these students through the courtyard. You can still go this night to experience it live!


The students divided the courtyard into sections and worked separately in different groups and each group had their own theme but in the end going through the courtyard, you could sense the unison in all that they did. (Talk about collaboration without collaborating )

Without further ado, let the pictures do the talking!

People getting seated before the presentation begun at KTH Entré
Some Fika! (this was good!)



Let the presentations begin!

Recall I mentioned we went round after the presentations?


First stop: So we all stood at a vantage point and looked through a frame to make out “KTH” using the lights. So, this form of art as I learnt is called “Anamorphosis”. Anamorphosis is the art of creating a distorted projection that can be reconstituted as an image according to the viewer’s specific vantage point.

This brings me to the school of thought that we can understand the next person’s seemingly distorted idea if we look through those ideas from their own vantage point!

What do you see? I see KTH! #youmakeKTH

Second stop: Courtyard tower.

Did not take a picture going through this because I wanted to notice the difference. The idea is going through this path, you move through the past. The lights give you a sepia look-taking you back in time!
These were the lights used in the section described above
The Present!
Parabolic view of the courtyard
This is my stage!
A Master student explaining the concept of the lights
Playing with shadows! A Performer on her stage!
Who do you think he is looking at as he performs? hmmm
His audience! Spot the balcony effect!
When the photographer becomes the photographed! This is me!
The light responsible for the effects above

You can tell I spent so much time playing with shadows, so my next stop was the secret garden

The Secret garden full of light!

FINAL STOP: From the library to the courtyard – transition from white light to the RGB effect and after that step into the colourful scenery of the courtyard!

I had a good time and you could tell the students spent time thinking of the different ways to come up with various concepts to ensure the audience had a good experience.

Personally, I also liked the way they had a short feedback form for us to fill. It is always so good to receive feedback from people, that’s one of the ways we improve!