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Patacones with my Costa Rican Bestie!

Last evening, I had an amazing time with my friend from Costa Rica, Rebecca. She had invited Dhruv and me, for a dinner at her place to taste the most amazing Patacones.

I should probably now give a quick intro about Rebecca and Dhruv. Rebecca is one of the most energetic souls I have ever met. She is super-super cheerful and lively at all times, I wonder how?  and she has a marvelous sense of decorating room space, you will soon see what am talking about. Dhruv is a proud Gujju guy (Gujarati Indian), an amazing photographer, he was so kind to let me edit one of his photos for the cover picture of my blog. Yes, the glittery cover picture of our campus was originally taken by him and I edited it with all the twinkle to make it look like that. All of us study Electric Power Engineering and that’s how we know each other 🙂

Patacones is a very common dish in Costa Rica.  It is made with green plantains. The unripe or semi-ripe plantains are microwaved and pressed into sheets and then deep fried. Fried plantains are then seasoned with salt and served with layers of mashed beans with sauce (Frijoles molidos), guacamole, and salsa (Pico de gallo). We were very lucky to have gotten a chance to taste the authentic Patacones because Rebecca’s parents had parcelled her the bean paste and the sauce. Rebecca had even ordered the plantains online for us <3

So here are the pictures from yesterday…


Rebecca has an amazing ambiance at home. The twinky lights and aroma candles made the home feel super cozy and warm.

That’s Dhruv and Becca prepping the plantains for the oil bath 😛

We even shot a video!!! LOL!

[vsw id=”mlOXbl_Lfg0″ source=”youtube” width=”525″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]

Apparently, we dint resume video shooting after the commercial break 😛 we were quite held-up with cooking. Anyway, here is the rest of the story …

She is a perfectionist!! Look at how the table was arranged for us!!

A happy family!! We wanted to give Becca a taste of Indian Cuisine, so we had cooked few Rotis and gravy for her. Do you see that on the table?

And, that’s how you relish a Patacones. A simple, delicious, Costa Rican delight!

So the day ended with fun, laughter, food, and love. She has an extremely beautiful home to leave it messy, so we left her place after cleaning all the mess we made.

When we live in a new land, few thousand miles away from home, we often times crave for that warmth and love. With such lovely people around, it’s definitely a home away from home. I can’t wait to have Rebecca come to my place for an Indian dinner. Also, she is gonna be the interior decorator of my room. The transformation to a cozy room is in the making!

Want to know how we celebrated our Diwali, the festival of lights? stay tuned!


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  1. Thank you for your kindness and love to our daughter. To know she is happy and shares with friends, is very important to us. That’s really is “Home away from home!”

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