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What a Week!

Hej Peeps! What a hectic week just passed by (I know… it’s already Wednesday haha). Sorry for being a little disconnected, but we just passed-ish tentavecka (tenta = exam; vecka = week) here at KTH! Still, I managed myself to attend KTH’s 100 years anniversary, with a 50 hours long seminars marathon. It was just amazing hearing and watching streaming live to all these researchers and their investigations, presented at the “Dome of Visions”.

One of the seminars that I liked the most and that talked about “new technologies being able to really solve climate change”, was presented by Professor Hans Lööf. He talked about our dependence on fossil fuels and how a radical change is needed for us to keep thriving without compromising our environment. Moreover, he made emphasis about a drastic change is needed to stop adding pressure to this system and that could lead us to really bad consequences that will jeopardize our development. What do you think? Do you think we will keep ourselves within the boundary and not increasing climate’s temperature more than 2º Celsius? Are we ever going to be fossil fuels independent? #FoodForThought #CommentAndGiveYourOpinion

Another amazing seminar that I was able to attend (and that was right after Lööf’s), was the one presented by the part-time teacher and researcher Mikael Karlsson. He talked about sustainable decision-making and public policy. Some interest point that he made during his seminar, was about how world leaders have been able to tackle one of many sustainable problems in our world, ozone depletion. After the Montreal Protocol came into action in 1989, agreement proving that chemicals such as CFCs contributed to the hole forming in our ozone layer, human kind (or better to say policy makers) haven’t been able to have a quick response to mitigate other environmental boundaries being trespassed (e.g. ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, water pollution, etc). Mikael here let us all clear that coordination towards sustainable decision-making is a key to environmental protection.

But well, the week and celebrations had to come to an end. Still, KTH will be soon posting all the video streamed live on its YouTube Channel! Be sure you have followed them for you to enjoy all the seminars no matter where you are!

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