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A Day in Oslo!

Last month, my friend Nishita and I, decided to visit Oslo for a day. Yes, Just a day! Crazy, I know! So its one country ticked on the list and it didn’t even cost us much nor did it consume our time. How convenient it is to travel within Europe! 😀

While a road trip to Norway is something everybody talks about, we decided to take the Flixbus :P. It cost us just 200 SEK for travel. To be precise, 99 for one way ticket. Keeping an eye on the ticket prices and booking it well ahead is the trick!

With just a day in hand, we didn’t actually do much planning on what to do in Oslo. On reaching the bus terminal, we headed straight to the Oslo visitor centre which is basically an information centre for tourists.

Typically, one can choose between the two ways of going about with this whole tour thing, especially if you have got just one day like us 😛

  1. You note down all the places you’d like to visit, given the time you have and the time you’d spend in each place, plus the time to travel, and you can buy tickets for those places alone. ‘Course you need to buy your travel tickets.


2. Buy a one day Oslo pass- 315 Norwegian kroner including the student discount

We chose to go with the Oslo day pass. When we did the math, it made sense to buy a day pass because that cost us way lesser and it also includes the travel cost. It covers public transport for 24 hours and also includes free ferries to the museums. The pass covers the entry fee to most of the museums and many other tourist attractions, like the city hall, Akershus castle etc. Apart from these, the day pass covers many sightseeing tours, walking tours, and also gives you crazy discounts on shopping and dining.

So with a day pass and a map, we were all set to explore Oslo!!!

Boats, Ships, and Vikings would kinda summarise our trip to Oslo I guess. Oslo is flooded with rich Viking history that takes us back in time to a whole new interesting and intriguing Norwegian world.

Here are some pictures from Norsk Folkemuseum



The Kon-Tiki museum and the Viking Ship museum were my personal favorite.  The Kon – Tiki expedition was a journey by a raft made of Balsa tree trunk, across the Pacific ocean. The expedition was led by the Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl. The entire story of this expedition blows my mind, and I highly recommend you to at least read about it. The documentary film based on this voyage won the academy award in 1951 for the best documentary feature. So, you know what I mean.

I guess this post is getting longer, now. There is so much more we did in a day, stay tuned for the next post. Get ready to be mind-blown by the Vikings of Norway 😀


See you soon 🙂

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  1. Nicely put! Have fun dear. There is also an other movie “Ragnarok” about a Norwegian archaeologist uncovering mysterious runes describing Ragnarok, the Viking legend of the end of the world.

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