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Chasing Deadlines!

Hey folks!

Lately, I have been so held up with deadlines. There is something or the other to complete every week. And, this week has been very criminal with a submission tonight, one tomorrow, another on Monday and an exam on Tuesday.  I know you feel me, thank you! I am trying hard to hold it all together.

If I could define my life right now in two words, then “Chasing deadlines” will be it. LOL! I was telling about this to my friend and he asked me to think it as “Timeliness” rather than “deadlines”. Well, am trying to. I will be in a really peaceful state if I successfully sail through this week and the coming one. Haha!

But, let me stop complaining and try reflecting the positive side of all this. Having deadlines every week actually keeps you focussed and in constant touch with the subject. You are forced to learn and keep up with the pace of the lectures to solve the assignments and projects. And, these assignments and projects are not easy. Trust me! They demand a very deep understanding of your topic. One needs to imbibe the concepts in a very insightful way to get a good grade; forget the good grade, just to pass, you need to know it very deeply. And, that’s what we expect out of our master’s studies. And, that’s exactly why we are at KTH and that’s typically what you gain at the end of these deadlines.

Although, after completing one deadline, I know that I am gonna be flooded with a pile of other deadlines, I learn and I grow, and I feel very satisfied. It is a very fulfilling experience to successfully complete a project and the realization that you have learned so much and also implemented all that you have learned is everything you need in life at this point. It is a pure ecstasy so to say.

So if you’re in a state just like me, chasing deadlines :P, then please don’t be stressed. Take a break every now and then, hang out with friends. A good friend of mine told me,” Excessive work demands excessive fun”. So true!

So, cheer up! have fun! charge up and work hard! Don’t forget your vitamin D pills. I think it solves most of the problems. We’ll talk more about it soon 🙂


~Sindhu <3