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It’s Magic in the Sky!

A magical fairy prince lives up in the heavens and he fell in love with the kindest and the sweetest girl on earth. Watching her from the sky was not enough and one day he decides to fly down to meet her. Every time the prince flew in the sky, his green fairy dust would light up the sky. Gleaming and magical!

Little did the girl know that the sky was lit for her. She watched the lights in awe, “what is this magic in the sky?!”, she thought to herself. Now the fairy prince spots this girl with wonder eyes and his fairy dust turns red, lighting up the dark yonder. With sparkling green and red fairy dust, the prince danced all over the sky. So beautiful, so romantic and so enchanting….

Hey Folks, I’m talking about the northern lights here! A story I completely made up! The lights are so magical that  I had a million fantasy stories in my mind while seeing the charm. Perhaps, “At the end of the northern lights, there is a chest full of treasures :D”, Ah! that’s the rainbow, right? Anyway, I’m stunned!

Last week there was an amazing show of Northern Lights in the sky. It was around 11.30ish when my friends called me up and asked me to go to the Lappis beach. I had my Lab the next day and I was super lazy to go. But, when I opened my room door to see if there was anyone else going. I saw the doors of my entire corridor banging open! So much so that one guy already caught the lights in his mobile camera from his room! yes, his room! Am not even kidding! And, I knew that I cannot be missing this night. So I put my jacket on and headed straight to the beach.

Oh, My! Oh, My! What a show that was. The green lights took over the sky. There is nothing more magical than this! Right when I was wishing for a red version, the sky turned green and red, a magical celestial dance!

A dance you would wanna watch all your life!

A thousand births wouldn’t suffice!

A dance that will make you question everything

about the universe and our existence!

A dance that’s pure magic and brilliance!

A dance that will blow your mind and soul!

A dance that will make you respect the nature even more!

A dance that will make you realize how blessed you’re

to be standing there and watching it,

how blessed you’re to have this beautiful world,

and will give you the realization that

It’s your duty to preserve the nature that we have.

It’s everything and the only thing you wanna see in this life!

Oh man! Just come here to Sweden to watch the Northern Lights!

It was truly MAGICAL! I’m so grateful for living this life and being here in Sweden. A true blessing! 🙂

I was even able to click some pictures from my mobile phone. LOL. For once my phone proved its worth! Haha! Sometimes, I do feel the need to own a DSLR camera, to click those special moments. I hope I’ll be able to buy one soon 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures, I hope they’ll make you feel the magic in the sky!

These are from my phone’s camera…

I know right, it just kept getting better! Now, this is one thing ticked off from the bucket list. But hey, I am traveling north to feel more of the magic!

And here is a DSLR picture captured by Dhruv Bhatt…

So, Keep an eye on the Kp index and you can drop by at Lappis beach for a spectacular aurora treat!

Have fun! Enjoy Life! Don’t forget to appreciate it!

Sindhu 🙂 <3

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