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Brace yourselves; winter is coming!

The title of this post was the exact set of words that came out of my lips when I stepped out of my apartment on Monday –  “Winter is coming!” So, before now, we have had two different occasions of snowfall but not enough for most cameras to capture except in videos.

This week it snowed from Monday to Wednesday at KTH. Personally, I prefer when it snows than when it does not so you would know I had a pleasant week with the weather in those days:) The pictures below would show you more than I can explain of the beauty that lies in November as we embrace November 🙂

Apartment view -Monday morning
Monday morning – picture from the “early risers”

Then, the best part of my day was the snowball fight in the night! It was short but we laughed so hard and enjoyed every second of it:)

Tuesday welcomed us with this beauty:

Tuesday morning – view from my apartment window

Albina and I could not help it but take pictures as we stepped out on Tuesday morning. I had no idea that it was still snowing in the first place (before Monday ended, some places were already back to normal); so you can imagine my shock stepping out and seeing everywhere painted white.


View from Nymble

Pictures of  Syster & Bror on Wednesday:

On Wednesday, the snow started melting as observed above.

Remember, winter is coming! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Brace yourselves and prepare to have fun:)