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Meeting deadlines!

Hey guys!

So, these past weeks has been knee deep busy! I had this major project that made all students in my programme meet endlessly!  Apart from these, we had other deadlines to keep up with in other courses. At some point, it was not clear if I was the one chasing the deadlines or they were the ones chasing me (Haha!)

So, this week, we finally defended this major project and also, had my last presentation for one of my seminar courses!

Ever had that feeling of relief when you finally accomplish a given task well? That’s exactly how we all felt. So, I am finally done with all major deadlines for the year!

In the end, I realised that the joy is not just that we met all deadlines but that we used the process to learn; learning not only technical skills or the topics presented by the courses but also, soft skills such as time management,  project management, teamwork, team building to mention a few. Also, looking back I can tell you I enjoyed the fun moments working with my different team members.

Finally, as I start preparing for upcoming quizzes and exams, I can smile and like the first picture in this post – raise my hands together with all the students in my programme having a sense of achievement of deadlines done and dusted!