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A Walk to Remember….

Hi there! Good morning!

This is such an early morning post. I don’t remember if I have written one this early in the day. Well well, this is not about the movie “A walk to remember”, this is indeed a walk to remember. And, yes, I love that movie, do you?

Today, I kinda woke up with a desire to take a stroll around. The weather is pretty good, negative 7 degrees so to say. Lots of snow, shining sun, and a negative temperature means a really nice weather to me. Swedes hate the cold and the darkness, well, I do agree with the darkness part now. But, that’s something to discuss in another post. I love the cold, it’s beautifully cold. The impeccable tranquility in this pristine coldness is something only Sweden can offer. So, I just started my day with a little walk down to the Lappis beach and man o’ man!

The fresh snow greeted me right when I stepped out from my apartment. It’s just so much fun to experience winter here. Snow makes it just too wonderful. Snow is a must-feel experience to every human I guess. 

I walked passing the woods that are behind Lappis and then down to the beach… And, this is the view that was waiting for me. A spectacular morning sun, a tiny little snowman that was created by a random stranger to make my morning so amazing. The entire beach was frozen, still solidly frozen! Nature always amazes me, Nature makes me feel so complete, so peaceful, I feel so alive when am with nature. I am sure everyone feels that.

It’s sometimes so hard for me to believe that this is my life and am indeed living it. It feels like a dream or a dream inside a dream. Like living an eternal wish. I would be so happy and content in life if I lived all my life doing the thing I love, living in a countryside, being one with nature, a tiny garage, and some circuits to meddle with would totally make my life complete. I don’t wish for wealth or luxury; some love, family and loads of nature is just enough 🙂
  Below is the picture of the beach a week before, when it was almost frozen. 

And, finally, the happy morning me! 😀

Ah! How would it be if life was just so beautifully frozen in time just like this beach? Ironically, it was only my phone that froze to death! 😂🤦

Does anyone else face this issue with iPhones? My little thing of a phone freezes all the time when the temperature goes below zero.🤷🤳 I am glad I took those pictures and video called my mom to show around 🙂

It is so nice to wake up early and to begin the day like this. A cold start to a day is not all that bad after all 😉 if you know what I mean 😛

Have fun! Love nature, Love our planet, keep it clean and go green! It’s our responsibility to preserve this beautiful and lovely earth 🙂 Wish you an awesome day ahead 😀

See ya!


2 thoughts on “A Walk to Remember….”

  1. wow Sweden is cold cold cold indeed! i guess keep your phone nearer to your body so the body heat would help but its not advisable though(*phone radiation, even though its got teeny effect*!

    1. Hi Meghana! You’re a regular reader of my blog, aren’t you? <3 Sweden is cold for sure, but its the nice kinda cold 😛 I had been rubbing my phone to warm it up, planning to knit a sweater for it soon. LOL!

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