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International Women’s Day (Part 1)

March 8th is International Women’s Day and everywhere in the world, events are organised all with the aim of celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women.


There were different events held in Stockholm to commemorate this day. In this post and in its sequel, I would only focus on the ones I attended. For me, the celebration started on the 7th of March.  As a member of ” Women in Tech “, I had an invite to the conference being held on the 8th. However, thanks to the membership, I heard about an event organised by EY to give insight to what they do and plans for the coming years. Also, since the conference tickets were sold out in two minutes, it was an opportunity for those who could not get the tickets for the main conference to network and mingle with other women in the tech industry.

The event was divided into two sessions: The first one was a presentation to give insight into the organisation’s framework.This session was very insightful. Imagine a room filled with women; asking tech questions! (haha)

The second session, MINGLE!!! I met amazing people during this period, who have done amazing things and are still at it. The wrap was good too:) Also, I think I might have had a whole bowl of chocolates(haha!)

Remember, this was just a warm-up session! What did I do on the D-day? My next post will tell:)