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Laughter is the best medicine..

Have you ever made a mistake that on all fronts can be termed  stupid and then just laugh at yourself? Do you feel better after laughing? Just in case you do not laugh at yourself, I can assure you that instead of becoming angry and criticizing yourself of how well you could have done better, laugh instead and watch your mood change:)

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Let’s go back to my first week in Stockholm. I decided to go grocery shopping and then just asked my flatmate for options. Thanks to his direction and google maps, I got there with no problems at all (this was my first time using Stockholm’s public transportation system)

When I was done shopping, I realised I was clueless on how to get back to the apartment- with five bus stations about 2 minutes walk from each other, I had to figure out which one would “bus61” stop. I did walk to three! Finally, gave up and asked questions.  When I finally found the right bus station to stand at, I laughed at myself for being “very blind”. Good thing is, I learnt  how to read those papers posted at the bus stands in that short period 🙂

Another one of those days, I really cannot remember where I was coming back from and then in a hurry not to miss the train, guess who got into the wrong train? Oluchi Monwe! (X_X) The worse part of this journey is I really was believing that google map was wrong and I was right!

I was not in a hurry to anywhere in particular (just heading home) so I did not stand up till the train got to the final station!  The truth is at some point in that long train ride,  I knew I was already lost but I was laughing hard at myself knowing I still have not figured how I got in the mess in the first place. When the train finally stopped at the last station, I spoke to the driver and… I was supposed to get on train 14, I did get on train 14 but I was going in the opposite direction and the right train 14 was on the other side .(X_x)

So, all these happened with the firsts, but guess what happened to me some days back? Another interesting fix. So, I was going to some new place and trusting my confidant in such unknown areas (google maps), I knew I was supposed to get on bus 4. For some unknown reason, I did not check whether the maps meant bus 4 on the left side of the street or on the right side of the street. The next sensible thing I would have done was to read the papers and know my stop or just check google and pay attention to details of the bus stations. However,  over confidence stole the show!

You know how this ends right? Wrong bus obviously! Now in this case, I should have been so pissed at myself because taking that one wrong bus made me thirty minutes late for a meeting! However, I could only do one thing- LAUGH AT MYSELF. I was happy that I figured out on time actually because I would have missed the meeting altogether. However, I ended up missing “fika”

So what is my point exactly…

Moving to a new place, expect to take some wrong turns on some streets, miss the right mode of transportation, and many others. Do not beat yourself just laugh it away and learn from the mistakes. In the meantime in your “lost but found journey”, enjoy the scenery; you never know what you might find 🙂