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The Stockholm “they” described…

I write this post with so much excitement! This is because I finally get the opportunity to share with you what has been on my mind all through last week! You might wonder, last week? Why did you not inform us in real time then? I am sure you would guess right if you try *inserts drumroll* CHASING DEADLINES!!

For the first time in a long while, I have no deadlines lying ahead of me in the space of one month! On Monday, we submitted the last project deliverable for this period. This actually translates to the fact that exam times are almost upon us! (the exciting roller coaster life! haha!)

Before arriving at KTH, this was the idea of Stockholm painted to me for winter.

However, we didn’t even have a white Christmas for Stockholm. This post here is not focused on my total winter experience but just on the one week that looked more like the Stockholm described to me back home in Nigeria. Guess what? I was not even dressed like the people in that picture! 😀

My last post was about my coldest day yet. However, what the post failed to say was that Stockholm’s weather as unpredictable as it can be was back to -7 later in the day with the scenery looking this good!

Blue skies 🙂

I woke up on Tuesday morning to what would be the recorded as the coldest day (leading to the coldest week) in Stockholm for 2018 (Temperature ranging from -20 to -26). From what I hear, January and February are the coldest months in Sweden and this proves that.

walking down Brinellvagen from the M building (KTH)

Personally, I like the way the snow reflects to the skies and makes everywhere brighter than we usually would have. Also, the cold temperatures did not stop us from going about our daily activities as you can see below:) Most of the lakes are completely frozen now. I am still yet to walk on water but guess who plans to do this right after exams? Me!!

Going to KTH – Tuesday morning
SEE Student Council 🙂

Once Sweden truly moves from the winter period, I would share tips on how I survived, coming from a warmer region (wait for it in anticipation 😉 )

6 thoughts on “The Stockholm “they” described…”

  1. there’s a ghost at 36 seconds into the video beside the sign post. otherwise nice capture of the winter

  2. Hi OLuchi please do me this favour to tell me how you survived the winter becos i want also join you there for Studies…..

    1. Hi Douglas, I am glad you are interested in studying at KTH. For the weather, in my opinion, a good pair of shoes and jacket are all that you need. I would give a detailed post on this to elaborate more:)

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