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Swedish Resident Permit


I have been quite off the grid lately and now its time to blog. Today, I will be discussing the Swedish Resident Permit for studying in Sweden. So, if you’re a new admit at KTH, you might find this blog useful.

Who needs a resident permit?

The Swedish Migration Agency – Migrationsverket is responsible for processing and granting the Resident permit. You will need a resident permit,

  1. If you’re not a citizen of EU countries.
  2. If you’re planning to study in Sweden for more than three months.

In case your study period is for less than three months and you don’t belong to the EU countries, you will still need an entry visa to enter Sweden. Most importantly and obviously, your resident permit or VISA must be in place before you travel. It must be valid even during the time you board your flight. So book your flight accordingly.

Are you an EU citizen? Click here. 

When should you apply?

The process takes about 1 – 3 months depending on whether you have submitted everything correctly. If you haven’t the migration agency will email you for further details and this will add more time. So its better to apply around May, if you plan to travel in August, which I guess would be the case. This is how the process looks like as given by Migrationsverket.

Things you need!

The requirements for online application as stated by the Swedish Migration Agency is here.

Well, the general requirements are

  1. You must have gotten a full-time admission at any Swedish university. Letter of acceptance can be downloaded from the university admissions portal.
  2. You must have paid the tuition fee
  3. Bank statements showing required funding
  4. Scholarship letter if you have been awarded any
  5. Passport copy to show your identity

We’ll talk more about the application process and enclosures soon.

Things to do:

Applying for an international visa or resident permit is usually a lot of paperwork and that can be a daunting process but getting the Swedish resident permit is quite simple and straightforward. There is a very clear process and if one follows it, there shouldn’t be any difficulty.

The first thing to do is to get all the documents preferably in a pdf format. Make sure the quality isn’t too low or too high, “lagom” as they say it. Second thing is to start the process by creating your account. Once you have created your account, Migrationsverket will send you the login credentials to your email.

I have tried to follow a sample process for the blog. I have attached the screenshots so you can understand better. 🙂

I guess the audience for this blog would be the first-timers since I am assuming that those extending would already know the process. So you start by creating a “New Application”.

Next, you would be asked to choose the nearest embassy. The Indians have Swedish embassy in New Delhi. The other embassies do not have the facility to take the bio-metrics. So, it is always the one at the capital. 

Later, it is about filling in your travel details as shown below. You need to have a valid passport during your entire study period. If yours is about to expire or is at a different address, do all the necessary work to get the Passport ready. I had to change my address before applying for my RP. 

Now, this is the important step. You need to mention your application number and add that reference here for the Migrationsverket to access your admission information.

Also, if you are doubtful about anything during the application process, don’t forget to click on the links on the side panel. Like below. They have great help points all along the way.

For those bringing their spouses, parents or children along, can give “Yes” for the co-applicant section and follow the process. For the rest, it is a “No”

Now comes the most confusing part for many which is actually quite the simplest. I have a sample screenshot attached here to help you understand. If you are self-funding, then your funding must be in your bank account. Showing a loan letter will not be accepted. You must have the loan amount disbursed to your account in case you’re taking out a loan. So the amount column is where you mention the amount in your bank statement and the currency is where you specify your country’s currency. The Rate will change every day, so you can use the link given right there to get the recent conversion rate on that day. The total amount must be equal to or greater than the required funding you must have during your study period. You can usually apply for an RP for 12 months or 13 months. I applied for 13 months. You need to extend it later on depending on how long you intend to stay in Sweden. Here is something from the Migrationsverket…

When you apply for a residence permit you must be able to show that you possess sufficient funds to pay your living expenses during the period for which you are applying. You do this with your own bank savings, scholarship, etc. If you have bank savings you must enclose a bank statement which shows that you have money available in an account or accounts that belong to you. If you have received a scholarship you must enclose documents to prove this. Both the scholarship letter and the payment plan for the scholarship should be enclosed.

It is important that any document enclosed to show that you possess sufficient funds for the application period shows your name and date of issue. It is also preferable that the document is either in English or in Swedish to facilitate the process of your application.

We do not accept that a sponsor (for example a relative) covers your support while you are in Sweden, unless the funds are lodged in your own account. It cannot be considered as your own assets if you share the account with, for example, your parents or a relative.

The support requirement is at present a minimum of SEK 8,190 per month. If you apply for one year or more you must show that you can support yourself for 10 months per year. As I mentioned earlier, this is the part where you need to attach all the documents. It is pretty straightforward.

The final step would be to save the submit your application. Make note of the control number which is something you will need throughout the process. 

Once, the application is submitted you will receive an email regarding your application fee payment. The application fee is 1000 SEK for an adult and 500 SEK for children. You can read more about fee payment here.

Checking your decision

You will receive an email once your case has been settled also you can see your status here. And you need to schedule a visit to the embassy to give your biometrics. Once you have submitted your biometrics, it takes about 3 weeks for you to receive your resident permit card. So, all together, it is safe to do the finish the process at the earliest.


Once the decision is made, the next simple process is to visit the embassy to give your fingerprints and photograph. You can follow the process as stated here. Here is an excerpt…

Biometrics can only be submitted at the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi.

Applicants need to visit the Embassy in New Delhi at some point when applying in order to submit biometrics for the residence permit card. This visit can take place anytime during the application process (bring the passport registered in the application for identification).

Once the case has been settled by the Migration Agency and the applicant has submitted biometrics, it normally takes three to four weeks for the card to be sent to the Embassy.

The residence permit card can be couriered to an address of your choice for a courier charge of 500 INR to be paid by bank card or bank draft in favour of Embassy of Sweden (visa), New Delhi at the Embassy (non-applicable to areas that are non-serviceable to Blue Dart). In other cases, the card needs to be collected at the Embassy or a consulate.

No prior appointment for biometrics is needed – visit the Embassy during the Visa section´s opening hours Monday, Thursday, Friday 9-11 and Tuesday 14-16

So, that is all about it. You’re done with the entire process. Relax and start packing your bags. Your Resident permit is on its way.

Hope that helped.

See ya!

6 thoughts on “Swedish Resident Permit”

  1. Hi,
    I have just applied for the Residence Permit ( 2 days back ) . When should I go for the biometrics? Before I get the decision from the migration or should I wait for their decision?

    1. Hi, you can go once you have received an email saying that your case is registered. You needn’t wait till you get the decision.

  2. Hello sindhuja,
    You mentioned that you had to change your address in your passport before applying for a resident permit. My passport address has my UG college address and I have to put my home address for contact information on the embassy website. Will that be a problem? Is it a serious issue?

    1. I am not sure how serious this is. But I was told that the address in your passport could be the one that is contacted in case of emergencies. I didn’t wanna risk it. Since, it is important that the communication should reach the right address especially when I am living away from home and alone. For example, loss of passport.

  3. Hello Sindhuja,

    Should the online application for the residence permit be submitted only after May 1st? I was not aware of this and applied a few days before. Any help on what can be done?

    Hi Akshaya!

    You can apply right after paying your tuition fee. You will be contacted by the Migrationsverket in case further clarification be required.


  4. Hi Sindhuja,

    I have already completed my masters in sweden and i have degree along with me. I would like to come back to sweden again for finding a job. Could you please

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