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The Spring is here!


The spring is here in Sweden and everything is just so beautiful around. The cold and the snow are finally gone and its often raining these days. The Swedes seem to hate the rain. Ah! who would like it when it gets colder, cloudy and rainy, well, I do! I love rain, I always have loved rain. Anway, the spring is sure precious. There are flowers blooming all around and the ground is getting greener and greener with every passing day. I have sowed some flowering seeds at home, can’t wait for them to start blooming. So, I have been spending some time with myself while socking in the beauty of Stockholm in springtime. Here are few pictures.

This is my favorite spot in “Albano”, there is a running track here but I often go sit there for an hour or two starring at the blue canopy, listening to the lullabies of the birds as I drift to a state of stance enjoying the scenery around me. These places are best enjoyed alone, or maybe your date, but make sure to stay calm and to breathe in the peace.

The best part of this time of the year is perhaps the cherry blossoms. Oh my god! they are so beautiful. Last weekend, I went to the Japanese International Festival. The music and the flowers with so many people around was simply an amazing vibe. This is truly a piece of heaven on earth, such a lovely place!


Isn’t it just amazing to see elderly people dancing and having fun? I loved this! Sweden is definitely a must-visit place during every season!

Happy Spring!