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KTH Formula Students @ Silverstone Circuit!

Hello, World!

Joining the KTH Formula Student team was one of the best decisions in my life. An opportunity to not only do what I love but an amazing chance to learn and grow with highly intellectual and experienced people in the team, also with guidance from many amazing industry experts. Not an opportunity one can get everyday for sure!

It’s been almost one year with this team. One year of working hard for that amazing week at the competition. And, now here we are back from the Formula Student competition, held at the Silverstone racing track in Northamptonshire, London.

Due to several reasons I was not able to go to the competition but I made sure that I stayed with the team as much as possible in the last few weeks to do my best before the car leaves Stockholm. Hopefully, I did my best.

The competition is always a great atmosphere. A challenging scrutineering process, last minute works to do to clear every scrutineering is definitely an intense environment, with a lot of pressure and a lot of learning.

This time, we had an unfortunate issue with closing our airs and we didn’t manage to go through the scruniteering process to run our car on tracks but we did surely end up having a great event. Read on to find out more…

Scrutineering process
Team working on the car

We Won Two Awards

That’s right. We managed to bag two awards – Mercedes-AMG HPP Best High Voltage Powertrain Implementation and the Fastest Egress! After all, this is an engineering competition. It is of course a great feeling to have been recognized for our engineering caliber and our efforts that went in. And, our powertrain is indeed an amazing implementation. Especially, the battery pack! Work of excellence by the team, I must say.  Winning awards does feel very good, isn’t it? So we’re are highly motivated to bag more in the next season.

Alex Magnusson holding our award for Mercedes-AMG HPP Best High Voltage Powertrain Implementation
Erik Nilsson with the Fastest Egress award

Our Project Manager’s words in BBC

In an article by BBC, the  words of our project manager, Gustaf Aurelius, got featured. Isn’ t that amazing?

Gustaf Aurelius, part of the team from KTH University, Stockholm in Sweden said engineering has always been important, but its value as a career should be sold for the pleasure of the job, rather than the money.

“We’re more for the enjoyment of the engineering work – and I’ve really noticed since I’ve been here over the last few days that if you love what you’re doing it’s not a job,” he says.

Do you want to know how it was to be at silverstone? Here is a sneak peek.

To Sum It

It was a great season at Silverstone. And, the team has gotten an amazing opportunity to experience real engineering, to experience the intensity of the event, to experience how excellent other teams are and an opportunity to realize how much we have to go ahead and how we could achieve that. 

I have heard our alumni telling me that the event makes a huge difference to the team and the event teaches one a lot. It is sad that I was not able to make it this time. But hey, there is always a next time and I am just around. This team has become my family and nothing feels more comfortable than this garage. So, am not staying out of this team anytime soon.

For The Next Season

There has been tremendous learning this season. We have figured out the areas we need to focus and improve, the areas where we need to deploy more resources, the ways we could plan our days better. We have learned a lot to basically improve for the next season. And, it is imperative we put them all to practice to take forward the legacy of this team and to create new and better histories.

We are already talking about the next season. We are also having a revised work methodology for the coming year, to be able to work effectively and efficiently. More importantly, to have more fun!

Put that suit on and gear up! -Saman Fanni

A lot of discussions have gone in to revise our vision, mission and core values of the team. It is definitely not an easy task to achieve the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves next year. And that’s why we need core values that will drive us towards where we want to go and where we want to see this team. And, that’s why we are looking forward to hire more motivated people the coming year.


We will have an extensive hiring process this year coupled with an excellent and thorough knowledge transfer sessions. We have planned a lot! And, hopefully we will strictly stick to our time plan to get towards our goal.

So, if you are someone who think could be an amazing member in the team, lookout on our social media pages to know about our hiring process quite soon. We will be posting things in a week to start hiring. You don’t have to be extremely experienced to join our team, just some passion, motivation and interest to learn is what we are looking for. Of course, we should all have fun together in the process and become a huge family like we do every year.

We will be interviewing on campus and as well as through Skype, so if you’re an international still at home, just create a Skype account to join our team already.  Check out our pages and we will keep you posted!

So let’s win more laurels and become real engineers that are needed for the real industry to solve real problems. As we always say, engineering is not just our hobby or profession, it is our passion!

Btw, if you’re interested in joining the team, you can as well leave a message to me here. I will keep you posted personally. The privilege of being my reader  🙂

See ya!


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