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A student dorm- less is more!

Hej Hej!

Are you new to Stockholm? Did you just arrive or are you yet to arrive? In any case, setting up a new home away from home is really important. It is important to make you feel comfortable, cozy and moreover for a home-like feel. But, you need some pro-tips before you start adding things to your space.

How do you feel seeing this student room above? This is just a random image from the internet. Does it inspire you? are you thinking of having a theme? having some plants? some nice lights? a cool TV, play station? some paintings perhaps?

In the initial days, you might not have a nice looking apartment right away but slowly with time, the flood of free furniture will drown you too. Free markets, friends, seniors, cheap second-hand stuff on Lappis groups will start filling up your room slowly and you will end up having the perfect home in less than a semester!

But before we go into that perfect fantasy land, let me first drop the reality bomb here!

Yes, this day will come! Your moving day! KTH gives you guaranteed accommodation only for one year! and then, you need to find another apartment and move there. Even if you find an apartment elsewhere, there are high chances that you might have to move in a year or two. The sure thing is you will keep moving until you have an apartment of your own! let’s not go that far now!

Another thing to keep in mind is that renting a van or hiring packers and movers is going to be expensive! if you can afford, well and good! Yet, packing and moving is a very taxing job and highly time-consuming too! Even if you borrowed your Swedish friend’s car, it’s highly likely that your moving date is one year after your arrival date here, so your non-European driving license might not be valid. It will be really nice if the friend who gave his car also offered to drive.

So now think about this scenario when you have a van full of things to move. All those beautiful furniture your friends gifted, the pots you bought, or the number of winter wear and summer wear you bought during your crazy shopping during Stockholm’s seasonal sales. Let’s not talk about the TV or your new mixer.

Exactly, the more things you accumulate the more difficult it is going to be when you are moving around, which you will do a lot! I am not trying to discourage you from decorating your new room, but I am just trying to tell you the reality. So that you can make wise choices to keep things easy for you.

This is something no one told me when I moved in here. I had to learn this the hard way. Really hard way, since I moved FOUR times in two months! But, this is a rare case. Still, better safe than sorry.

So, to sum it up. Do spend some time and resource on making your new room feel like home. But, have only those that you think is an absolute necessity. If you haven’t used something in three months, it most likely means that you probably don’t need it. Sell them off on second-hand markets on facebook or elsewhere.  Be conscious when you bring in new furniture into your room. They are difficult to move, especially if your new apartment happens to be half an hour drive away!

Looking back, I wish someone told me to keep things simple, easy and cozy!

Wish you a nice time decorating your apartment. Nothing feels peaceful and pleasant like a nice home for sure!

See ya,

Sindu <3