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“It’s been a minute” since you read a post from me! There can only be one thing that makes writing almost impossible – DEADLINES!!! School resumed in August and I dare say, that the second year is more engaging than the first!! This last week my calendar looked like the picture above (actually a bit, worse). It’s been a roller coaster of deadlines in September but I am so happy because I met all scheduled deadlines!!!


First, I have every single task written out on my calendar. This helps me to keep track of all the deadlines.


Second, I try as much as possible not to procrastinate. If you’re reading this, ” never deceive yourself that you have more time”. In life, unplanned activities that might take your time might affect your plans. These activities might even include extreme fatigue induced by the stress that multiple deadlines cause.

This made me laugh but if this is you, work on becoming better;)

Third, multi-tasking is the game changer. In a week when you have multiple deadlines, ensuring you complete one task before moving to the next might not be the best solution. For me, if a certain task becomes too complex, I start the next one. This is just a way to save time because, over the years, I have found out that working on the same thing for very long hours can induce tiredness causing the brain not to process information expeditiously.  However, this really works when the said task is due in some days. If this is not the case, power naps might just be your best solution 😉

Fourth, “find your squad”. I always wonder why going to the library or working together in the same space (not necessarily talking to each other) with people who have similar deadlines worked for me. Now more than ever I know this is a certified solution – the additional drive to keep pushing  when you realise that you’re not “alone” (haha!).

Finally, incentives. I always give myself a reward after I complete certain milestones. It might be as simple as a good night rest(looool) Whatever makes you happy :).

These are five quick tips that helped me out this month to ensure that all assignments for the month of September were delivered (especially in this last week). If this was you,(picture below) in the last month, feel free to share tips that have worked for you or are working for you 🙂